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  1. I'm not too sure about all of this. The land north of the wall is fertile enough for large trees and forests to grow. Mormont, Aemon and Marsh warn about the White Walkers and have knowledge about them. Yet the prologue happened, where Gared did not know about them. Only very vague. And the rest of our little party wasn't prepared at all. What makes me think of the thread as real is the prologue and Mormont/Aemon. I suspect that the Long Night hasn't started yet, as the sun is still visible. It is only winter. Not Long Night. And the Long Night will be the trigger event.
  2. I really don't understand the smiley here. Sauron's wish to get the one ring once more dominates the LOTR. The ring wraiths are his physical will as he lacks a body and not some whip enslaved orcs and clearly Sauron in present in more than one location: Barad-Dur and Dol Guldur. I understand that this is a stupid discussion over the internet but please, stay close to the source.
  3. I mean the Nine are very present in LOTR. From the very beginning.
  4. You should add 20 more arguments to your point. That way people may not find the two arguments about her brother and parents that make her Targ. And you should start some stupid discussion about something (examples work best), loose the argument and then your entire theory becomes bullshit. That way we have finally proven that "Dany is no Targ". Because of an insignificant detail.
  5. For Tolkien fantasy was always a way to escape. For some reason some people need their own world around them when they escape. And it's ok, I just do not understand how you can travel with a camping bus and then claim you travel by backpack. I don't know how GRRM travels and if he really wants to move the slave question or climate change with him. I guess we will see. Personally I regard ASOIAF as SciFi and Star Wars as fantasy, but that is just me. One of the oldest fantasy sagas (Troy and the Odyssey) are so memorable, because they have their escape routes. The dragons are the same escape route for ASOIAF. However, the books are not about the dragons, but about the children of Winterfell. And I argue that so many people look for a dark lord connected to Winterfell, because a fantastic, magical escape element is missing. The direwolves fullfill part of the role, but not everything. R+L=J ist another such wanted escape route. Break free from the rules of bastardy and inherit law, break free from the rules of marriage and politics. I do not know what I prefer, what I know is, that I too need a northern escape route from the Tywinism, that rules Westeros.
  6. In that context, I am yet unsure about the evil of Memory, Sorrow, Thorn. It is kind of a trollish comparison, as the books share so much on the surface and so little in the detail. But somehow I don't know if there is really a Dark Lord at work here. Yes, on the surface we have Ineluki. A character hand made as a template for a Great Other. edit: And in GRRM's writing style we may only hear legends of him here and there. Because there is no reason to throw it in the face of the reader. Like all the staircases going down, we never explore: King's Landing, Dragonstone, the Harrenhal Bear Pit, Queenscrown, the end of the Winterfell crypts. There is something down all those stairs and the reader never gets informed.
  7. The legendary "endgame" is a concept I highly disagree with. Within the series there is no ever lasting way to "win" the game of thrones, Outside it is a a term for a classical climax. A reader's expectation from genre comparison. While at the same time ignoring the genre. Narnia has no "endgame", Dune shows that there is no "end" and so on. Also there is no agenda in Westeros the factions fight for. The closest we come to an agenda is the slave question. The Targaryen-Blackfire wars are agenda driven, the current wars are simple power plays. No higher concept, no end victory a concept can achieve. If you want to see an "endgame" and not the end of a character arc (which usually results in the death), you need a reason for the fighting. Like a religious war. It's almost as if Arya (as an example) has to die, for an endgame to take part. Else she can hop around decades and spreading her justice through the lands. And that aint no endgame for Arya then. This is the literal question about Aragorn's tax policy. A question asked AFTER the endgame of LotR.
  8. Because Sometimes this forum baffles me in ways ....
  9. It's euphemism.
  10. He can set up Dany's invasion from all perspectives including answers to the most important themes. But the actually invasion is then up to the reader. As I said, he has left stories open in the past. And the Dany story would be the best defined story in the book, best established to be left open.
  11. I just wanted to point out that GRRM not always resolves his story.
  12. I wouldn't care too much about the infamous german book cover summary fuck ups, if the text is from pre 2000. GRRM's german connections speak for themself, in more than one circumstance.
  13. A Durrandon VS then. There isn't really much difference. As well as Hoare. There must be a Hoard VS out there right ?
  14. Our little Nymeria will have to migrate her pack somewhere or else .... Sommer ends when Winter comes.
  15. Question for native english speakers: What does "at a time" mean in context of the first quote ? Is there a reason to add that part to Old Nan's story ? Like the Long Night last several sun hides. Another question: Is Allister just bullshit talking or does he know things ? And what about Mormont ? How does he know that this long night will be harsher than the last ?