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  1. Still need somewhere - that looks good - but Wert has beaten me by 13 mins ;-)
  2. It does look like being there the weekend before would be more interesting than staying for a few days into the next week. A day trip to Tallinn is possible by ferry - I think it costs about €22 from memory. There is easily enough time to see the main parts of the town and have a meal of some sort. But it really does have to be a full day, so it's not really suitable to be done on a convention day.
  3. Having searched just now, I see a 4-bed apartment around the sort of area that would be good to stay in. Closer to the convention than the city but that's surely the better balance. I do not have any grasp of how long everyone intends to stay. I had no real idea myself, but I want to be there the whole of the convention and then a bit. I've been seriously behind in planning this but I realise I must go, and I am starting to think about it more now. I invite everyone to post their general thoughts on i.) how long before/after the convention they want to be in the area; ii.) whether excursions to any other cities are of interest; iii.) whether they would like to share accommodation. Helsinki is a city I have grown used to, and I am really excited about this convention.
  4. Buses. My advice is to find out the zone you need, then you have to tap your card on the reader, hold it there, then press the zone button while it is still in place. The City of Helsinki promised free transport to Worldcon attendees, if I recall, so I'm not sure how that will work. If coming in from outside Helsinki, you might need to get a prepaid card. But the key thing is: hold the the card on the reader and press the numbered button, which would basically always be 1 if you're inside Helsinki. It's a shame the AirBnB fell through. That said, if I were to choose a location, it would be either very close to the convention or between the convention centre and Helsinki station, bearing in mind that most of the city centre is south of that station, because that would be the best of both worlds. And that area is cheap.
  5. I am trying to find a way to go without it being too expensive. I am up for sharing rooms. That hotel has twin rooms but is expensive. On the other hand, the closest vaguely-cheap hotels are annoyingly far away. Still, put it this way, I want to go and will probably find a way.
  6. I'm going to this but I have not done anything about actually organising it yet. Tallinn is nice and it can indeed be cheaper to fly there than to Helsinki direct. Depends if you like ferries - I do!
  7. I am alive, just, and marginally - but only marginally - delayed, so see you in about an hour. ----- ETA: I made it and it was great to see you all. sorry I was a little 'fragile' at times. And to those who couldn't make it, get well soon, and see you next time!
  8. Come along anyway! I'll get there a little past 3pm if I hurry.
  9. Well then depending on whether it's great or terrible, we can join in or escape it :-p I suspect this would be going on in the basement. For now, we're upstairs. I am unsure what time I'll arrive but there's no reason it can't be earlier than 3pm.
  10. I have booked The Royal George from 3pm on 28th! It won't be busy. We will have a table from which we can expand as necessary. ETA: is 3pm the right time?
  11. Ah but the karaoke (and cheap it is, too) is 'bring your own booze'... Anyway, that would be afterwards, so post if you're coming to the main gathering and I'll sort out a venue this week! For a venue, I suggest: The Phoenix or: The Royal George Both have good beer and good spaces we can use. Any preferences? I'll book one or the other by the end of the week.
  12. If we did karaoke, would anyone be interested in that?
  13. I'd say the Penderel's Oak is fine, but I always do. If we agree it will be in the centre then that would be our default location, but I am happy to book somewhere else for a change if we have a good number of attendees.
  14. I assumed you had space for 100-150 people at yours! Dear me ;-) Well, let's give is a few more days to add up attendees then pick a suitable pub. I think if we do it centrally, it'd end up working out best, in which case the Montagu Pyke was suggested before, but it's a bit noisy. Let's see.
  15. Yay :-) I shall update the list as appropriate. Send any people from Facebook my way too.