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  1. This is what I'm thinking. I can't see the siege lasting a long time at all, not enough time left in this season for BF to get to the Battle of Bastards.
  2. wasn't something that they were actively hiding, i mean we got a scene of it in the trailer for the season.
  3. Must be a reference to Dany. Can't figure out who her third bloodrider will be. Walter Frey must be the old foe. I hope that Benjen isn't Coldhands.
  4. Wow. What an episode. Bran's revelations are monumental.
  5. It's pretty obvious that this is all a ploy to get Ramsay to trust them and then they'll infiltrate from inside Winterfell. And during the Battle of Winterfell they'll turn and take down the Karstarks and the Boltons.
  6. I've been going back and forth on this. I've always pictured Ned's "now it ends" as being somber and regretful, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that Ned was still a young man at this point, not the wise middle aged man who has seen everything. He fought a war and saw some terrible things, and was forced to grow up quickly after what happened with his father, brother, and marriage to Catelyn. But if he knows his sister is in that tower, he's probably eager to get up there and save her. Maybe he was sad about what he knew he needed to do, but at the same time he had to be riding a serious adrenaline rush at this point. As for the "Hollywoodistic version" of Dayne wielding two swords, that's probably the easiest way for the TV watchers to understand how good of a swordsman he was. Those people who haven't been hearing about his legendary status for many books will have to make the judgments quickly. A 7 vs 3 battle is going to look like a sure thing to the watchers, but the second Dayne pulls out two great swords and lops off a couple of heads in the first few seconds, the outcome won't seem so definite.
  7. How I see it is that if Jon is excused from his vows, he is no longer the Lord Commander and he will not be the one to swing the sword. Jon executing these men and then saying, "yeah by the way I'm not a man of the Night's Watch anymore, who is the new LC" wouldn't make much sense. I imagine that there will be a quick and informal promotion of a new Lord Commander who may look to Jon for guidance on the punishment of the mutineers, but will ultimately be the one who has to decide their fate. Edd is the only one who makes sense to take over.
  8. I can't see the Oathbreaker being anyone except for Jon.
  9. At this point, anybody but Rickon will be a huge surprise. I'll be interested to see if they kill Shaggydog.
  10. The Sand Snakes are the worst actresses of all time. Makes me cringe every time they speak.
  11. I thought the exact same thing. I think that you are correct, and World is wrong
  12. Well. That episode was awesome. It featured 3 of the best kills in the series (hammer to the skull, chain turning wildlings to mist on the wall, and my favorite, the giant's arrow launching a nights watch member from the top of the wall and pinning him to castle black on the south side). All in all i thought it was a great episode. i totally understand having Jon and Ygritte come face to face for the show. No complaints at all, other than only one episode left.
  13. Oberyn died first. During the trial.
  14. I thought of that too, and i'm hoping so. I also liked the foreshadowing that Jojen will end in fire. The only question now is, is it Dragonfire or Melisandre sacrifice?
  15. Agreed. Making Jaime out to be a rapist is really going to change how people view him in the show compared to the books. Not happy about the change.