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  1. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Not sure if it's stated or just implied, don't Dunyains have to wander the Thousand Thousand Halls and the folk who can't master it wander and die? I might be wrong though. I'm sure it is portrayed as a question that needs an answer. Maybe when Kellhus is doing the logos training, allows him to ask the question properly? Sorry rather vague, I think this might be in TDTCB.
  2. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Reading that excerpt again (from the point i quoted) the kid must have been important for a Dunyain to get himself in that state protecting him. I'm sure if he didn't want him alive he'd be dropped like Leweth.
  3. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Didn't they die of thirst? Or bring the ceilings down on themselves? The little dude said so. Although he might be lying. “For all their might,” the boy continued in his monotone drawl, “the Singers were easily confused. They lost their way, wandered howling. Some perished for thirst. Others went mad, and brought the ceilings down upon themselves in their desperation to escape...”
  4. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    For me it is a fine explanation. I had no idea of the backstory to it. I just remember it being in the book and thinking "ah right i did somewhat wonder about that" The sorcerers thinking themselves above building roads seems fine to me. The Saik have been losing folk for centuries to the fanim, probably easy to get out of road building duties. Their dwindling numbers have been noted in the series. The Mysunsai might be the most likely for me. Being mercenaries.
  5. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    I thought to add that as well. I was thinking they don't have many commanders so maybe had to break it off to deal with the Great Ordeal. The roads question is dealt with in the WLW i believe, some passage about to do as slaves is to be a slave, said by a Grand-master to some Emperor. EDIT: When i say dealt with, i mean it has been spoken about. Everyone has their own credulity levels.
  6. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Did the Consult just assume they had everyone dead and just left Ishual? Something happened that stopped the complete destruction of all Dunyain. Did they just assume none were left. The Consult don't seem to have too many reliable field commanders. Non-men might not be the best considering their mental state.
  7. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Didn't the dude that led the Tribes of men meet up with the "gods" before he left. Anghrashael (sp?) meeting a hunter. Angeshraël and Huseyelt it is. Putting your face to the flame etc. " Husyelt, the Tusk tells us, sent a hare to him, so he might eat at last. Angeshraël skinned the Hunter’s gift and struck a fire so he might feast. When he had eaten and was content, sacred Husyelt, the Holy Stalker, joined him at his fire, for the Gods in those days had not left the world in the charge of Men "
  8. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Yeah been thinking this myself. Must have been quite a few i reckon. Then they would have stopped sending them. I still think the Dunyain have taken a bigger chunk out of the military capabilities of the consult than scalpers and ordeal have. The Dunyain hold the field so they "won" the battle of Ishual.
  9. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Yeah it is, Saubon and Akka talk about it in TWP.
  10. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    On the second apocalypse forum this was postulated a few times. I said it just last week (May13th) " Female Dunyain would be my guess, Kellhus's Daughter. " In answer to who is the new PoV Pat referenced. But i oscillated between son and daughter. In hindsight son should have been obvious. Especially all the references to "sons"(child or son gets 20+ mentions first 2 chapters) in the first excerpt released. I hadn't read them yet though.
  11. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Yeah, she sees him as a malignant cancer at the center spreading through the world. Which is how the gods seem to see him too, spreader of pollution which has seized the hearts of men. Although if Kellhus is doing "stuff" that damns everyone more, not sure why that wouldn't be cheered in the outside, It would seem Kellhus is baking up some real tasty bread. Why the hate?
  12. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    I jokingly asked in another forum, who has done the more culling. The Dunyain at Ishual or the actual scalpers and Great Ordeal. They probably lured a fair few Sorcerers to their death before the consult just zerged them. Which is better than any number of sranc i guess.
  13. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    I meant preferences not fantasies, apologies. You were talking about a " loyal anti cuck MRA audience " (readers). That's the part I was referring to. A specific unidentified audience that had homogeneous sexual fears/preferences, that were different from other groups. I now understand your point better. Cheers for the clarification. We also don't have the same super-vocal "Social Justice" movement as well. I suspect they might feed into each other. In Scotland the same thing will probably just manifest differently, I doubt there is much difference. We have a lot of guys with huge attitude problems, fortunately it seems to be the older generations.
  14. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Cause Judging Eye say so!
  15. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    He assumes the reader is male. Which was then re-stated as he writes for men.