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Joffrey's Wedding


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I've been re-reading ASoS lately, and I found myself looking for possible poisoners of Joffrey. The thing is, it feels like there were several parties interested in his demise.

The most obvious party is, of course, Littlefinger and the Tyrells (or at least, Lady Olenna). There is a lot of evidence for it: Dontos (acting on Littlefinger's orders) gave Sansa the hair net with the strangler, which she had to wear at the wedding feast. During the feast, the Queen of Thorns touched Sansa's hair (twice!) to smooth her hair (and to take a strangler without notice), after which she had plenty of opportunity to poison the king's wine (especially after the incident with the dwarves). And finally, Littlefinger himself later admitted conspiring with Lady Olenna. However, they are not the only ones who could poison Joffrey.

My second suspect is the Red Viper. He had a very interesting chat with Tyrion earlier that morning about king Viserys who poisoned his nephew, Baelor the Blessed, to save the realm from his follies (just after Joff had chopped to pieces "The Lives of Four Kings", Tyrion's wedding gift). So Oberyn poisons Joffrey, blame for killing the nephew falls on Tyrion, and then the Viper comes out as Tyrion's champion against Ser Gregor Clegane, whom he wants to kill to avenge Elia of Dorne. Besides, Oberyn Martell's love for poisons is well known, and he had a poisoned spear during his duel with the Mountain. And finally, when asked directly by Tyrion whether or not he had poisoned the King, the Viper neither agrees nor disagrees.

And the last convict - Tywin Lannister. Joffrey's attitude had got worse lately, he'd became uncontrollable and dangerous, so Tywin could conspire with Pycelle or Varys to get rid of the king, so that reign might pass to more controllable Tommen (however, this is just a suggestion).

So what do you think, could there be more poisoners?

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Though the most accepted answer to who poisoned Joffrey is LF who cohoots with the Tyrells, it's very possible that there are others who want the king dead. Yeah, LF admitted of knowing the murder to Sansa but wether he was telling the truth or lying, why would he tell her "we did it"? Maybe he wants her to think that he's her true Florian (who saved her from the batshit crazy king) not Dontos, and Sansa will be indebted to him.

As for Oberyn, what could be his motive? He sure want justice for Elia so whether he's the poisoner or not, what justice could he get from killing Joffrey (who did not rape or kill Elia) if the Lannisters will remain in power? He sure be the champion if the blame falls to anyone, either Tyrion or Moonboy for all he care, but not sure how'd he know though in advance that he'll face the Mountain (so he could squeeze the truth from him and kill him once and for all) if the accused chooses the trial by combat.

Tywin has been theorized of knowing the Purple Wedding. Check this out.

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I have serious doubts whether Olenna would have done it, purely for the fact that Joff and Marg were sharing a cup.

No way would she risk poisoning her granddaughter. (Remember that is why Mace Tyrell was so upset, he knew his daughter was also in danger).

Red Viper seems almost too obvious. Would he have known the Lannisters would pick the Mountain as their champion?

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