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  1. Having trouble with the site in general. But in response to Cleganes Pup Dec 4 post. How about Sandor and Brienne. What kick ass children could they have ?
  2. Ned felt his highest responsibility was to keep Jon, an innocent member of his family, safe. As someone said earlier the best way to keep a secret is to tell no one. Also I might add, to keep it close, Jon at Winterfell the safest place Ned knew. Also being a nurse myself by trade I can tell you that dying after childbirth can be a process that can take some time even though she is described as dying in a bed of blood. She may have had quite enough time to make some requests specific enough that Ned felt completely bound to several conditions.
  3. Lyanna said "promise me Ned, promise me" we don't know exactly what she had him promise but we assume it had to do with Jon and his true parentage. If he promised never to reveal these facts to any one to assure her on her deathbed that Jon would be safe and cared for his sense of Honour would have supersceded any obligation to share the facts with Cat.
  4. Gregor acted in an un chivalrous manner but that is hardly a chargeable offense. He is after all known to be no more than a barely controllable beast on two legs. For that matter Loras acted in an un chivalrous manner by bringing a mare in heat to the lists to face a stallion.
  5. I don't think Ned ENJOYED killing as some of the others like Robert or Gregor did. I think he looked on it as an execution (no pun intended) of his duty.
  6. Maybe I am too enthralled by the books, but GRRM does like to drop little hints and clues Jaqen H'ghar becomes Daario Naharis.

  7. The scene between Cersie and Robert bothered me because, (and I know someone will correct me if my memory fails me), Didn't Cersie say in the books that Robert had "got a child on her once" and she had GOTTEN RID OF IT ! You cannot make a Character as ruthless as Cersie sympathetic because she IS a complete and total scheming, power hungry, narcissistic bitch! As Far as Robert goes power just seems to have corrupted a man who was a doughty fighter and perhaps charismatic leader. Ned is obviously shocked and disappointed by the changes in a man he thought of as his brother. Too bad he didn't twig a little earlier, might have saved himself and his family.
  8. I wish they would have completed Little fingers quote about whorehouses being a better investment than ships "Whores never sink" with the rest "and when they are boarded by pirates the pirates pay in gold like everyone else" Wouldn't have taken more time much more humorous. Is this an attempt to give a Character we all know is slimy no apparent sense of humor? The books were extremely funny at times. A little comic relief would not be amiss. Also, Loras and Renly did I completely miss this in the books. Though Loras was extremely devoted to Renly my gaydar never went off. Opinions anyone?
  9. Greetings and Salutations everyone,

    Just recently started on this site. Am Pleased to announce that I have attained the rank of Hand of the King on the Game of thrones contest ! How does one pick up rank here? Hate being classed a Commoner.???