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  1. No, in GoT she walks into the fire knowing it will not harm her. Her cloths burn right away. She showed to be heat-resistant before and claims to "be a true dragon" and "Visery died because he was not a true dragon", otherwise the molten gold would have done no garm to him. In the TV show Daenerys is fire-resistant and knows to be.
  2. It would, yes. But I am afraid it is unlikely...
  3. I don't have a problem with this nephew-aunt incest. They don't know about it yet and fell in love. They fit age-wise. Incest appears to be not rare in Westeros and Essos. So what? Tabooing incest are modern thoughts, not GoT mechanics. Let them make love and that's it.
  4. Maybe the third holy-sht moment is Tyrion being on Lannister's side all the time? Tyrion is smart -- at least that is how he is described again and again. And he understand how people think and feel. So he acted not wisely in this season, so maybe he is on the wrong side?
  5. As far as I understood it: The Night King was created by the Children of the Forest by plunging a dragon glass dagger into a living human man. The White Walkers are created by the Night King by touching living humans, mostly babies. White Walkers can be killed by Valyrian steel, dragon glass or fire. The wights (zombies) are created by the Night King and by White Walkers by magically raising dead humans, horses, ice bears, dragons and so on. Wights shatter to shards if the White Walkers dies that created them. Wights can be finished off by fire.
  6. Well, it is clear that there will be an epic battle between ice and fire. If the Night King and the White Walkers are destroyed, probably also all dragons will die in the battle. Out of the main characters a lot will die, that is sure. The question is who will survive. Melisandre and Varys are destined to die. All others are somewhat unclear.
  7. Daenerys is resistant to all kinds of heat and fire, as far as we know and made to believe. "the bath is too hot for you" > no problem touching a hot dragon egg > no problem, but her maid has burn marks on her hands surviving the fir of Drogo's burial (hatching of the dragons) > no problem surviving the fire that kills all Khals explaing "Viserys was not a true dragon, otherwise fire (molten gold) wouldn't have killed him" What is this stuff "a true dragon" about? She is human, not dragon. Is there any "draon ancestry" known? Are any other Targaryens known for fire resistance? Show or books?
  8. Indeed. Yes. Well, I don't rate attractiveness as weakness. To the contrary, this is one of her strongest points and why people follow her --besides her resistance to fire and her dragons. Daenerys is very naive. She has good intentions, but her actions are dumb, impulsive, not thought-through. And she is overly ambitious and quite arrogant about her descendance. All she really has is her name and claim for succession. And the dragons of course.
  9. Well, Cersei is ruthless and thinks only for her own well-being. She might be a powerful and able ruler, but not good for the people. She doesn't care about dead citizens at all. Stannis lost his mind to religious nonsense and burned his own daughter. He is a religious nutcase and was unable to lead his army in the winter. He is no ruler type at all. Daenerys is naive, impulsive-aggressive. Good intentions do not make a good ruler. She proved incapable over and over.
  10. What's wrong with you? Why such accusations to users you do not even know? I am certainly not on "the bade side" and I don't see magic as to belong to one side or the other. No one wants the Ice King to win and it won't be the case anyway. Some of the magic is just too unrealistic and serves no point. The story would work in many threads better without. A shadow killing Renly? Why? Entirely unnecessary magic only used once, not even consistently.The resurrections are entirely superfluous. And so on.
  11. A reasonable guess, but surely not a HSM, because everyone expects something like that and a main character dying is nothing completely unexpected. Let us be clear, that these "holy sh** moments" were not at all decisive for the story line, but simply unexpected scenes where someone might say "holy s**" just because of a strong emotional impact. The "Hodor"-HSM story for example fits this perfectly. Just an explanation for his name, but what a dramatic scene. But without this explanation, the story would have worked out the same, too. So I don' think we should guess drastic consequences for the storyline, rather impressive, emotional, unexpected turns and revelations. Whatever it might be. Maybe some information we would have never really expected. For example (not really serious) if Ned Stark would have sent the dagger himself, revealed by Bran's vision.
  12. Of course, Tyrion is concerned with regards to strategic and politcal aspects. Why not? He thinks and plans a lot, even with more or less reasonable outcome. Indeed. Fire and ice for the first really.
  13. I agree. The baby dragons were handled by non-Targaryens as well.
  14. That's it. They feel like siblings and that should feel wrong. I am pretty sure this will not happen. Absolutely nothing points in that direction. Me, too. Jon and Daenerys fit together and the mutual attraction is believably.
  15. Yes, it is Targaryen style.