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  1. sennitakala

    Which is your favourite Westerosi House and why?

    For me it's House Clegane. Partly because my favourite character is from this house and it's such an interested new house with fascinating members and I could talk about them all day if there was more information about the house and its members.
  2. Possibly. Now that I think about it I don't think any of the three heads of the dragon will live past the series.
  3. Sansa and Bran. Possibly Arya. I think Sandor and Jon Snow will make it out as well. (yes they're both supposed to be dead but Jon Snow will be resurrected and Sandor will be back. I can't see a young guy like Sandor being happy to spend the rest of his life on an island with monks. Plus he has unfinished business with Sansa.) I can't imagine GRRM killing these two off, bringing them back and then killing them again.