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Religious fanatic murders child and gets a slap on the hand

EHK for Darwin

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EHK, I'm totally on board with you that most of the religious are acting contrary to the dictates of their faith by backing parties with right winged economic mindsets and I've never understood the phenomenon. The early Christian church described in the New Testament were full on communists (let alone socialist). JC was a populist and ultimately ended up nailed to wood because he upset the establishment. He would undoubtedly applaud tax measures that redistributed wealth down the economic latter. The political right has always had a hay day manipulating these people, many of whom are relatively non political. They go to vote and know nothing so they vote for the guy who makes the most God noises. They get thrown a bone on a family values issue while they get butt fucked like the rest of the country on tax and economic policy and other stuff that really matters.

Jon Stewart had a guy on who put it best one night. He was plugging his book 'The Politics of God: How the Right get it wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It At All'. He summarized his position as being 'I don't understand when Jesus became pro rich, pro war and only pro America'. Do you find this kind of religious interpretation as obnoxious as the hard liners in your bible belt? Can you credit that some religious people actually allow doctrines of social justice derived from religious teachings to influence their actions?
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