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  1. Ghost acting strange around the fort at the Fist of the First Men made me think of the show's origin of the Others and whether it's true for the books too. Maybe this was a hint by George that the Others are First Men and they used the ancient fort too.
  2. What really happened with Patchface? Did he actually encounter underwater life or was it all in his head. Or even an afterlife? What goes on in the heads of undead such as Catelyn that aren't animated by the Others. Is she the same person, with changed beliefs after death, or it's the Red God's magic animating the body similar to what happens in Stephen King's novel Pet Cemetary; What made all the people in that Sothoryos village disappear without a trace?
  3. So it's fair to assume the glow of his sword is caused by the ruby on his sword sheath?
  4. Cat was a lost cause to Petyr. His most cherished moments with her were from their childhood. Lysa was more easy to manipulate with more favorable results.
  5. And here's why things get heated right there. Don't agree with a topic? Get labeled as a bigot. You kill any possible civil argument with snide remarks like that.
  6. I live in Eastern Europe. You sure guessed everything is going to hell here. Except it's not. I live in Romania which is experiencing a fast economical growth, no terror attacks, and tight relations with NATO especially Poland. But hey, generalizations, am I right?
  7. edit: Ignore the post. The thread accomplishes nothing but raise vitriol among everyone. Close it down.
  8. ''Art is not a democracy. People don't get to vote on how it ends.'' - GRRM
  9. As I said in a previous post of mine, Jon would still consider Ned his true father, admire Lyanna's will of keeping him safe from Robert's wrath, and be puzzled and possibly ashamed of Rhaegar's actions.
  10. I just assumed Aegon had the gathered crowns melted down and added into the foundation of the throne, buried under the swords.
  11. The romance triangle is the same but with completely opposite personalities. Another instance of history repeating itself.
  12. Aegon IV - Robert Baratheon Aemon the Dragonknight - Jaime Naerys - Cersei
  13. Do we really need to bring third wave feminism into asoiaf? Is this for your blog to prove the series is sexist towards women?
  14. I thought Arthur saying ''Now it begins'' meant he was ready to pledge his service to Jon, and since Ned wanted to take him away the Kingsguard had no choice but to fight them. ''The Kingsguard does not flee''. Perhaps Rhaegar ordered them to defend his child as well but that's just baseless speculation.
  15. The Malazan books.