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  1. About a third of my son's school was absent today because of a threat. Real cool, 'merica.
  2. All I know is that there may come a day when the next person that crosses a parking lot diagonally, is going to get a love tap from my car.
  3. I'm a board member for a charity that teaches self defense, karate,and judo to special needs children and adults. We use peer mentors and volunteer black belts, along with staff from KU Media school (we also provide free OT and PT). If people didn't brag about stopping in or donating, it would destroy us. We're very mom & pop.
  4. If you have a Twitter, can you retweet this link? And if at all possible, donate to this? It goes to 4 Syrian refugee women. https://www.crowdrise.com/change-a-life-khoulouds-story/fundraiser/TeamEldritch
  5. In one of my Birchboxes I got a sample of IPNY spf 45 BB cream in light/medium and I fell in LOVE. I have Nars, and MakeupForever, Dior and Urban Decay. It beats all of them for color, coverage, staying power and spf. And guess what? It's freaking gone. Like, everywhere. I think the light/medium was discontinued! UGGGHHH.
  6. You can pay it forward by helping my #gishwhes team raise money for two Syrian families https://www.crowdrise.com/change-a-life-khoulouds-story/fundraiser/TeamEldritch
  7. It involves watermelon and a canon that is a landmark I guess...Messaging you now.
  9. Last year I went to my first thingamuhjig that people from the board were at, and they were so nice! I'm a weird person, and everyone was great. I even hung out with Lily in NOLA with my family (because she's awesome).
  10. 1 mens l
  11. ^^^ Loved Justified. Watching my usual- Thrones, Penny Dread, Outlander... Google Fiber JUST got AMC, so I've set the DVR and will watch everything available to download so I can be caught up. I Just finished the latest season of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and caught up on Wynonna Earp, which I thought I would hate, and don't at all.
  12. Yeah, and people are hardcore about their BBQ out here. Get ready for a meat coma, because everyone is going to have a different place you "need to try." Joe's KC (formerly Oklahoma Joe's), is a place Anthony Bourdain put on his list of however many places you need to eat in the world before you die. The original location is in a truck stop. I'm not originally from here, so when out of town friends visit we go to the top 5 and do Boulevard. They are sufficiently meat and beer coma'd when they leave. Oh, and I think there's a combo Negro League and College Basketball Experience pass. I've only done the NLM, it's nice.
  13. Not Arthur Bryants. Joe's KC, Q39, or Jack Stack. If you want a KC experience, try Gates. Anyone want to do a Boulevard Brewery tour? Anyone want to do karaoke? If anyone has any questions or needs help, I also live here. Oh, and if it hasn't been made clear, BRGR for burgers at least once, but there's a new shmancy place, Cleaver & Cork, a locally owned place, if anyone wants to do that. Check the place out and let me know. I love it there.
  14. The rail will take you from the West in to the con, I'm pretty sure.
  15. What, in the actual [email protected]?