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  1. this is shite mate
  2. “That which is dead cannot die,” said Aeron fiercely. “For he who has tasted death once need never fear again. He was drowned, but he came forth stronger than before, with steel and fire.” -Aeron Damphair Jon died once and didnt seem to fear it before and during the BotB. He "drowned" in bodies during the battle, but came out on top in the end and hunted down Ramsay. One could say his now found will and determination after making it out of the soldier moshpit was him coming "forth stronger than before" with steel, but no literal fire...yet(maybe).
  3. If he does, there could be a disappointing turn of events where he won't be near one{ Ep. 5 SPOILERS I think he does need them though. *cry*. Since they are the only things that have been through the past, present, and will likely last into the future, it's through them that Bran can see through time. Having a limit like this would be extremely unsatisfying for book and show viewers alike, especially because Bran will soon be on the move, and weirwoods aren't around the corner. If he doesn't find another tree, who knows when we'll see another vision--looking at you TOJ flashback, you slippery bitch. Anyways, let's pray to the Old and New gods that this doesn't happen.
  4. The mutineers that killed jon, at least 4 or 5 king's landing guards via Robert Strong, 1 or 2 deaths via dragon
  5. Obviously the book isn't out yet, but for those of us who want to spoil ourselves with chapter previews, is there a confirmed order of released chapters that are likely in the order they will appear in the books? If not, any recommendations? I already read the Barristan chapter at the end of ADWD.
  6. Ooooo The Kindly Man: "The Many Face God has spoken, Jon Snow must die." Arya: "Shit you right, let me go kill him." *puts on face, goes to the wall* *sneaks up on jon* *Ghost barks* *Jon turns around and stabs the assassin* Arya: "Dammit Jon, it's me!" Jon: "Aw shit, noo." *What? Longclaw is Evolving!* *Congratulations! Longclaw has turned into Lightbringer* I can already see it.
  7. Then why do people name it the Horn of Joramun, a king-beyond-wall, who im guessing blew the horn beyond the wall?
  8. The Horn of Winter / Horn of Joramun "woke the giants from the earth." This supposedly means that it can tear down the wall, so if that is true, like, wtf. Seriously, what was the logic of making a horn to tear down a wall that protects the realm from the Others? Joramun obviously blew it at one point so that someone could coin "woke the giants from the earth" , but the wall is still there sooo, Bran the Builder 2.0? For this terrible logic i believe the Horn has a different function than tearing down the wall, else it's creator was an idiot or an Other.
  9. Barristan already failed multiple kings, i dont think he will bail on Daenerys, who he swore his life to, for a proclaimed Aegon.
  10. this
  11. Youre right, they conquer. I think we are led on to believe that Daenerys wont bare anymore children because of GRRM wants to add another cool twist later on, let me explain... The main reason Daenerys believes she is baren, and i think why readers/viewers think that also; Mirri Maz Duur (Maegi): "When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then he will return, and not before.” This is referring to when Daenerys will see Khal Drogo (her sun and stars) again, not a child. Yes, within her curse/prophecy the maegi claims that Daenerys is baren, however that curse is slowly being overturn/fulfill... "When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east" : Quentyn Martell (House Martell of Sunspear) was born in the west, Dorne, and died in the East, Mereen; the sun and spear is his sigil. "When the seas go dry" : Daenerys is currently lost in the Dothraki sea, a sea of grass and dirt, hardly wet, very dry. "mountains blow in the wind like leaves" : Not too sure on this one. Could be Ser Gregor Clegane(the Mountain), who is now Robert Strong apart of the king's guard with cape to go with it, and capes blow in the wind. Alternatively the pyramids of Mereen being destroyed by the dragons, who nest in them. "and you bear a living child." : in one of the last scenes, we see Daenerys has blood coming down her leg, which could possibly be a moon blood / her womb quickening again. I also think that Daenerys is the Prince(ss) that was Promised and/or Azor Ahhai , she just fits the prophecy for that so well.
  12. I figured that the white walkers came back because the dragons came back, but then I remembered the prologue of AGoT which was before The Mother of Dragons. Then I figured they came back because they knew the dragons were coming back or something. After reading the last Jon chapter, where Ygritte was crying while climbing The Wall because they couldnt find the Horn or Joramun(however it's spelled), she mentioned digging up graves and "releasing shades". I have no idea what shades are, but I assume theyre dark spirits or something? and the only dark spirits in the north that i know of are the others--at least i think theyre dark spirits(maybe theyre natures balance for humanity or something, who knows). Anyways, i migth of missed something really stupid obvious that points to their come back, or maybe this means nothing idk. Did the wildlings wake the others while searching for the horn in the frost mountains, or did they start trying to get south because they already were awake to begin with? and if thats not the case, then what are "shades"?
  13. Actually, it will be R+L Jon when he comes back, assuming they were wed. Right now I guess it's Stannis, but GR probably spoiled his death via got Season5
  14. 420BlazeitShireen4Queen. 2gud2betru