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  1. Arya's Big Hit

    She is brought to the Vale to kill Alysane, the up jumped bastard daughter of the equally up jumped Lord Protector, before she can lock down Harry the heir and steal away the Lord Paramount from more "appropriate" matches.
  2. Are the Others really the big bad ?

    The WW start to be seen by humanity again shortly after Dany and Jon are born ( Jon and Dany are some combination of AA/TPTWP/TSTMTW, and presumably have additional, less flattering names in COTF/WW tradition. The WW (possibly with the COTF) are preparing for their own apocalyptic prophecy, where they're the potential victims. Jon born: 283 Dany born: 284 Mance leaves NW: ~285-288 Mance learns the WW are a threat at some point after he leaves the watch but prior to the beginning of AGOT (before the comet or the birth of Dany's dragons), and sufficiently far in advance to unify a very disparate group of people who have a strong mistrust of central authority. Add in the WW taking some time to move their plans along and I think the time line linking their increased activity to the birth of a prophecied existential threat is there.
  3. Greatest Warriors of Westeros

    Yeah, for all the love Victarion Greyjoy is getting on this thread he isn't considered by the Ironborn to be their best. Dagmar Cleftjaw was when he was in his prime, and as per Dagmar either Andrik or Qarl the Maid is now the best fighter on the isles.
  4. What if R+L=J is wrong how will fans react

    We're in agreement on that.
  5. What if R+L=J is wrong how will fans react

    That's an answer to "Why doesn't he tell the general public" - although it isn't a great answer, since there's apparently already a well circuated story going around that she was pregnant anyway - But why conceal it from Jon? The boy is suffering and Ned sees this - where's the honor in hiding this fact from his son and causing emotional trauma as a result? And why conceal it from Cat, who already assumes it's Ashara and from whom he appears to keep no other secrets? R+L=J answers this: Jon's life depends on the secret. Not impossible, but IMO very unlikely. One of the few things we really know about Hightower is that he took his duty very seriously: he's the one who tells Jamie they aren't there to protect Rhaella from Aerys; he's the one who tells Jamie they aren't there to judge Aerys when he burns Rickard Stark; and he's the one who states - when asked why they didn't go to Essos with Viserys replies "The Kingsguard does not flee...we took a vow." It strikes me as improbable that his last words are about how seriously he takes a vow that - by not attending to Viserys, if he's the rightful king - he's breaking. That they intended to die fulfilling their duty is a definite possibility, but that means dying protecting Jon, their King. In any event, Jon is a newborn and his mother is in very ill health. There is no guarantee Jon survives the trip (and there is no way Lyanna does), especially since - unlike Ned - the KG travelling with a baby can't really be seen without raising some pretty obvious questions. She's in a "bed of blood" which is used elsewhere in ASOIAF as a euphemism for childbirth, so the pale mare is unlikely. Moreover before she dies, she is in terror. It's only when Ned agrees to her promise - which he states specifically came with a great cost - that the fear goes out of her eyes. "Promise me you'll protect my son" is one of the few things that makes sense in this context. Add to that the facts that he never refers to Jon as his son in his own mind, doesn't include Jon in a list of his children (in fairness that sentence is intentionally ambiguous), talks about some lies having honor, muses to himself that he hopes he never finds out what would happen if Cat ever had to choose between her children and Jon as if it is a real possibility (despite the fact that Jon's already at the wall), never thinks about Ashara Dayne despite reminiscing about her brother, Rhaegar, Lyana, Robert, Jon Aryn, etc., doesn't seem to think of Rhaegar with any ill will, Dany's vision of a blue rose (associated with Lyana) sticking out of a wall of ice - and that's just the stuff I can think of off the top of my head - we've got a lot of evidence. R+L=J fits with every piece. This is all Off topic though - if you're interested, we should continue this is the R+L=J thread. And despite what's been said on this thread about R+L=j proponents I promise not be an arrogant jerk about it. :cool4:
  6. What if R+L=J is wrong how will fans react

    If N+A=J then - How did Lyana die? What was the promise Ned made to her on her deathbed, that cost him so much over the years? Why was the KG still at the TOJ after Aerys and Rhaegar died? Why would Ned refuse to let anyone speak of Jon's mother? Why would Ned conceal Ashara's identity as Jon's mother from anyone? Why would Ned conceal Ashara's identity as Jon's mother from Jon, causing emotional harm to a boy he clearly loves? And that's putting aside the prophecy issues. N+A=J answers none of these questions, R+L=J answers all of them. Absent GRRM failing to answer the above questions I don't see anything to suggest R+L=J folk will be unhappy if the theory doesn't pan out, whereas at least a half dozen people on this thread alone have said they hope it isn't so.
  7. What if R+L=J is wrong how will fans react

    We know nothing of the sort. We know they met at ToH. There is no evidence one way or the other regarding any subsequent meetings they had between then and her purported suicide. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  8. What if R+L=J is wrong how will fans react

    Which assumes that there will be an Iron Throne at the end. I see no reason to assume that Westeros will ever be reunited as a unified political entity, especially after the next war of the dawn.
  9. Guess who knows where Tysha is . . .

