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  1. Nobody in the TV show seems to care much about Stannis. LF seems to plan to use Stannis as an excuse to intervene in the North. After his defeat on the Blackwater nobody in Kings Landing mentioned him for two seasons. He is just this hopeless rebel on the periphery of the empire, like it was pointed out, the Iron Throne cares nothing for the North. I'd imagine that Ramsey would have people looking for him or his body but with his army defeated he has no value. Shireen would have had more value as a captive than he wouid.
  2. It seems like the Boltons were expecting them, whether some or all of the sellswords went over to Bolton certainly seems possible. The sellswords had to go somewhere but with this show we might never get an answer about something secondary like this. They came from Essos and will need a ride home and there are ships at Eastwatch, so Stannis has fleet with sailors that has to be accounted for but probably they would split when they heard about Stannis.
  3. My take is that the mutineers were not going to move against Jon as long as Stannis was alive. Jon and Stannis got along and Jon was given the authority by Stannis to deal with the Wildling problem as he saw fit and gave him the ships he needed. If Stannis had won at Winterfell and gained control of the North, the conspirators would have not moved against Jon. With Stannis likely dead and his army destroyed, Jon is a problem. We know the Boltons want him dead, they all ready tried sending an agent to kill him. So I think Westerosi politics played a role probably more important than the Wildling question.
  4. I gave it a 9, my best score of the season The good. Myranda dying, her death was a pointless as her character, like Ramsey needs an extra reason to get pissed. Sansa and Reek taking off on him is enough. Still I'm glad she is dead. I was actually sad to see Myrcella go. The whole kiss with Ellaria sort of telegraphed things but it was a good scene. Doran is an idiot in the TV show and I can only think that the Snakes plan a coup against him. Stannis went downhill in the last show, so his defeat came as no great suprise, wish they had clearly showed Brienne killing him. I guess she killed him. The Cersei scene was OK. Its hard to believe that the mob did not rip her to pieces but it was good. That big nasty Septa woman really gets on my nerves. As far as Jon goes, where the hell was Ghost? Is he Sams wolf now? One thing I was confused about, did the sellswords Stannis hired go over to the Boltons?
  5. It would seem like killing Dany would have been the key to the whole thing. Now it is possible they wanted her alive, they did attach some signifigance to her Valyrian blood in the books. We haven't heard that in the show so far but if they were trying to kill her it didn't make much sense, D&D seemed to imply that they meant to kill her. The most likely thing is that the weapons and masks were planted the day before, some crossbows might have produced better results.
  6. I have to agree for the most part. Show Stannis had his moments but he failed to be a really dynamic character. The pit scene while having good visuals felt very contrived. It didn't seem realistic that the Harpies would have outnumbered Danys guards. Also why didn't they have better weapons? Then when Drogon shows up they suddenly have spears, left and right.
  7. Yes, Shireen has been shown as being precocious in the show but in the books, she is isolated, sheltered and held in little regard. Jon considers her to be nice but homely, Mel doesn't even seem to know that she exists, Val thinks she should be smothered for the common good, Maester Cressen saw her as a reminder of his failures. I agree that outside of a marriage, she has little value. If Stannis were to die and she tried to claim the Iron Throne, as a child Queen, its hard to see her as being anything else but a victim, who would be controlled by regents to her own doom, one way or another. TV Shireen has been painted a little more sympatheticly and has been used to humanise Stannis, she is supposed to be the one person in the world he truly loves. Killing her really removes the last vestiges of his humanity. I agree that it makes sense if you consider the backstory of AA and the sacrifice of his wife to forge Lightbringer. Does it make sense in the context of the TV show? I'm not sure, besides the shadow baby in season 2, what has Mel really done?
  8. I'm curious, its been implied that Dany knowingly sacrificed her unborn child, in order to save her husband, Khal Drogo. The Magi did insinuate that Dany did know what the cost would be. How is Stannis any worse than her?
  9. I'm curious, its been implied that Dany knowingly sacrificed her unborn child, in order to save her husband, Khal Drogo. The Magi did insinuate that Dany did know what the cost would be. How is Stannis any worse than her?
  10. I gave it an eight out of 10. Outside of the plot holes most of it was good with the Sand Snake scene, while being an improvement for those characters, being the only thing that was really bad as others have noted. I like the guy playing the High Sparrow but he is much more radical in the TV show. He had bascily admitted that he wants to overthrow the whole system, which would be good until you consider the alternative. I'm not sure about LF or how he has anything to do with Lancel. Does LF have another young guy like Gendry stashed away somewhere?
  11. It sort of reminded me of the scene in the Borgias, where the daughter, Lucretia, I think, is raped by her husband shortly after her wedding night. The scene was probably handled better in the Borgias.
  12. I gave it a 7 because it was watchable. This was the first time all season that I thought Tyrion was interestin, he and Jorah clicked a little this episode. I haven't really cared for the way they brought the Faith Militant into things and its undermining the Kings Landing storyline and whats going on there. Arya has been OK and in fairness its hard to translate the nuances of her training to a TV show. The whole Sansa storyline is difficult. From a narrative point of view keeping her relatively safe in the Vale is boring. Bringing her to WInterfell and involving her in everything going on there makes sense even though its a major deviation from the books and from any sort of common sense as you have pointed out.
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