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  1. In the re-read I noticed the Cishaurim beheaded by Kellhus in TWP is implied to look just like Moe (and Kellhus) and Kellhus only realises it isn't his father when they get to face to face, and the differentiation he uses is age. Also when he "scans" him the overwhelming read is "purpose".   Mission is everything.  
  2. Middle East and North Africa 19

    A destablised Syria and Iraq also helps out Israel, which would be reason enough for the US to get involved. The UN watchers report medical assistance and unidentified exchanges between representatives of them and ISIS. Oded Yinon had a policy paper about destabilising Iraq and Syria back in the 80's i believe.
  3. Bakker XXXVIII: Where The Posters Are Damned

      Once when following Akka (TJE), once when they force-feed Akka (WLW), and the last one at the end of the White-Luck warrior.   within the context of "But Bakker doesn't leave it up to imagination for female victims, he forces you to confront all the horrific details and aftermath of the experience."     I need to reread those scenes, i think the first one is from Akka's perspective though perhaps. Hard to tell with no examples.
  4. The martial arts appreciation thread

    I'd encourage anyone with an interest to try it and see how it goes. If you feel fit enough to grapple (no injuries or bad knees etc) then give it a try.   I'm 36 and considering taking up the class. I'm a total beginner myself so don't put too much weight in what i say about wrestling, but to my eyes it looks fun and useful(just look at MMA). Plus with the way clubs payment works, it wouldn't cost me anymore as it would be covered in the monthly payment anyway.   The people above also seemed to get a lot out of it. I'd see what schools are available and check out their timetables, my experience is schools teach a wide variety of arts now. Also if you plan on going to 3 classes or more a week generally it's cheaper to just take the unlimited option (This is the case for all 6 schools near me that i know of) therefore if you have the time can try out the different classes. See what suits.
  5. The martial arts appreciation thread

      I trained no-gi BJJ and catch wrestling for a time, in the process of starting back up. The membership fee is set up so if you do more than 2 classes a week it's more cost effective to just pay for unlimited classes, so i might stay behind for some pad work and get back into Mauy Thai which i did for a couple of years once a week over 15 years ago!   I much prefer grappling it's a lot softer on my body, although in the right school it should be ok, some schools are a bit too full on contact for me.   I notice there is a wrestling class as well, a very under-rated art in my opinion, and i'm not in a country where it is even a minority sport.
  6.   One of multiple topics, the last 10 posts have concentrated on Bakker. Go back and actually count, you'll be surprised how wrong you are about the thread as a whole being multiple pages about that bit about Bakker. In fact even the newer Bakker posts have nothing to do with that sentence fragment, but about his sock-puppet visit and my favourite part about a thread i was invited to get popcorn for and read, after being wrongly thought of as absent when it happened. Empirical methods trump shitty memory everytime, which enables my employment thankfully! Yay!   I can't see Emberling saying anything about rabid weasles, however you might spend all day talking about board users foibles and the negative proclivities of fans of various authors across all sorts of mediums and threads i haven't read. So i'll assume you're right about what she thinks. Bakker fans is a good guy though, not sure why she's singling him out as a rabid, and considering she hasn't said it explicitly not sure what's accomplished by basically making up, what is essentially, a rumour about him. Unless it's all Bakker fans getting collectively judged like "this forum" was collectively judged as fellating Bakker. If that's the case it's hardly anything to take seriously, negative stereotyping is nothing new. Using the actions of some to categorise everyone, it means nothing.
  7. Bakker XXXVIII: Where The Posters Are Damned

      Was this ever answered? Or was it impossible to provide the examples? I went looking couldn't find anything beyond the above by HE?
  8.   I read all that at the time, my favourite part was cause he used Kalbears(some poster in the thread) name and not others that must "mean" something. As for the veracity of claims against him, I just don't have the knowledge base to even begin to judge that. I personally never picked it up when reading it, but i'm male and at best average reader, so a lot of things better readers notice things i don't. Then there's the process of extrapolating the themes of the book and grafting them onto the character of the author. Again i have no idea how this process works, what the axioms are, what the mechanisms for the transfer are etc.   Yeah coming on and pretending to be someone else is a bad way to go about things. Should have been honest about who he was.
  9.   He's too earnest is how i see it. He probably does think the above to some extent as well. "They misunderstand my point, if i explain it to them, then they'll get it."   you've just got to keep walking sometimes especially on the net.
  10.   A "Critical Review", self praise is no praise as they say.   Read the comments there. Is "Performance Rage" a genre of Performance/Art? Or is it more a "Collatarel Damage" or "Enhanced Interrogation" type of usage.
  11. Bakker XXXVIII: Where The Posters Are Damned

    Didn't Kellhus pick Sorweels Slave. Or at least intruct Kaytaus (sp? oldest son) to "befriend him". He sends Porsparian to fetch Sorweel then gifts him to him, who just happens to then wash his face, get him a private audience with Yatwer etc. Seems a fortitutous correspondence of cause that the Dunyain supply Sorweel with the slave who then furnishes him with weapons to take the Dunyain down.   On a seperate note , i think there might be a switch with the Non-men captives. Akka and Mimara and Young Moe as the Enemy, Daughter and Son. With Sorweel and Serwe freed to do other stuff. I think it's possible the two graps paths converge at some point.
  12. Bakker XXXVIII: Where The Posters Are Damned

    I've said elsewhere that the WLW warrior is killing what it sees as the False Prophet, Kellhus has already foiled the consult by making a skin-spy think it was killing Akka when it wasn't. This combined with blind-spots, the ressurection of the No-Gpd etc would leave me with expresionless surprise if it actually did happen as stated in the book.   Yeah Little Kel intervening at some point is another possibility. Or maybe the White-luck does break on Esme as Kellhus said.
  13. Bakker XXXVIII: Where The Posters Are Damned

      Bellicose the ones that like you to strive against them, after typing this out i realised someone has probably answered this, but i'm too lazy to go back and check.
  14. Bakker XXXVII: One Big Happy Fanimry

    Skin Spies are directed though, as Kellhus says to Akka when Akka comments that they might just have impulses like a caterpillar. In respect to the Cnaiur quote about them doing something for the sake of doing.
  15. Bakker XXXVII: One Big Happy Fanimry

      Well in the books his internal monologue is to get away from the rationalisations of intelligent people so he could work-out what to do with Kellhus, thinking he needs to be alone to think. I can't recall reading anything that put his wife and books on a scale with him choosing the books.   I also don't remember Esmi being dragged away, i only recall, Kellhus reasoning about what makes a home, the hearth or the people around it. Then her accepting his logic and coming along, although in the face of Kellhus there is not much choice beyond what he wants to happen.   With regards to Marriage, they both thought of each other as husband and wife. I imagine recognised rights (can someone point out in the books the rites for marriage in Earwa i can't recall them) are administered by the Thousand Temples, who might not want to be involved in marrying a Mandate Sorcercor to a Whore in a formal ceremony. Can a Mage and Prostitute get wed by recognised rites?   Akka is a murderous fanatic is my first thought when Judging him. He gets worse as the series progresses.   My memory is not perfect though so i might have forgotten stuff or misremembered etc.