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  1. I ... don't know if rant and rave is the right thread. I mean we can rant for you if you wish .... Ok, let's try ... ... and obviously Sandra wanted to accuse Wolverine for the crimes she did commit while living in Winterfell: Fooling some guards and sneaking into Littlefingers room. As Sandra has a witness (Littlefinger) and Wolverine is clearly dangerous so she had to bring enough Vale peacekeepers to apprehend her. And the punishment for a girl not coming of age would be a spanking session. Either that or Dark Sandra wanted to kill Arya because as she learned from Ramsay the one true heir is the survivor and she has to kill all claimants. I have no argument for what Sansa is doing. But I also don't know why Arya is in Winterfell like at all. Shouldn't Arya search Jon ?
  2. I think the Wall is not a Wall but a cheese with holes and the mighty structure is there just to fill them.
  3. So in a parallel the bronze replaced something else...
  4. Is this because i wrote nobody cares or is this specific shown in the show ?
  5. This is an amazing find as it lines up so well with other things especially if the latitude is followed to the east and west. And finally I have a use for this quote: Those born and raised in Oldtown could tell the time of day by where that shadow fell. Some claimed a man could see all the way to the Wall from the top. - A Feast for Crows - Prologue
  6. The conclusion is that nobody cares about vows made in front of the seven or the old gods and that Stannis is a follower of R'hllor and wouldn't care himself. And given that Jon is the only follower of the old gods we know of that said his vows in front of the 9 trees .... But yes, Sam is the weird one here.
  7. While investigating heretic thoughts in the north I came upon the question how White Walkers and their wights want to pass the North and subsequently the Neck and what their target would/could be. And there it struck me: they can't. To go wherever they want to go they have to pass the Wall first. Not so much the issue as our story has presented us with different solutions they could attempt. As you may have noted the west part of the Wall ends at the Gorge. And it is generally believed they can't cross running water. Next assumption is they can't freeze the water in the Gorge else a wall extension would be required. So from a "walking" perspective the geographical options are very limiting: 1. They would have to approach the Wall from the east. 2. The next big issue would the Last River. A river crossing the north from the mountains in the west all the way into the Shivering Sea in the east. 3. The White knife is also very blocking, they would have to bypass Winterfell in the north-west. 4. Then the Neck opens it's swamp and besides the swamp crossing question another problem arises: 4.1 An approach east of the Trident would will not lead to a crossing over the Trident 4.2 An approach west of the Trident would require a route all over Seagard and Castamere to Lannisport. 5. If the target is indeed the Isle of Faces they have to cross between a small gap between the Red Fork and the Blackwater Rush. 6. And the options further south are limited the same way: The Mander is simply crossing the entire Reach. This entire approach looks more like a river maze where the humans can easily switch river sides and are more or less safe. What am I missing in case of anOther invasion in the story ? Is the Long Night only relevant for the North ? Is everything freezing ? Then why is the Gorge not protected ?
  8. I mean you can draw all kind of things from history. But just because something from another technological period in another society with another building material and another population was done, doesn't mean that it can be done elsewhere. Sure, we talk about a fantasy world where it is possible to invent anything and rationalize everything. But that does not mean it makes the original idea any better when it was not even needed for the story in the first place. There is no need to proof some 1000 ship madness. Sounds a lot like Mussolini and his 8 million blades. And there you have another historic connection. And you can decide if Euron is now Mussolini in your Westeros or not.
  9. So.... where is the fire and where is the water in the Starks of Old story ?
  10. The long night. It's the winter and summer cycle. And ice is always first. Weirwood trees ?
  11. I always assumed bronze supports fire and iron supports ice. But if iron dampens ice and fire and bronze supports ice and fire ... the Iron Throne is literally the reason there are no dragons.
  12. I may read too exactly here but I see a prussian situation. Bran said the throne was there since the Lords of Winterfell styled themselves King in the North. They are the King in the North, not the King of the North. However there is a King of Winter. The text also suggests that there were Lords of Winterfell before Bran the Bad. Conclusion: There is a king of winter out there and his is the kingdom of winter. It somehow sounds like the "Lord of Winterfell" as a crown prince title. And since Lady Dustin wants to prevent Ned's bones to reach the crypts... does that mean he resurrects as King of Winter ? Or is it Robb after all ?
  13. And it quotes World of Ice and Fire ... and mentions the monarchs, not the kingdoms. If we go by the earth history we have the King of England and Ireland from 1603 until 1800 although Ireland still existed as a Kingdom until 1800. And we have the King of Scotland. All titles hold by the same person. And only at least 2 acts of unions merged the Kingdoms. However the Ironlanders (let's call them this way) only ruled for 3 generations, succeeding the Storm Kings. edit: And this is somehow the general problem. There may be a Kingdom of the Mountain(s). We don't know.
  14. I'm sorry. I'm still waiting for my Babylon 5 Vorlon moment. This may sound incredible nitpicky but until now there are so many things that are NOT resolved and never will be. Like all the story about the WW. Or Winterfell. Or Storm's End. Or the Tower of Joy. And so on. Sure, you can throw in a bunch of mysteries and use some later. A lot of series have done that. But that is simply not the same as the Babylon 4 story in Babylon 5. That was a one of a kind story that let's you confused in season 1 and then season 3 comes and it pulls out this story arc from nowhere. I would rate the later GoT more as a Deep Space Nine with an overall theme. But when it comes to story potential ... no. And it not as if other shows haven't had entire show arcs. Battlestar Galactica had. They even counted the number of survivors.
  15. I somehow doubt that there is a deeper meaning for 7 + 9 = 16 under these conditions.