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  1. doing some research I found that the Ironborn indeed settled the Iron Islands. It would line up really well with the warg war, although a maester thinks the Ironborn came from the west. There is also Grey'kings Hall where the Kingsmoot takes place and we even have a connection to the stone in our Starks: The Greywolf is said to have been ruling for thousands of years and turned to stone over time.
  2. Because someone mentioned some unrelated squaring the circle issue I have a story problem ? That gets really deep here. The best part is that he doesn't even read that I have a pattern problem and has to turn his anlogy around to even fit remotely. What he should have written was, that my round template can sometimes be a square or a circle. Let's call it Bravo sir. You have outdone yourself. And you do not even know my problem.
  3. Depending. Gendry was most likely born a short time after the wedding. Then came Joeffrey. Then the acknowledged Edric Storm.
  4. I'm not making things up. I know they are wrong. Why are you so offensive about my feelings to this issue ? What's your problem Sir ? I don't but I don't mind if you imagine why i see things the way I see them. Please, continue on. It's amusing how you try to figure out plotholes in my observations. See there are patterns in fantasy storys. I have a pattern problem, not a story problem.
  5. I didn't know when I started but i have an interesting theory: the inhabitants of the Iron Islands are descendants of the Warg King Gaven Greywolf, whom the Starks fought against in a skinchanger war. The Warg King lived at Sea Dragon point together with the children of the forest (hint, many caves there) and the Ironborn (they were born in a war against the iron armed Starks) fled the location. That is why they are so obsessed with Sea Dragon Point. And that is why they don't have a bastard name: the no longer follow the King of Winter and can't use Snow. I have the second part of the theory but lack the first part which may be in World of Ice and Fire. the second part about the Ironborn obsession with Sea Dragon Point: Sea Dragon Point is a forested peninsula west of the wolfswood in the north. - asoiaf wiki "Asha my daughter," Lord Balon went on, and Theon turned to see that his sister had slipped in silently, "you shall take thirty longships of picked men round Sea Dragon Point. Land upon the tidal flats north of Deepwood Motte. March quickly, and the castle may fall before they even know you are upon them." - Theon II - aCoC This is no plundering operation. Balon is out for land but why Sea Dragon Point ? Why not cape Kraken or the Rills ? Why not bear island ? "To end this war before this war ends us. We have won all that we are like to win . . . and stand to lose all just as quick, unless we make a peace. I have shown Lady Glover every courtesy, and she swears her lord will treat with me. If we hand back Deepwood Motte, Torrhen's Square, and Moat Cailin, she says, the northmen will cede us Sea Dragon Point and all the Stony Shore. Those lands are thinly peopled, yet ten times larger than all the isles put together. An exchange of hostages will seal the pact, and each side will agree to make common cause with the other should the Iron Throne—" the Iron captain - aFfC And they want to keep it. Although Victarian (?) later in the same chapter relativates the position. He thinks the Ironborn can defend it forever. Still, it is pointed out that the Ironborn can loose it as fast. That's why they want to make peace. Asha tried to picture herself abed with Erik Ironmaker, crushed beneath his bulk, suffering his embraces. Better him than the Red Oarsman or Left-Hand Lucas Codd. The Anvil-Breaker had once been a roaring giant, fearsomely strong, fiercely loyal, utterly without fear. It might not be so bad. He's like to die the first time he tries to do his duty as a husband. That would make her Erik's widow instead of Erik's wife, which could be better or a good deal worse, depending on his grandsons. And my nuncle. In the end, all the winds blow me back toward Euron. "I have hostages, on Harlaw," she reminded him. "And there is still Sea Dragon Point … if I cannot have my father's kingdom, why not make one of my own?" Sea Dragon Point had not always been as thinly peopled as it was now. Old ruins could still be found amongst its hills and bogs, the remains of ancient strongholds of the First Men. In the high places, there were weirwood circles left by the children of the forest. the wayward bride - adwD Even Asha dreams of a kingdom of her own. But again: Why sea dragon point and not another place ? Because she happened to take this ancient and abandoned land ? Or is there more to it ? "You are clinging to Sea Dragon Point the way a drowning man clings to a bit of wreckage. What does Sea Dragon have that anyone could ever want? There are no mines, no gold, no silver, not even tin or iron. The land is too wet for wheat or corn." the wayward bride - adwD As I said, the connections to the ironborn are still missing, although the bastard name idea helps.
  6. I don't know. As with the catspawn attack on Bran, it leaves me confused. Yes, the Bran murder plot is solved, this one is also most likely solved. But I have my suspects and believes sinces I read both stories for the first time and I will continue having them. Even if they are case closed. More so with the Bran murder plot. There is something about the dragon bone that matches too perfectly with Illyrio.
  7. Snow, Hill, Storm, Waters, River, Sand, Stone, Flowers, pointy fish. Which are not fitting ?
  8. I don't know if pike (as in river pike mentioned in Cat III) equals Pyke (as in Cotter Pyke) but a pike is a freshwater fish (!) and the only animal on the list.
  9. Let's go through the known bastard surnames and connect them to an element: waters - waters snow - (cold) water rivers - water storm - air sand - (hot) earth stone - earth hill - earth flowers - earth (?) pyke - the black sheep of the bastard surnames We get 2 nice groups somehow fitting together and we get ... Pyke. I feel there is a story there.
  10. I don't know. I always run around with the idea that AA is reborn, not revived. If that were true somebody gets reborn. But I am still sceptical and and this includes created "golems" or gargoyles as neverborn. edit: When it comes to Winterfell I always get the impression it is a tomb. The inner wall of Winterfell is made out of granite. Like some ancient pyramids and it certainly fits the theme. And like an ancient pharao, all Stark rulers (ruling in his name) are buried with him. So my interpretation would be Winterfell is literally the tomb of the first king of winter (until he gets reborn, that is even more speculation).
  11. That is actually what I hate most about this forum. No matter how good a theory is, it gets declared "invalid" earlier or later, because "only what has written in plain text counts" and "even if it is true, is was not in the text when you wrote the theory, so it is still false". That is not against you specificly, @acwill07 did not give any points either and also declared his version "true", because it "is (the) reality" and everyone else "makes zero sense". At least I am here to discuss, not to let out my inner fanatism.
  12. I don't trust prohecies. Some examples of the tricky language GRRM uses: - a warrior pulls the red sword of heroes out of the fire, a warrior does not need to be Azor Ahai - the prince that is promised is not the king (or queen) that is promised - AA reborn is not AA revived There are so many possibilities hidden in the prohecies, they will only confuse the mind. Lady Stoneheart as dragon woken from stone in another thread is such an example. It ties in in our Whent=Bat=Wyvern=Dragon idea. But both ideas are very unlikely for themself. The world has really a short memory if nobody remembers the Storm in Storm's End when Lord Steffen Baratheon died. Oh wait Stannis remembers. The guy who assaulted Dragonstone days after Dany fled Dragonstone. Ask Stannis. There is prob. a very good reason we do not have his POV chapter, because Stannis knows things. He was there.
  13. Why is there a need for her to be the prince that was promised ?
  14. For me it looks more like the remnants of a once larger and better organized force. A force that has lost all it's past possessions in a war and is now more like the brotherhood without banners. They have their duty and they do what they can. But their past is lost. Harren's brother as an occupation force can be closer to the truth than we think: there are no Ironborn in the Watch. (Please correct me if I am wrong)
  15. Non of this explains why the Wildlings flee south from north of the Wall.