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Who else thinks Brienne and Jaime would be a good couple?

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One of his thoughts was "She never comes to me, I always had to come to her" or something to that effect.

It was the same thing with Lancel, Cersei subjected them to her will but never once willingly committed herself to either cousin, brother or King.

It has nothing to do with taking the initiative, which is something Jaime never had to do with Cersei and doesn't really know how to do because women tend to respond to his looks.

Up until the moment he met Brienne, Jaime never had to make an effort to win somebody and the challenge it represented was twice as rewarding for him because the man Brienne was infatuated with was Renly, Robert's baby brother.

The fact that Brienne willing comes to him, and shuts the door both on her issues with him as well as her past with Renly was the biggest victory Jaime ever experienced as a man.

Its the reason why he's so upset she assumed he was doing the same thing to her as Cersei did with him (use her affection to get Brienne to kill the Stark girls).

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