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'The Winds Of Winter' Death Predictions

Queen of Whores

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I think Theon might actually make it...

My death predictions for TWOW:

- Shireen

- Tommen or Myrcella, most likely both

- Barristan and/or Jorah

- Davos and/or Osha

- several of the Tyrells

- several of the Martells

- Victarion (and may he also take Aeron the Boring)

- Jon Con (no money on that one)

- maybe Faegon (IMO he'll either bite it in TWOW or go on to win the Game in the end)

- Littlefinger (perhaps not dead but somehow disabled as a player in the Game)

- Hizdar (Dany can't stay married to that non entity)

- Hodor

- Jojen (assuming he's not already paste as he IMO is)

- Wyman Manderly

- Tormund (sniff!)

- Ramsay Bolton

- UnCat

As a Jaime fan, I can't have an objective view on the whole Jaime + Brienne + therefore probably Cersei conundrum. One can only hope against odds and repeat often "GRRM please don't kill off Jaime!"

Theon is already dead, the Winterfell feast dreams all but confirm it. Not sure if it is until ADOS though, as I reckon he has to unseat Euron first and fulfill his arc as "saviour" of the Iron Islands. I reckon he had a son with the Captains daughter of the Myraham too who can help his mother

I reckon Ser Barristan will fall at the battle for Mereen (White horse dragging a body vision). Plus a few others in Dany's retinue in Mereen, symbolic of the fact she's leaving that "Mysha" persona behind and will become the whole Targ "Fire and Blood" Khaleesi

I also reckon Ser Jorah's time will be up, his days have been numbered since he entered Mirri Maaz Duurs tent

Basically a bloodbath as we have to start tying plot lines up, Aegon will take KL, Tommen will bite it leading to Myrcella being crowned.Cersei will have to go back to Casterly Rock and die in ADOS though

Ramsay will cop it, he'll basically try and do a Ser Rodrik again and slyly kill Stannis, but he'll fall for the old Roose armour trick and kill a fake an out himself, basically Stannis will outwit him in terms of rat cunning which was his path to power

I reckon Roose is done too, but by Barbrey Dustin. There is something "odd" about Roose but as we can see from Dustin and her insight into the Maestars, she has the wit to read below the normal

Layer of politics into the much more subtle layers and undercurrents and agendas that occur, not just the Maestars but presumably all of the general magic/blood magic and whatever issues Roose ties into (something about her interest in the crypts, goes beyond confirming the escape of Bran/Rickon etc). I reckon she understands the Others better than most people do too. She is more than an embittered Lady Lord IMO. Roose seems to have a strange respect for her,meg fetches Reek/Theon from Ramsay to take to her, and she seems to speak with him on equal terms, at the very least she understands Roose more deeply than most people do

Damp hairs gone via failed revolution against Euron, this will reveal some creepy stuff about Euron (reckon something has happened between him and the Warlocks), he and by extension the Ironborn are now tied up in their agenda. This ties up with Victarion and the Dusky Woman (a plant of theirs if not a warlock herself, hence the hissing at Moqorro). I actually reckon Victarion will survive, into ADOS at least, Moqorro has given him a new lease of life and is negating the Euron/Warlock agenda from a pro-Dany perspective. Victarion will probably bite it in ADOS though

Randyll Tarly. Something about the Warlocks not ever forgetting a wrong, and he had two of them killed because their bull sacrifice failed to make Sam brave. I reckon that like that woman who couldn't wear clothes he'll either bottle it during an important battle or Sam will become brave and end up killing him or something weird like that

Walder Frey, similar to Roose being done over by Barbrey Dustin as a replay of Roose killing Robb (part of me wonders if this has something to do with his Kings Blood) Walder Frey will cop it. Probably from sections of the BWB, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was at Riverrun

Lady Stoneheart, her point will run it's course, probably about the time Frey dies. wonder of she'll do a Beric and revive Brienne of Tarth, or even Jaimie

I don't reckon Jaimie will die in WoWhe'll probably find Sansa. Reckon he and Cersei will go out together in ADOS though

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For me, there are six who are likely to survive WOW: Samwell, Davos, Dany, Barristan, Tyrion and Jaime.

Samwell will be the missing link for defeating the Others in ADOS. Barristan and Jaime will die both while they are duelling eachother. Barristan has lived up to his vows by killing the Kingslayer and Jaime must die. Why not in a duel between the two surviving KG members of RB. Davos will replace Victarion as Fleet Captain. Dany will be the queen of Westeros for some time, after being slain by an Other, to clear the way for Gendry to sit on the IT.

WOW Deaths:

Bronn - He is cunning and strong, but i think it will eventually backfire. (It would be a shame, Bronn is one of my favorite characters).

Roose Bolton - Roose will be Flayed by Osha (Exticiton of House Bolton).

Victarion - Joins forces with Barristan but dies at sea after killing Euron and falls overboard.

Euron - See above

Damphair - His role is played after his brothers are dead.

Lothor Brune/Lyn Corbray: one of LF men must go, to enable Sansa killing LF.

Osny Kettleblack - Will die during a riot in KL.

Bloodbeard - Killed by Strong Belwas as retribution for Groleo.

Daario - Is killed while he saves Barristans life. Calling him Ser Grandfather one last time.

Wounded in WOW

Robert Strong - Can't die, he is a walking deathman.

Ramsay - His balls are cut of by Theon.

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