    That's why I said "almost certainly." :wideeyed: The Lannister free cities trip appears to be a rite of passage taken at about sixteen. We do't know Gerion's date of birth, but we do know his father Tytos dies around 267 AL, and that he's predeceased by his wife. That puts the 1st trip at the latest around 283 AL. If he sires Lanna around then, she'd be about 18. (For some reason I always think of Genna as the youngest of Tytos' kids, but I don't know that's actually so). It's possible there are other trips as well, but he seems to have been a real presence in Tyrion's life prior to his last trip (which had to take place after 288 when Joy was born; the wiki puts it at 292), which doesn't leave a lot of time for additional journies to the east. What does work timing wise is that the Sailor's wife=Tysha. Lanna is about fourteen, Tyrion is about 28. She'd have been conceived around the time of Tyrion's first marriage. And I agree with the poster who noted that there is no contradiction with the prophecy that SM's husband is dead. The boy she married is long gone.
  10. What if R+L=J is wrong how will fans react

    I don't think the vast majority of R+L=J partisans have an emotional investment in the outcome. The evidence points the way it points. If GRRM reveals some other entirely consistent explanation I think most people would be pretty psyched that after several decades and thousands of pages there were still major surprises in the books. The R+L=/=J partisans IMO are driven by emotion; they don't *want* it to be so (a run through the R+L=J thread will show dozens of people who state that they reluctantly/begrudgingly accept the theory [EDIT: and two people said exactly that while I typed the original post], or say they don't want it to be true). I'm not entirely sure why: some folks hate Targs, I imagine for others its a post-reading subversion of a narrative they came to accept and enjoyed. I don't mean that perjoritavely: people can want they want from the art they invest thought in, but a cold reading of the evidence overwhelmingly points in favor of the theory.
  11. Guess who knows where Tysha is . . .

    The timing is almost certainly wrong for Gerion to be Lana's father. Lana is a few years older than Gerion's daughter Joy Hill - Gerion's ill-fated trip to Essos had to happen a few years after Lana's birth.
  12. References and Homages

    The Fever River has shown up in at least three Martin novels: Dance With Dragons: Davos learns that House Ryswell and House Dustin have surprised the Ironborn on the Fever River. Fevre Dream: Centers around the Fevre River Packet Company Armaggedon Rag: References a band called the Fevre River Packet Company
  13. What does Blackfish have against Jon Snow?

    If my niece, who I respected, loved and shared a close relationship with, told me she didn't trust someone - and we know Catelyn communicated this to the Blackfish - that's what I'd believe. I suppose Brynden might be prejudiced against bastards, but it isn't as if he disrespects Mya Stone or anything. He's probably never met Jon - why is it unlikely that the closest person he has in life he has to a daughter told him negative things helped shape his opinion? It's rude, but it isn't unheard of. Red Ronnet Connington, Walder Frey and Humprhey Hewett, all have their acknowledged natural children in their homes, and those are just the ones we know about. It's definitely a slight to your wife though: Jerks like RC and Frey could presumably care less about their wives' feelings, and Hewett lets his wife use his daughter as a servant girl. Not to threadjack but ASOIAF related reading made me realize an historical truth about the bastards of European nobility: for practical reasons they were often closer to their parents than children born from wedlock. To the legitimate heir, their father is on some level the guy between you and a title. An illegitimate child has no claim to a title of any kind, and is dependent on a living parent with whom they share a good relationship for any temporal power.
  14. What does Blackfish have against Jon Snow?

    So to recap: a - Brynden Tully heard all sorts of negative things about Jon from Catelyn. He may have heard something positive from Robb but if so discounts it given Robb's misreads on Bolton, Theon and Frey. He assumes that Jon's rapid rise in the NW is due to Lannister influence, and that Jon is in bed with the Lannisters. - or - b - Brynden Tully heard what a great guy Jon is from Robb and is faking hostility.
  15. What Varys Doesn't Say in the Epilogue...

    Two reasons: 1) It isn't "some boy", it's Ilyrio's son (and probably a Blackfyre) 2) Even if you don't buy (1), the ruse requires Jon Connington to believe he is real, and Ilyrio and Varys don't have any other exiled Targ hands available to vouch for the other "Aegons". But it hasn't been unravelled from Tyrion's POV. He's uncertain: But here's my question - why do people (readers) believe he's real? The only evidence is Varys says so and he has the right color hair. That's a comically thin case IMO.