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Small Questions v 10016


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Who would Cersei have married had RR not happened.

It seems that all the high lords of Westeros decided to marry their children together to create better unity throughout the 7K.

Lyanna - Robert

Catelyn - Brandon

Lysa - Jaime

After Aerys turned Rhaegar - Cersei down who would she have married?

She was the best 'prize' in the realm, on paper, Beautiful, Twin to the lord of the Westerlands and has a lot of money.

Her only options (Heirs to great houses) are:

Edmure - Tullys are already linked to Lannisters through Jamie - Lysa so a redundant match

Willias - A cripple (May not have been at the time)

Theon - Hahahaha

Who would Tywin have picked?

Viserys is another possibility (Very unlikely though)

Maybe a hightower or a martell.

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