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  1. Ser Uncle P

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    Maybe in 4 or 5 years time when we're still waiting for TWOW , the show will be allowed to be mentioned in the book forums! In the meantime, if one posts some Preston Jacobs type crap that Rhaegar is Dany's dad or whatever it's ok, but if you reference the R&J reveal from GOT it's an instant suspension. But hey, them's the rules. Simple vows for simple men.
  2. Ser Uncle P

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    Oops I was mixing up my history. 2017 was the 500th anniversary of 95 theses
  3. Ser Uncle P

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    Aegon could start by allying himself with the newly formed Protestant states in Germany and Switzerland. Land right in the middle of the Reformation....
  4. Don't forget they were probably at it back in Valyria too, though there was another 39 dragonlord families to marry as well. The malformed reptilian miscarriages reported in FAB are probably a consequence of it too.
  5. Not sure if Viserys obsession with "Our land" is attributable to his incest. He was around 8 when the dynasty fell, he had crap parenting, and probably had his head filled with bullshit by Willem Darry or Queen Rhaele in the few months between the fall of KL and the taking of Dragonstone. In contrast the Stark kids are the products of a healthy family environment, a major factor in giving one the coping skills to overcome adversity. The Ned's kids all found "allies" of sorts in their exile, eg Arya to the FM, Sansa with LF, but what example had Viserys ever seen of cultivating alliances? Nurture > Nature in this case...
  6. Barristan's comments shout the Gods flipping a coin makes sense, as there is no clear correlation between incest and madness in the story. The maddest Targaryen of all, Aerion Brightflame had a Dayne mother and a Martell granny on his father's side. Not much incest there. Jaeherys's sons Baelon and Aemon were products of incest, both seemed to be of sound mind. Baelon's sons Viserys and Daemon character flaws can't be traced to incest. Plenty families have one lazy son and one "wild" son. Tommen and Myrcella both seemed to be normal kids, both products of Incest.
  7. Ser Uncle P

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    In 15th century Europe he'd have met the real life templates for much of Martin's characters, e.g Wars of the Roses in England and the Medici or Borgias in the "free cities" in Italy
  8. Ser Uncle P

    Historical parallels with real kings for targaryens?

    Young Griff has big similarities to Perkin Warbeck who posed as one of the "Princes in the tower". Perkin was claiming to be the last male Plantagenet, as YG is presented as the last male Targaryen. Or closer to out own times there's Anna Anderson who claimed to be Anastasia Romanov.
  9. Ser Uncle P

    Season 8 Official Trailer Released

    At least it will be an ending. Probably the closest to an ending that us readers will ever have, alas.
  10. Think he looks dark grey, but with the hint of blue from his flame. Stupid phone won't let me attach screenshot of him attacking the Wall.
  11. The dry, academic style of Maester Gyldayn is probably easier to write than constructing a novel style narrative where Bran uses the Weirwood net to explore the past. Also, Gyldayn allows ambiguity and disputes, e.g. what was in Nymor's letter that spooked Aegon? How much of her book did Coryanne Wylde actually write? Did Mushroom really suggest that Jace Strong look for dragonseeds? A Bran narrated F&B means we lose this ambiguity, as he has a CCTV view of the past!!
  12. Ser Uncle P

    Prince Nymor's letter (slight crackpot)

    But once Rhaenys was dead, what would stop Aegon resuming hostilities. Whatever was in the letter not just persuaded Aegon to back off, but generations of Targaryen kings left Dorne alone until the time of Daereon 150 years later!!!
  13. Ser Uncle P

    Victarion GreyJoy is a Jerk

    His chapters are fast paced and action packed in books where the narrative has slowed to a snail's pace. That's why I like him, though morally speaking he is an antediluvian troglodyte.
  14. Ser Uncle P

    Crasters White Walker arrangement

    Pity Craster was killed off so early. Would have been great to read how he managed to keep other Wildlings from wiping him out for his gross practices. Did the White Walkers agreed to protect their "father's" Keep from other free folk? How do the "cold gods" communicate with Craster? Can't be via weirwood net, as there's no weirwoods left in his area... A vision from Bran might shed light on this...
  15. Ser Uncle P

    do the Ullers have a Dragonhorn?

    There's definitely a link between the Rhoynish wars and the Nymors Red Letter. I think it was just a lucky/good shot that hit Meraxes but Nymor bluffed in his letter that he had a relic of the wars between Rhoyanar and Valyria. Aegon wasn't going to call his bluff, as Dorne alone of all Westeros had taken out a dragon, just as the Rhoynish had done centuries before. Remember how Doran admits bluffing about their strength is a major part of Dornish defence...