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  1. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    So only convention center purchased booze is allowed...does this mean they will continue to sell it after the convention ends for the day?  Or does everyone just get to hang out and party like it's Romper Room?  
  2. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    If you guys can't get a hotel downtown, I can help you find one in a good area.  KC is definitely lacking in downtown hotels for large conventions.
  3. Supplements

    I am in search of safe supplements.  Specifically, DMG.  Any completely aluminum free companies?  
  4. My "red flags" for my son when he gets older are women who are obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, and women who who don't have any close female relationships, the women who make a pint to say "I get along better with guys." For men, well, I have so many now that I am at about a 90% success rate at predicting what the guys my friends meet will end up being.
  5. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    Me.  Since I live here.  
  6. Share Your Fan Site

    We (I), cover Thrones over at http://www.boomhowdy.com.  I try to keep it spoiler free for UnSullied, but still add in the book comparisons and theories.
  7. Fashion - for The Children edition

    I love that site. I actually have 2 dresses that I've seen on there for sale, in my vintage dress collection.
  8. 19 Child Molestation Charges and Counting

    The amount of empathy and understanding towards pedophiles that's being shown is deeply, deeply disturbing. I'm totally disgusted.
  9. Fashion - for The Children edition

    Try a mini dress over leggings.
  10. The 100 - someone had to start this thread

    No, not her. The one who tried to have Jaha assassinated and then stole a pod. I forget her name, but she wasn't one of the army/police commanders.
  11. The 100 - someone had to start this thread

    Yeah for Oct it's a little unbelievable and I agree with Finn not caring after killing the villagers, not being very "Finn." I would understand that if Clarke was actually in the camp and he saved her, but I don't buy him having little remorse after finding out her killed innocent people. I am waiting for the "bad" sky people to show up. I don't think that evil blonde lady is dead. I think she teams up with Mt. Weather somehow.
  12. Fashion - for The Children edition

    I ended up getting a wool one from Target. It's warm enough for mow and has a good fit. I had been at Marshall's next door and the long North Face parka I had my eye on was sold out...meaning a lady heard me tell my daughter I needed to get the North Face since it was half off (250) and the last one. She literally went over to that section and picked it up. there were 3, only 1 in my size...and hers. I was so pissed. But I did save 200 bucks, lol. Mid January is when it gets REALLY cold, so I figured I would wait to see what Santa brings and then order one if needed. On the otehr hand, I did get 2 pairs of the Sam Edelman Penny boots and some leather Sporto snow boots that I am in love with. I have the tall suede snow boots that someone posted on here last year or the year before...the Joan of Arc Sorrell ones, but they are hard to wear.
  13. The 100 - someone had to start this thread

    I didn't want Finn to die! Murphy killed innocent people and he's still walking. At least Finn thought he was tryingto save Clark, and I mean it's not the the what's their names weren't killing the sky people for shits and giggles. Ugh. Boo. I wanted more makeout scenes. And maybe shirtlessness.
  14. Fashion - for The Children edition

    It's so cold in KC and only getting colder! I have been on the hunt for a long puffer that doesn't look frumpy yet still gives me a good range of motion. My boyfriend grew up out here and is fine with a hoodie. Not me.
  15. Fashion - for The Children edition

    It's still in the upper 70's. I wore some ankle boots to tide me over until I can wear "riding" boots without dying.