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  1. Maybe it is another hint alluding to Tyrion being a Targ as well. (He wants in on the incest as well)
  2. Thank you for posting. Sounds awesome.
  3. Har!! He did look bad ass on the ice dragon.
  4. Yes, I forgot that it was supposed to be a history book written by a maester/maesters.
  5. Well we got at a minimum of one of those and a very slight chance at two. (Though i do think if Tormund is dead they would have showed it)
  6. Oh no, I didn't mean I want Arya to die. I was just spit balling as they like to catch us off guard in finales.
  7. I just wish they would let the Theon/Yara story line end already. We just do not have the time for this part of the story line left and it drives me crazy they waste it on them. Unless of course this is being used to stop the GC and Yuron from helping Cersei.
  8. This is great. He is going to have the maesters on their knees.
  9. This is what I was thinking as well.
  10. At the end of the day, I do not believe it really matters what Jon's name is. (Besides the fans of the show of course) I do think it is not unfathomable that Lyanna would want to name him Aegon, nor do I think that this is fAegon melding with show Jon.
  11. I think it is for BOTH.
  12. I really like your thought process on this idea, and fully believe this could be the way to go in order for Jamie to have any shot of survival with the Northmen.
  13. This!!! thank you. He was not subservient to her. He was pretty powerful until she called him out on his shit.
  14. I thought it was perfect and it was great foreshadowing....