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  1. Sorry, yeah i mean Bakker.
  2. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Not really as Jurble says he can see the Whale Mothers happening under certain conditions (specifically more time cause of the time needed for unlikely mutations to occur). I doubt he would say the same about Proyas and Cnaiur. Maybe he would, I don't know. " Really, the primary issue I have with it is the sheer difficulty selection would have in producing a whale-mother/normal Dunyain dichotomy in the required time period. A regulatory cascade is the easiest explanation, but requires immense amount of time to properly evolve because it’s reliant on some hail Mary mutations. "
  3. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    I said making up "our" own " Rather than making up our own interpretation of what Bakker said i will quote him. " i.e. writing out what Bakker said without actually writing out what he said (quotes). It's easier to use quotes. See how easy it is to misinterpret something? You ended up writing and asking questions that have no relevance cause you misunderstood what i was writing. This way we have a a static reference to what Bakker said. I only read the blog piece once, I had no idea these other things had been said. Yes and any linguist would be able to destroy the semantic purity argument for casting spells, the same way a geneticist like Jurble can "destroy" the breeding argument. The question is what raises one complaint above the other? After all Jurble can find a way through for this to be possible, no linguist would say the same for semantics and casting spells. " In fact, the easiest way I could think of this sort of complex, crazy sexual dimorphism to happen in a short time frame would be something like the Dunyain possessing a reduplicated->fused X-chromosome (X_x), alongside a functional X chromosome – giving them something resembling 3 sex chromosomes. Because of the chimeric nature of how the X-chromosome is silenced in a given cell, this allows for viability in females alongside the increased doping effects of desirable reproductive traits. " The problem is a function of time, not a function of biological impossibility. "Really, the primary issue I have with it is the sheer difficulty selection would have in producing a whale-mother/normal Dunyain dichotomy in the required time period". So the main problem is the 2000 year timeline not the biological problems. low probability of mutations in a universe in which the White luck exists means very little. " It’s not impossible but whale-mother/Dunyain male differentiation would require the sort of regulatory cascade pathway that’s very difficult for human artificial selection to produce – humans have a relatively low mutation rate compared to, say, dogs and so putting all the pieces together would be tremendously difficult. " So seems it is possible just not in 2000 years. Which is a better chance than i originally thought.
  4. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    See how hard it is not to do it I think Proyas and Cnaiur producing children together might be another cause for complaint.
  5. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Probably be just the one book.
  6. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    No I was quoting your "arguments", a drive by dismissal? Like saying "It's really, really hard for you to even consider the notion that Bakker got something wrong, isn't it?" Rather than making up our own interpretation of what Bakker said i will quote him. First we have the one you categorise as "it was fantasy, shouldn't sweat the details", but appears to be why pick that particular "natural impossibility" over others, as opposed to "don't sweat it's fantasy" " I get the idea of big picture credibility arguments, but these kind of disputes in fantasy fiction often strike me as opportunistic. You could argue the natural impossibility of any number of things in ALL fantastic narratives, so the question has to be why this one thing? If people buy skin-spies, why do they draw the line at whale-mothers? " The 2nd one which you categorise as " it's an intentional world ". Not sure how these two jive? Perhaps you can quote his words instead of using your own? " The Dunyain possess an artificially selected genetic mutation that only cues whale-mother dimorphism in the presence of estrogen in certain concentrations. After all, gender dimorphism is a characteristic of all species possessing gender (mammals included), in many cases far more radically than suggested here. " This the ad hoc rationalisation. I haven't read this "intentional world theory excuse", can you quote it? I fully accept it may be my ignorance of genetics that means i'm just not getting the dissonance on this subject, Bakker doesn't seem to think it is impossible from a biological standpoint. We also have no real world comparison for Non-men genes. What effect that would have I have no idea.
  7. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    It's more incredulity that someone who has written thousands of posts and hundreds of thousands of words on the "evils" of Bakker would accuse someone of having a bias towards him. Like when John Kerry said to Putin to keep out of other countries internal affairs. Brass Neck is the expression over here, I'm surprised and amused at the brass neck you have, not touchy about it. So you don't like "literal deformities" cause they are "stupid" and the other argument ( "it's just a fantasy, relax") is "shitty".Which isn't my argument anyway. Am i meant to respond to these "points"? The argument you present is a straw-man you won't be able to quote me making it as it only exists in your mind. Everything in the book exists at the "want" of the author, so if you don't have buff men and beautiful woman, it shouldn't be too hard to guess why? The author didn't want it. I have no idea what value you think that point has. Do you think the whale mothers on top of all the previous trauma the books have caused you will stop you spending time and effort to be one of the first people in the whole world to read the book? With regards to TUC? What place were you for the great ordeal? 10th person to read it in the world, three in front of Likaro i heard? lol
  8. Finished the podcast, later on he (ominously) mentions that his side is good, but overlook and orbit have separate publication dates and have to sort things out between themselves, like TGO (it's not out yet over here, UK.).
  9. Grim tidings podcast last night, final draft just has some finishing touches to TUC, be finished before end of summer.
  10. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Again discussing the people reading the books instead of the actual books... No it isn't hard at all. They aren't really well explained. they have ad hoc rationalisations about why they work, in the real world regardless of how well explained they don't work. The same with whatever explanation for the current biology of female Dunyain made for breeding. If it isn't supported in the text why was it guessable then? Quite a few folk who had read Dune predicted the "whale mothers" so some theme at least ran through the narrative. As for real life, I have no idea what the limits of biology are for a human (add in non-man genes to confuse further) . I imagine it isn't likely, the same way no matter how semantically pure your thinking and speaking is you aint contacting someone in their sleep. Surely there is room for disagreement without one person having to have some cognitive blackspot about the author. Especially considering the time spent by both of us discussing said author. He's wrong about stone spheres with certain drawings on them turning people who say and think different things to do magic into salt, and he is wrong about being able to breed that way. Also wrong that you can walk echo of the ground, wrong that chariots can fly, wrong that when you die demons come and torment you for ever. He's wrong about loads of things, this one just doesn't bother me. Hey maybe the problem is you instead of me? You're the one with 500,000 words on the subject of Bakker on this site alone. Maybe the extreme bias is in you and not me?
  11. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    i believe it's a mural of the "excrustria"(?) (excruciating)back in mommen of hell and she sees the truth of it. maybe 1000 levels or some such, it's near the end of the WLW.
  12. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    He produced 2 "normal" girls and "abominations" with esme and "abominations" with other females. I have no idea how this mechanism happens, or how saying one thing and thinking two other things can teleport you across space. Or how you turn into salt once an iron sphere with drawings on it touches you.
  13. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Says it to Akka when he tells him that Conphas is coming, akka forgets to tell anyone as all he can think of is the Kellhus revelations, then he routs conphas. Cnaiur thinks quite a bit about Proyas, his long lashes etc.
  14. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    That's why the non-man had to give them quirri, akka even requests it as he can't keep up with the skin eaters. Qurri fueled Akka and Mimara have enough endurance it makes the young Dunyain struggle. Nersei Tirummas is Proyas older brother and was born in 4075. Proyas is young like Conphas. Cnaiur was over 45 at the start of the series. I think Akka is near his age.
  15. You're assuming we got the same information you got. I don't know about any of the other members of the community apart from the ones i spoke to, no one feels as you appear to be feeling. I am perfectly happy with how madness gave me information, spoken to him on skype etc. Is there anything i can do to help you through this?