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Targaryan and Blackfyre Alliance Theory


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It is interesting to come back and read this theory after having read several of the chapters concerning the Blackfyres in TWOIAF. Interesting to see just what people got right in their guesses and just what people got "wrong".

We are told that , and that furthermore Maelys was the youngest son of Daemon Blackfyre (and at an older age to boot to look at the pictoral depiction of him in the book. By my tracking we're told the fates of six of Daemon Blackfyre's seven sons, and the fate of one grandson. It's mentioned that Daemon and his wife had seven sons and seven daughters--though we're only told the name of one: Calla, who married Bittersteel (which really makes the whole "female line Blackfyre" theory a much more potent one, considering Bittersteel's descendents are technically legitimized and ergo in the line of succession). It's also notable that Calla is the only Blackfyre lady we're given a name to, indicating that the other six Blackfyre girls are less important than the only one who gets mentioned.

If fAegon is Bittersteel & Calla's great-grandson or great-great-grandson (or even grandson), that makes things really interesting on the Bloodraven front, though of course Bloodraven seems to care far more for the Others situation and training Bran to succeed him before he completely fades into the tree. Though it might be interesting to see Bloodraven give a little nod to his rivalry to Bittersteel by orchestrating perhaps a few "inconveniences" for fAegon--something to do in his spare time, but I doubt that he has much.

It's interesting to see that suspicions in this thread of Bloodraven's arrest and sending to the Wall turn out to be due to Bloodraven doing Egg a favor by eliminating yet another Blackfyre threat (there goes all the theories that Bloodraven loved Daemon), and Egg pulling a Cregan Stark and going "yeah, I can't found my reign on kinslaying and let it be gotten away with and have people believe in the rule of law... sorry great-uncle Brynden, thank you, but you gotta go".

It's a much more amicable split than I think anyone possibly imagined, with Brynden possibly considering it a sacrifice to protect his beloved brother's grandchildren--it's actually very touching in its own way.

Just interesting to note, considering how TWOIAF changes a few of these things.

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