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  1. Arya's Big Hit

    She is brought to the Vale to kill Alysane, the up jumped bastard daughter of the equally up jumped Lord Protector, before she can lock down Harry the heir and steal away the Lord Paramount from more "appropriate" matches.
  2. Are the Others really the big bad ?

    The WW start to be seen by humanity again shortly after Dany and Jon are born ( Jon and Dany are some combination of AA/TPTWP/TSTMTW, and presumably have additional, less flattering names in COTF/WW tradition. The WW (possibly with the COTF) are preparing for their own apocalyptic prophecy, where they're the potential victims. Jon born: 283 Dany born: 284 Mance leaves NW: ~285-288 Mance learns the WW are a threat at some point after he leaves the watch but prior to the beginning of AGOT (before the comet or the birth of Dany's dragons), and sufficiently far in advance to unify a very disparate group of people who have a strong mistrust of central authority. Add in the WW taking some time to move their plans along and I think the time line linking their increased activity to the birth of a prophecied existential threat is there.
  3. Guess who knows where Tysha is . . .

    That's why I said "almost certainly." :wideeyed: The Lannister free cities trip appears to be a rite of passage taken at about sixteen. We do't know Gerion's date of birth, but we do know his father Tytos dies around 267 AL, and that he's predeceased by his wife. That puts the 1st trip at the latest around 283 AL. If he sires Lanna around then, she'd be about 18. (For some reason I always think of Genna as the youngest of Tytos' kids, but I don't know that's actually so). It's possible there are other trips as well, but he seems to have been a real presence in Tyrion's life prior to his last trip (which had to take place after 288 when Joy was born; the wiki puts it at 292), which doesn't leave a lot of time for additional journies to the east. What does work timing wise is that the Sailor's wife=Tysha. Lanna is about fourteen, Tyrion is about 28. She'd have been conceived around the time of Tyrion's first marriage. And I agree with the poster who noted that there is no contradiction with the prophecy that SM's husband is dead. The boy she married is long gone.
  4. Guess who knows where Tysha is . . .

    The timing is almost certainly wrong for Gerion to be Lana's father. Lana is a few years older than Gerion's daughter Joy Hill - Gerion's ill-fated trip to Essos had to happen a few years after Lana's birth.
  5. References and Homages

    The Fever River has shown up in at least three Martin novels: Dance With Dragons: Davos learns that House Ryswell and House Dustin have surprised the Ironborn on the Fever River. Fevre Dream: Centers around the Fevre River Packet Company Armaggedon Rag: References a band called the Fevre River Packet Company
  6. What Varys Doesn't Say in the Epilogue...

    Two reasons: 1) It isn't "some boy", it's Ilyrio's son (and probably a Blackfyre) 2) Even if you don't buy (1), the ruse requires Jon Connington to believe he is real, and Ilyrio and Varys don't have any other exiled Targ hands available to vouch for the other "Aegons". But it hasn't been unravelled from Tyrion's POV. He's uncertain: But here's my question - why do people (readers) believe he's real? The only evidence is Varys says so and he has the right color hair. That's a comically thin case IMO.
  7. What Varys Doesn't Say in the Epilogue...

    The eggs were probably not to purchase ships. The proof of that is when Drogo decides to invade there is no discussion of selling the eggs. Drogo does have an explicit "fundraising" plan - to enslave Lhazareenes and exchange them for ships - that does not appear to include liquidating the eggs. My guess is that at least one of those eggs was intended to be given to Faegon prior to arriving in Westeros, presumably after Dany's expected death. His mere possession of a dragon egg would have served to confirm his identity for most people. If Faegon is Ilyro's son - and I think he is, whether he is a Blackfyre or not - I don't see Ilyrio giving away "proof" of Faegon's legitimacy.
  8. What Varys Doesn't Say in the Epilogue...

    While obsequious in tone (as always) Varys treatment of a dying Kevan is extremely cruel. Varys intentionally picks a method of death for Kevan that is tremedously painful. Then, rather than kill him quickly while he bleeds out, Varys takes the time to let Kevan know - as he slips from this world in agony - that he is going to undo all of Kevan's life's work (which they both know will almost certainly result in the deaths of Kevan's children and extended family). And moreover, that Kevan's own death itself will be part of the strategy to unravel the alliances Kevan and Tywin built. But because he says "This pains me my Lord" that means he's really sorry. I am continually baffled that people consistently take Varys' self serving statements at their word. Like Syrio says, see with your eyes!
  9. What Varys Doesn't Say in the Epilogue...

    There's a failsafe. It is a lot of trouble to train these kids, which is why it's difficult for a guy with Ilyrio's resources to replace them after they die at the rate Varys requires. They appear to operate exclusively in KL, if not the Red Keep itself, an area where Varys has exclusive access to secret passages aplenty. When captured, Varys has access to wherever they are held and kills them before anyone can extract information from toungeless kids. But he says it is for the realm a bunch of times, so I guess that makes it okay. :cool4:
  10. [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion Mk. II

    But that isn't even the alternative. It's clear from the events in the camp that (unlike in the book) Jaime was not going to live out the night. If Catelyn doesn't free him, she reasonably believes that he'll be killed and her daughters in KL will be murdered in retaliation.
  11. [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion Mk. II

    Given that she mentioned the baby in front of Robert I think she was telling the truth to Catelyn. Moreover I don't think there has been anything in the series to indicate the ready availability of abortifascients. I'm a huge fan of Areo, but what makes him interesting is his internal monologue - despite the obvious terror everyone holds him in, he's got strong feelings of affection and love for most of the Martell family, which you wouldn't necessarily guess from his outward actions. On screen we will only see the outward actions, which for Hotah mostly involve standing silently behind Doran and sharpening his axe. I don't think we'll see the Reeds - their narrative function will be served by Osha. The time to introduce the young Freys seems to have passed as well. The mummers can be replaced by any random group of thugs, but I'd prefer to see them (how great would they look on camera?). The Kettleblacks are exactly the kind of tertiary character the series has cut. I strongly disagree. I thought Jaime's release made more sense in the series than the books. Jaime was in all likelihood not going to live out the night. Some drunken Karstarks were going to try and kill him, and the other northerners were not going to risk their lives defending Jaime Lannister. Once Jaime was killed in Stark custody that would probably result in the execution of her daughters, who were being kept alive primarily to ensure Jaime's safety. From Cat's perspective she had two choices: watch Jaime die, which probably meant the death of her girls, or release him and hope for the best.
  12. [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Here's my take on it, in a thread on the subject: