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  1. We do not even know who Symean Star-Eyes was, what heroic deeds he did and who his offsprings are. i find it quite hard to come to such conclusions when not even the legendary heroes are "explored".
  2. And Brandon marries Catelyn and Bran will never exist. I bring up Aerys because looking at the evidence there has to be more evidence for the time travel idea. Prophecies are a point to be made. Or Aerys. And that is what I mean. Bran exists because events happened as they happened, even Iron rebellion was before his birth. Bran is a summer child, much like Shireen. Arya is born in the same year (and is never called summer child) as Shireen but you have to accept that Bran only exists because events run in a very specific order. And yes, this discussion is going in a different direction, so let's go back to time travel Bran without suggesting he will have a real impact up to this time.
  3. But that is not what Bran is interested in. He wants to fly or walk again, he wants his father and mother back, he wants to be a boy. Rickard or Brandon are not in any of Bran's chapters or interest outside of Old Nan's stories or the Winterfell crypt.
  4. Sry, I made up a word. What I mean is a reason, a motivation. Besides him being able to do things, he needs a motivation. Why should he mess around in Aerys head ? Why should he talk to all these people ?
  5. And what would Bran's motive be in your scenario ?
  6. So ... - Bran sees his father during weirwood man training - He whispers "father, it's me, Bran". - Ned looks up and the wind is blowing I am sorry, I do not see anything suggesting Bran is trying to repair his time travel mistakes. Even if all the ideas are true, shouldn't future Bran try to stop present Bran from wind whispering ?
  7. I accept and agree that Bran in influencing what is happening. But between the idea of time traveling (with all the prophecies and Aerys II) and the idea of a complex weirwood warging network, I would go for the warging with weirwood trees as greenseer soul catchers. It is very possible that other things are happening. Like - attention fanfiction - the Night's King that has been sacrified into the Winterfell weirwood (as seen in Bran's vision) reacting to someone with the name Bran calling him father. That said I do not disagree. If there is any time traveling in the story, this right there is one.
  8. Are there any special Westeros house agreements I am missing ? Because real history sure works different.
  9. I don't know if this is really a time travel story and not a shared memory story. Where Bran, instead of interacting with the time, interacts with the person/soul holding the memory. Much like a StarTrek holodeck that breaks.
  10. Just wanted to comment on the conquest argument. Others can discuss about the purpose of the rebellion and where it started and if it was truly about Robert's claim or why Aerys II wanted Ned's head.
  11. Because I am so fed up with the "he won the right by conquest" argument, a few comments: 1. The IT was not created by the right of conquest. A good portion of the 7K fell to the title owner, but that has nothing to do with the title. It's like claiming the title of Caesar was won by right of conquest. Conquest was involved but that is not how it works. 2. Robert did not win the IT by conquest. He participated in the removal of the ruling line and was the next in succession. He had a claim. That are two different things entirely.
  12. Welll .... there was that thing with the king in prussia and funny enough Robb uses the same logic by calling himself king in the north and not king of the north.
  13. It is the middle ground between being of no importance and being Camaris I have my problems with. The red line I cannot draw because everything in his existence including his abilities even before the shipwreck can turn out to be central.
  14. The ony thing that makes me so unsure about Patchface is the character of Camaris from "Memory, Sorrow, Thorne". The first three books of ASOIAF came out in the 90s after the series was finished and I am never sure if he should be an hommage, a mirror, a play on the series or seriously an independent character. Or if GRRM was influenced by that series at all. if we go full "Memory, Sorrow, Thorne" tincap, then Patchface's bells and Rhaegar's harp are connected and form part of the song. But that is probably too much independent thought for this forum. I'm not refusing Patchface as a central part of the story, a part of me just doesn't want the overlooked simpleton that is a central part of the story and know things ... again.
  15. I don't know if it is worth the effort researching the clangor abilities of small bells. My first assumption would simply be that the thickness of the material and the form of the bell will create the sound characteristic while the size will determine the volume. This is another one of the cases where we don't know the in world details (this time the outfit of other jesters) but any effort in this direction seems to be complete overkill.