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  1. Select your own Kingsguard

    Seven hells this was difficult. So far, I'm only on the first book and I tried not to base it on the show as much as I could but I have; 1. Barristan Selmy - Lord commander. He's incredibly brave, loyal, honourable and an excellent fighter. 2. Sandor Clegane - Sandor is my favourite character so perhaps I'm being biased but I think he's skilled and he has an honour code and he's wonderful ok. 3. Jaime Lannister 4. Oberyn Martell - He's very quick and agile and whilst he may lack honour (fighting with poisoned blades and I'm not sure if he'd handle the celibacy vow very well.) 5. Brienne of Tarth - She's very honourable and loyal when it comes to a lord or lady she believes in and I think she's incredible. These are my top 5 but for my other two I suppose Loras Tyrell and I really want to say Jon Snow. Am I allowed to say Jon Snow? I pick Jon Snow.