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  1. In the 'Game of Thrones' novel, Delena is said to be Selyse's niece by Littlefinger but in the next novel she became her cousin. What's that about?
  2. I'm just wondering before Aegon's conquest, where did all the houses like Massey, Rosby and Stokeworth belong to in the 7 Kingdoms. Like did they belong in the Stormlands, the Riverlands or the Reach.
  3. Were the right actresses cast for the Sand Snakes? I think they got it wrong.
  4. I'm talking later on when the first 3 novels were published.
  5. George R R Martin originally planed for 'A Dance with Dragons' to be the 4th novel in 'A Song of Ice and Fire' and it was going to be set 5 years after 'A Storm of Swords' but he found that he was relying too much on flashbacks so he started over again and 'A Feast for Crows' became the 4th novel. I'm thinking that messed up everything in his plan for how he was going to write the books and that is why there has been a long break between 'A Storm of Swords' and 'A Feast for Crows' as well as 'A Feast for Crows' and 'A Dance with Dragons'. Would he have been better off sticking with his original plan and therefore the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' novels would have been finished quicker. He could have gone back to the years in between at another date. I know this is a bit controversial but it's what I think. Do I have a point or am I way off base?
  6. I forgot Tanda Stokeworth and Lyessa Flint.
  7. I'm just wondering when Anya Waynwood or Arwyn Oakheart married, did their husbands take on their names as well to keep the name going or did they marry some male cousin down the succession chain. Just wondering?
  8. I need to say this but frankly the Dornish plot could have been better. Alexander Siddig was perfect for Doran. As for the others, well they could have found better actors in particular regarding the Sand Snakes. Also they should have brought in Arianne and Quentyn Martell and maybe even their mother.