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  1. Had PFA team been a realistic balanced team, Matic would definitely deserve to stand there instead of Eriksen. The only other concern I have is about Vertonghen. Has he been that brilliant this season ? (especially considering that Spurs are only the 4th defence in the league)
  2. I'd rather say: bad day to be a tiki taka adept. Although a Liverpool-Roma tie would be fun, I totally expect a Liverpool-Real. Which wouldn't sound nice to scousers, even though they have knocked out City far more easily that expected. Heck, I'm fancying about a Liverpool-Real game before Real are even qualified. Do you think Juve actually able of emulating their Roman neighbours tomorrow ? Gonna be hard...
  3. Klopp doing the Mourinho things... do not tell me they are not parking the bus please.
  4. And Kompany has done it to us again. Poor Fergie, how can he watch it for the 2nd time. Still a pity that we are not even able to challenge a team that was blatantly tactically overplayed in midweek. Klopp has just shown the way to us with Milner, Oxlade and Lovren on the field. We have Pogba, Matic, Sanchez and Lukaku on the field and we are overplayed. Fuck off.
  5. Yup. Ronaldo earning an ovation by the Juventus stadium was a great moment. Such a pity that this remarkable moment was quite wasted by this red card on Dybala. I mean, Real was winning anyway, but it killed any remaining sort of suspense in the tie.
  6. Definitely a dull PL season. Having said that, there aren't many european top leagues which managed to be entertaining this season, from a table-contest POV. Barça, Bayern & PSG both locked up their domestic league quite early, even though the battle for the podium in Spain is nowhere near burried, with Atletico, Real and Valencia in a basket of 3pts. The title race in Italy was entertaining at some point, but by now it looks like Juve is going to win it again. Podium race was something to be seen in France too (OM vs OL vs Monaco), despite being overall less media-covered and discussed.
  7. In spite of Sanchez getting one goal and one assist and Lukaku getting a solid overall game (he got his 100th too), I would give the MOTM award to De Gea without a doubt. Abraham could have been the hero of the day, but De Gea managed the two saves he had to make. The clean sheet is deserved.
  8. It is going to be very difficult to outplay this Seleçao, especially if Neymar is fit for WC. Pogba with a superb free-kick and an assist today, I hope it can help him to bring his season's end up. I've not seen the Spain game summary yet but they are very likely to be in semi-finals anyway.
  9. Ultimately, the 3 spaniards clubs that probably got 3 of the worst RO16 draws are still in race. 2 of them (Real and Barca) even got an "easy" draw. Meanwhile, Atleti is very likely to reach the EL final. This goddamn game is all about Spain.
  10. I agree with your point about Dillane being a better picture of Stannis than most of the artworks realized by asoiaf fans. I mean, they make good works, but this, an an example, is not Stannis in my mind: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d6/0e/2f/d60e2fb7c183057671e1e958c20249f3.jpg
  11. Thank you ! that's nice stuff. (I could have figured it out by myself, sorry for the disturbance)
  12. Hey board. Having never moderated nor managed a forum, I can only vaguely suppose that username changing requests aren't something easy to perform. But still, I would be pleased to change mine. If that's possible, good news. If that's not, let's say it is not a disaster. Friendly yours,
  13. I can't figure how the presence of Sir Alex in the stands could affect anything. If I were a Utd player at the moment, playing at home ground under the eyes of the man who made the club what he is would rather be an extra motivation, I assume, than a hurdle. No, I think the problem is elsewhere. Man Utd's board has either #1 to give full cards to José and let him build the exact squad he needs, or #2 to sack him of this summer and build out something new with a manager who isn't reluctant to play proper football. Awkwardly, I can't see #2 happening.
  14. We totally didn't deserved to qualify and I'm glad Ben Yedder prevented us from doing it the ugly way. (say, a Smalling header at 92') This Sevilla team does deserve credit for at least trying to play decent football. It's not gifted to every football manager to make his team play football. -_-' José getting pretty much all the crtiticism is a good point, too. Had we qualified with Lukaku and/or Martial bottling a bunch of chances, I would not have afforded to see them being burried. José played poor tactics at both ties and he has to recognize it, just as we recognize he bossed Pool 4 days ago. Tonight, we can not even say that everything went wrong, but everything was wrong in the first place. See that goddamn right hand-side of Valencia, Fellaini and Rashford ? Did José try to fucking emulate The Good, the Bad & the Ugly ? (otherwise, yeah, Bailly is an amazing defender) Next stage. Brighton, we are coming for you.
  15. I don't mind about Rashford being one of the hottests prospect in Europe, Sanchez being an immense player on a free deal, nor Valencia being allegedly one of the best RB in the world. We're still an annoying side to watch, technically and mostly tactically. Not sure if any of the two teams currently on OT's field even deserve to play in UCL.