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  1. John Inverdale is a terrible commentator ,clueless. Rafael Nadal and Nicolas Massu have also won multiple golds before Andy Murray. 4 folk have multiple golds, 2 men and 2 woman. Murray was the first to retain a singles title, not the first to win multiple golds in the modern era. Venus was first i believe then Massu.
  2. She's the most dominant athlete of this "generation" imo. It's not difficult for me to rank the ones given. One is an actor, the other is a choke artist who's rival won 11 championships to his two and as i said the most dominant athlete of this current sporting generation. It's not about it being realistic it's about it entering American sporting perception that MJ is the "objective" benchmark of greatness/dominance/competitiveness. Hence why the phrase is used everywhere from coding to bag piping. As a scot and chanter when Alasdair Gillies is called the Michael Jordan of bagpiping it doesn't bother me .I don't think it's a problem cause to me it's just another way of saying someone is really good. Not defining Scottish greatness through American lenses etc. "Lament for late Alasdair Gillies, the 'Michael Jordan' of piping"
  3. No I don't. Looking at her record in finals (major tournaments) she has zero scoring titles not even a third place. Never won a golden/silver/bronze ball for 1st 2nd or 3rd best player at a world cup, and made one all star team as 4th forward. The achievements aren't commensurate. Now if you had said Serena Williams i'd be agreeing it's a good point in fact As i rarely hear her being used and she is as good as it gets. You picked the wrong sport, Ronda Rousey was used as the bench mark for dominance in Mixed Martial Arts. Meisha Tate and Amanda Nunes just headlined the biggest event in the sports history. So you do get the "Ronda Rousey of submissions" or the Joanna Jedrzejczyk of striking comparisons in the sport. However I can see what you're saying in general. I mostly watch combat sports. For about 18 months eventually every armbar would be compared to Rousey's.
  4. I've heard about these, also one of the swimming presenters/journalists over here wore a skirt which seemed too much for a lot of people, even though the dude next to her was in shorts. However... Doesn't everyone get compared to Michael Jordan in sports? It seems like every sport i watch with US commentators use him as the ultimate comparison? The next MJ! I even watched a Mixed Martial arts contest where the participant (travis Luter i think) was introduced as the MJ of Brazilian Jujitsu. I thought he was just the high water mark of sporting excellence. Just an easy way to say this person is amazingly good at sports. look how common it is...
  5. In the great ordeal it's mentioned the Nonmen of Viri used to wear hats. (I now know about redditors and fedora thanks to this thread)
  6. Yeah i went and read the article. looking at the trends of age it will be unlikely he does go faster than previously. The link below discusses Gatling but in the context of age and sprinting too.
  7. Folk still managed to defeat doped athletes Yulia Efimova was beaten, Olga Zabelinskaya was just beaten by a 42 year old in the individual time trial (cycling). I would have thought with a national doping regime against a field of clean athletes they would have won much more over the last few years. More than the Russians are doping. Most folk probably are. For example swimming is ripe for blood doping cause of the time. autologous transfusions have no tests. You can do it and won't get caught. The effects of adding half a pint of your own blood nice and rich in oxygen carriers is massive. I just assume most are cheating and enjoy the spectacle.
  8. didn't he break that years ago? 19.32 by Johnson?
  9. What were their usernames? What is the username of one that hasn't been chased away. Since we're discussing the people who read the series i've not seen any that fit the descriptions on here or on second apocalypse, however i've just become acquainted with this "fedora" "MRA" "dark elightenment" culture so it will be easy for me to just not notice it.
  10. I'd never heard of MRA(beyond the medical procedure) until an iteration of this thread a wee while back and this is the first time i've heard of dark enlightment at all. Anyone who would want to live in Earwa is worth the watching though.
  11. Sorry, yeah i mean Bakker.
  12. Not really as Jurble says he can see the Whale Mothers happening under certain conditions (specifically more time cause of the time needed for unlikely mutations to occur). I doubt he would say the same about Proyas and Cnaiur. Maybe he would, I don't know. " Really, the primary issue I have with it is the sheer difficulty selection would have in producing a whale-mother/normal Dunyain dichotomy in the required time period. A regulatory cascade is the easiest explanation, but requires immense amount of time to properly evolve because it’s reliant on some hail Mary mutations. "
  13. I said making up "our" own " Rather than making up our own interpretation of what Bakker said i will quote him. " i.e. writing out what Bakker said without actually writing out what he said (quotes). It's easier to use quotes. See how easy it is to misinterpret something? You ended up writing and asking questions that have no relevance cause you misunderstood what i was writing. This way we have a a static reference to what Bakker said. I only read the blog piece once, I had no idea these other things had been said. Yes and any linguist would be able to destroy the semantic purity argument for casting spells, the same way a geneticist like Jurble can "destroy" the breeding argument. The question is what raises one complaint above the other? After all Jurble can find a way through for this to be possible, no linguist would say the same for semantics and casting spells. " In fact, the easiest way I could think of this sort of complex, crazy sexual dimorphism to happen in a short time frame would be something like the Dunyain possessing a reduplicated->fused X-chromosome (X_x), alongside a functional X chromosome – giving them something resembling 3 sex chromosomes. Because of the chimeric nature of how the X-chromosome is silenced in a given cell, this allows for viability in females alongside the increased doping effects of desirable reproductive traits. " The problem is a function of time, not a function of biological impossibility. "Really, the primary issue I have with it is the sheer difficulty selection would have in producing a whale-mother/normal Dunyain dichotomy in the required time period". So the main problem is the 2000 year timeline not the biological problems. low probability of mutations in a universe in which the White luck exists means very little. " It’s not impossible but whale-mother/Dunyain male differentiation would require the sort of regulatory cascade pathway that’s very difficult for human artificial selection to produce – humans have a relatively low mutation rate compared to, say, dogs and so putting all the pieces together would be tremendously difficult. " So seems it is possible just not in 2000 years. Which is a better chance than i originally thought.
  14. See how hard it is not to do it I think Proyas and Cnaiur producing children together might be another cause for complaint.