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Westeros Blog: The Mountain Talks Fight Scenes

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Conan Stevens, the actor cast as the huge and brutal Ser Gregor Clegane, has posted about the various concerns and issues withfight scenes. He includes a number of anecdotes, including two from HBO’s Game of Thrones concerning the dangers of equipment failure and how a character’s style is developed:

“In GoT during a fight I hit a sword on the flat rather than the edge in one sequence and the sword bent severely and whipped at my face narrowly missing whacking me - steel and faces don’t mix well”<div class="Quote">“In GoT I pay a knight in heavy armour with a large sword, now I, and important others, see this character as lacking finese, no fine sword play more of a “might makes right” mentality with smashing powerful blows - much akin to my own fight style. This is something we did in Pro-Wrestling too, I would pull my speed and do big but slow powerful looking moves, giving my opponent the edge in speed thus giving the audience a believable contest. These ideals have to translate into how you move about during the fight, footwork, everything is modified by this.”</p>In related news, Conan reports that the action film he co-wrote and co-stars in, Bangkok Adrenaline, has had its U,S. release just two days ago. A perfect opportunity to get a look at the 7’ tall actor! He provides a link to the “un"official fan site for the film, which describes its origins and provides links to clips.

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