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  1. I can deal with drama just as long as it doesn't lead to one or the other dying.
  2. Thank you! I hope that they listen to you and stop using that word.
  3. I doubt the fate of the dire wolves and the respective Stark children is as cut and paste. I do not see the reason plot wise for Bran or Sansa to die, especially in such manners. I think the loss of Lady for Sansa means that Sansa has to stop being a lady by nature to survive, and also meant the end of her naive fantasies. The loss of Summer I think means the end of summer literally and figuratively for Bran and for everyone. These are just some of my speculations though, and I do love Bran and Sansa and do not want them to die.
  4. Indeed. I mean, a good part of the actors and actresses said they read the books but I doubt they read anything beyond their characters chapters. I take Aidan Gillen's words for example that he read them as his acting is impeccable as Petyr. Though it did not stop D&D from making him clueless that Ramsay Bolton was a serial torturer. It's like, yeah Petyr would have known about that in the books, especially with the whole Jeyne Poole ordeal. But D&D bastardized Jeyne's plot into Sansa's and then decided I guess to give her Lady Stoneheart's personality now? I am not sure which side of the bed Sansa had woken up on before this episode but it was jarring. They made it clear that they hate the books and have some sort of grudge against GRRM, it seems. I think that a lot of the cast members feel that if they brought up flaws in characterization to D&D they'd get killed off. I mean, I just think about Barristan Selmy from last season and how that all panned out.
  5. Oh yeah, poor Jaime. D&D did a number on Stannis too. I can totally empathize with his fans. D&D basically demonized him to vendetta level. It is as if Jaime and Sansa both regressed personality wise; but I guess in D&D's world it depends on which voices in the head the characters are listening to that particular day while D&D and chuckle to themselves thinking that they wrote good TV. I get that trauma can affect people but it is like their personalities shift completely. I am sure that this show is a treat for a psychologist to do a meta on. It annoys me really. I am more so annoyed for Sophie, Nikolaj and other actors and actresses who see a character they are passionate about playing be so inconsistent.
  6. To be honest I do not think that she got a response, or if she did she wanted to see it to believe it if Littlefinger was going to keep his word or not. It's sad that she didn't trust Jon but it is realistic that she has trust issues after all the abuse and manipulation she's been through but now she and Jon need each other and hopefully won't withhold vital information from one another.
  7. Also, with Cogman added into the mix a lot of the characters come off as bipiolar and erratic. There is no consistency in characterization even with all the talented actors and actresses they really do not grasp the concept of continuity consistence and respecting the cast members. I am sure when she show is through with that people will come forward and express their discontent over it. Sansa's battlefield smirk put me off too, I mean she is not Petyr. I know that she has always emulated the people around her trying to fit in but to genuinely find that smirk worthy is not within Sansa's nature. It is as if there is a pandemic in Westeros if a multiple personality disorder.
  8. D&D did a disservice to her and to Jon, and to everyone. They are trying to make show!Sansa bad ass when she is not supposed to be that way at all. If anything it is frustrating since that is not the Sansa we know and love. I was frustrated with Sansa too, since I know that she is capable of better, as is Jon. I want her characterization to improve as well. Also, Jon deserves better. Sadly, D&D just go with what they think makes good television when it is just cringe-worthy.
  9. I am definitely not going to give an answer to someone who told me to shut up. This thread is incorrigible.
  10. D&D do not know how to write her; I mean they went on about the "Women coming out on top" and it is so cringe-worthy. I just want good writing, not some contrite girl-power and poor writing. I do not blame Kit and Sophie for the material they were given.
  11. This, really. I think that people treat Sansa as the punching bag for their frustrations with the characterization on the show of many people and also projecting the flaws of their faves onto her. Yes, Sansa has flaws. Jon has flaws, Tyrion has flaws, Cersei has flaws. It makes the characters so believable and compelling and human.
  12. I hope that she has a long, content, prosperous life to spite all of the unwarranted hatred she gets here.
  13. In the end both Jon and Sansa made mistakes. Sansa with not trusting Jon and withholding information and Jon being dead-set on battling Ramsay even with his trap set and all. They were honestly both written horribly in this episode and it did a disservice to both of them as people. But yeah, Sansa and Jon do not deserve HATRED for this.
  14. Sansa is NOT a traitor. She trusts a lot of the wrong people but she never did that in a calculated manner. I don't blame her for having trust issues after being abused so much but she does not deserve any of this hate spewed to her.
  15. I am trying to not take it personally and lash out at people here since I got suspended twice while reacting to Sansa hate. It's just hard seeing all the hate spewed.