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  1. This. Aerys being a complete nutcase made everything much worse. I never understood Brandon going to the crazy pyromaniac's house and yelling for his son to come out and die. There's no way that's ending well. Brandon obviously didn't have all the facts and I know he was upset but seriously it's the worst plan ever! Also, Lyanna and Rhaegar seemed to have handled the public relations angle very poorly. Not sure why they didn't emerge at some point and attempt to clear everything up. We have more questions than answers as usual.
  2. LadyFitzRandolph

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    This. We have overanalyzed everything to death and want everything to be complicated and have a double (or triple) meaning. Some things may just be what they appear. I always assumed TYMBQ would either be Dany, or whoever Jon marries if Dany dies. If Dany dies before another confrontation with Cersei the only appropriate one left for Jon to marry would be Sansa I guess.
  3. LadyFitzRandolph

    Best lines of 707

    You don't have to choose. You're a Greyjoy and you're a Stark. I was almost in tears.
  4. LadyFitzRandolph

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    This is what I thought too. Something happened between the birth of Aegon 1 and Jon (Aegon 2 apparently) that made him think the PtwP was Jon not Aegon 1. I still wanted his name to be Aemon though!
  5. LadyFitzRandolph

    That was Rhaegar?

    I had forgotten about this. You're right, in the vision he looked very much like Viserys. Also, I looked up the actor's height, and it says 6'4". He didn't look that tall. Maybe it's just the way they shot the scene? Harry Lloyd is only 5'11" apparently. I thought I remembered him being taller.
  6. LadyFitzRandolph

    Stark Reunions compared

    I liked the Sansa and Arya reunion for the most part. About the Lady Stark thing wasn't there something in the books similar when Arya was thinking about her? I don't know. I get confused now between the show and books! When Jon and Sansa reunited I felt like it was almost a physical reaction from Sansa after the trauma of the whole fleeing through the snow thing. She literally ran into the arms of a strong man who physically resembles her father, even putting her face on Jon's fur collar. I think she felt physically safe with her big brother for the first time in a long time.