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I hope that BwB'ers occasionally stop by the Game of Thrones Coin thread in the "Objects of Ice and Fire" subforum here

http://asoiaf.wester...-thrones-coins/ That is where I continually update the mintage listing of the different coins from A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE and their varieties.

Also, I am hereby announcing the release of two new coins! A large silver "moon" from Casterly Rock, and a copper "star" from the iron islands! The Casterly rock piece is the largest coin yet, a full silver-dollar size weighing 22grams of pure silver. (seven tenths of a troy ounce). As you probably know, the moon is equivalent to seven stags in Westeros. The engraving was done by a new engraver, who would like to be knowne as Arion the Wanderer. (SCA members from the Kingdom of An Tir may know him and his work by that name).The obverse features a crowned lion rampant while the reverse is a view of Casterly Rock with the sea and crescent moon in the background. Issued for Tommen III Lannister back in the days before Aegon's Conquest. A Lannister could really pay his debts with a pile of these! Just 70 examples of this coin have been struck. The dies are being reworked so that there may eventually be a type-2, but there can never be more of this type 1. The blanks were made from a 100 oz bullion bar of pure silver, by melting, pouring, rolling, punching, annealing and tumbling.

The Greyjoy "reaver" copper is the second entry from Joe Paonessa, who previously engraved dies for the "Kraken" coins from earlier this year. He did the coin in the "cartwheel" style pioneered by Matthew Boulton in 1790 for the London Mint, involving a heavy rim and incuse lettering. The portrait of Balon is just stunning and the reaver ship on reverse is likewise very realistic looking. The blanks were made from 1/4" thick copper punchings, so they have a somewhat bulging and random edge, rather like genuine medieval coins. No two are exactly alike.

Also... the new Shire Post website is nearly ready to go. We're still working on all the redirects from the old site... but for BwB here is a sneak-peek direct link to the new opening page. http://www.shirepost.com/wp/ If there are any serious problems on it I'd love to hear about them so I can get them fixed before it goes live to the public.

Be well! Tom Maringer




Also... thinking about doing metal BwB pins. Here is a flickr page with some pics of pins I've made in the past:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/53191184@N07/sets/72157624771749642/ just as examples of the kind of work I'm talking about.

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Goodness! If you were looking at the flickr page there were dozens of different. Everywhere from about 5mm to 40mm. But most in the neighborhood of 18mm to 30mm (call it 3/4" to 1 1/4") Weights also vary of course, from as little as two grams up to ten or twelve. The ones with the mother-of-pearl backings tend to be heavier. For a BwB pin I would be thinking about 25mm (1") and maybe five or six grams, brass. I silver solder the stud-pin on the back and provide a standard clutch. That is a common size pin and will wear well on most fabrics, except of course the very lightest.

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On 7/11/2012 at 1:37 AM, Master of Coin said:

Ah.... so hopefully there will be free wi-fi everywhere in the hotel. Okay I'll be keeping an eye out for news. By the way, I can furnish some small prizes for drawings or games or whatever and would enjoy helping with the events. I don't have a display table so I'm not tied down. Tom

Some of the coins are from Braavos, which is in Essos, not Westeros, the land of the Seven Kingdoms

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