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  1. Well there was a political realignment of sorts in 2006-2008 and it resulted in the democrats getting control of both houses of congress and the presidency, however they moved to far to the Left and they threw the more conservative members of their caucus under the bus and they quickly lost control of the house. I see a similar opportunity in this election but I'm not sure if it will bear out. Still I continue to think that the most likely realignment will be that more conservative voters from the South will go back to the democrats at least in the congressional elections if the democrats move to the middle. It will be restoration of the old order that controlled congress for about 60 years pre 1994 and not a true realignment or at least not a radical one.
  2. Yes that seems to be the question, are Islamic immigrants a Trojan horse that will eventually cause a sustained conflaguration in the countries they emigrated to as opposed to the occasional flare up that you have now? As far as the Jews go they seem to be leaving Europe in greater and greater numbers, so they are not waiting to find out.
  3. Do we even know what happened to Chucks wife? Obviously she left him but I suppose its possible we will get more of that story.
  4. Yeah, they seemed to show things from her perspective underneath the water and that would leave you to believe that maybe she was faking death somehow. I think he was sort of ashamed that his kids saw him kill her and that between that and the drugs he is on that was the reason he acted a little funny about it. Still Kwentwirth and Odo are definitely dead. Like Kalf I thought Odo's death was sort of uninspired, he was beaten to death in his own torture chamber, how ironic, give me a fucking break. Kwentwirths death also kind of sucked but unlike Odos, her death will have more consequences for the story going forward with everything that is going on in the English storyline. As far as we can tell Egbert honestly believes that Alfred has been sent by God, his intentions towards Aethwulf are unclear, he seems to consider Judith more important at this point. He does need to turn her against her Father for his plans to work.
  5. That's the biggest problem for Cruz, what good is it for him to win the nomination and then get 30 or 40 percent in the general election and lose horribly? I'm not sure what Trump would do, if he wanted to run as a independent he would have ran as an independent/third party. I think he would talk to the Democrats first and try to make a deal with them.
  6. They are actually very anti gay, they were always burning faggots in the fire, I hate even saying that but its in the book in plain English.
  7. In some way what Sanders is saying regarding the South and the West really isn't true, it seems like the Democrats have a chance to win in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico and Nevada in the West. In the South they have Virginia, Florida and maybe North Carolina if they can flip a state like maybe Georgia or Arkansas they can sort of split that with the Republicans. There is maybe a dozen or so states where they don't have a chance with Texas being the only large one and unless they change their stances on coal, fossil fuels and the EPA, stuff like that, I can't see that really changing. On the other hand I'd say some of what Sanders is saying about staying away from the divisive issues and focusing strongly on economic issues that middle class people are worried about makes a lot of sense. Its striking to me that we have candidates in both of the party primaries running voter driven campaigns as opposed to being dominated by the donor classes. Obama maybe had a chance to lead a populist type movement but he failed to make meaningful reforms to the economy, he failed to make a move on immigration when he had a chance both a president or as a Senator when Bush signaled that he was willing to cut a deal on that and now you have a fight where there did not need to be one, his healthcare plan hasn't really seemed to contain costs just as the Clintons have pointed out, I could go on and on with this guy but its not about him the point is a populist type movement either on the right or left is exactly the sort of thing the country needs right now.
  8. IDK I always thought he and the Arwen hooked up in Lorien back when he was in late 40's or early 50's. Its also hard to believe he could have stayed incognito for all those years if he wasn't sleeping around a little, not sleeping around would have made him stick out more. He could have been Eowyn and Eomers Father for all we know, he knew their Father, he admits that, did he know their Mother, did he maybe know her too well? Its kind of convenient she wasn't around to say. They did sort of treat him like a Father figure especially in the books.
  9. Yes the environment that students in the USA are exposed in the public school system is essentially authoritarian. My High School journalism teacher resigned at the end of my junior year because the Supreme Court essentially took away the free speech rights of the students and allowed the school administrators to censor students. So when students get to college its the first opportunity students get to organize and express their views and maybe here and there things go to far, people show poor judgement but its understandable, they have to learn somehow, they sure as hell aren't learning anything about this in the public schools, there is some pent up frustration . All in all its definitely overblown but when its spilling over to the point where other points of view are being suppressed that needs to be looked at.
  10. Yeah, it was a weird scene.
  11. Here's my take on this and it might be completely wrong, but her son is a young parapalegic and as such he might be more prone to infections, so there might be a basis for her doing this in the folklore medicine of the Vikings. Maybe she is a weirdo but a breast milk does have a lot of good properties and it could be she was advised to do this or that this is her natural instinct as a Mother.
  12. IDK on a tactical level I think Trump has done some things that political strategists will take a hard look at. Contrary to popular opinion Trump does have some sort of ground game, he has friends in the hospitality industry, the trade industries and stuff like that and he seems to have managed this much more efficiently and quietly then his opponents. I also think that centralizing his operation and running it out of his flying HQ has worked very well, its a shame that his shortcomings as a candidate have taken away from the excellent job his outfit is doing on an administrative level. People have complained about the free press coverage he has gotten but so much of its bad that its likely the main thing that has kept him from pulling away and running the table on his opponents. Also all this nasty stuff is turning off a lot of voters, I know its turning me off. The president is the commander in chief, believe me military people get court martialed all the time for adultery, this will be an issue for him if its true, hookers or no hookers, ecspecially with the sort of voters he is trying to attract.
  13. Well that's one way to look at it and your right to point out the rising costs and the troubles people find pursuing a career in the field that they study, on the other hand I can't blame people for avoiding a school like Missouri and the circus like atmosphere that started becoming pervasive there or dismiss it as being purely racist. My own experience is that a lot of stuff going on in colleges were going on 25 years ago, that most students probably 95%, maybe more than that, really don't want to get involved in the politics and its probably being a little overblown. The only thing that's a little troublesome is that in my day a lot of intellectuals, even those on the Left, were a little more critical of it. Still, I think, like you pointed out, that the fact that these institutions actually have a mission to train students for jobs and professions and the fact that the model is starting to become unviable in some instances will in all likelihood do more to tamp this sort of thing down more than anything else.
  14. If Aethwulf gets to walk barefoot the whole way while flagellating himself he will probably have the time of his life. The only thing he will miss is looking impotent in front of his wife and the guilt he feels every time he nails Kwentwirth. I understand the how far back trade routes go, they existed pre history to a certain extent but the whole emperors daughter and her magic drug takes the stupidity to a new level. The only reason I can find for Erlendurs continued existence is that no one thinks he is worth killing. The alliance he worked out with Kalf and by marrying Tovi seems to have fallen to pieces, so him dying at this point makes a lot of sense.
  15. At first he was hoping that Trumps campaign would fail and that he might attract his former supporters, nothing wrong with that. The whole Wifegate thing is clearly Cruz becoming unhinged.