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  1. Apoplexy

    Tywin’s smiling before death

    He must've smiled at Robert's death too.
  2. Apoplexy

    Lem Lemoncloack is secretly...

    Or maybe a smaller bird..
  3. Apoplexy

    Brienne Pregant Childbirth Theory

    It would be god awful. But it would keep with the theme of not caring about any character other than Tyrion (and maybe cersei).
  4. Apoplexy

    Why was the final season so sloppy?

    My absolutely uneducated guess would be low employee morale. Something went seriously wrong with season 8. I blame the showrunners.
  5. I guess it would depend on how well the prequels are done. Because of how terrible I thought the ending of the main series was, I'm skeptical about these prequels. I'm getting a feeling they will be worse, like most prequels. And if any of the prequels involve characters from the main series, I definitely won't watch because of PTSD.
  6. Apoplexy

    Why didn’t Cersei do much in Season 8?

    I thought it was ooc for show cersei too. I doubt the show runners liked her character, they liked Lena. I think the point was to keep Lena in the final season, without giving too much thought about how.
  7. Apoplexy

    If the books are ever completed would you love a movie ?

    Honestly, no. If the books end the same way as the show did (even with a different route to get there), I am still not happy with the ending. It's too nihilistic for me. I personally wouldn't care for the movie(s).
  8. Apoplexy

    The Iron Throne Episode script is out

    I didn't read all of it, but it doesn't explain whether Bran knew beforehand he would be king. I'm interested in knowing if he knew KL would burn. As for Jon, I'm still confused if he left with the wildlings or stayed with the NW.
  9. The issue with all these assumptions is that they are assumptions. The show never elaborated on Bran's powers or his warging abilities. The 'hold the door' moment was confusing for me. What exactly happened there? Did Bran alter the past ? Because the books say that the 'ink is dry' on the past. So essentially the only thing Bran can change is the future. So why didn't he at least try? As for warning a dragon, Bran was the 3ER. If anyone could warg into a dragon, it should've been him.
  10. I dunno, it wouldve made me antsy. ALso, if recasting is an option, and assuming the books get finished, maybe the whole series can be remade with a whole different cast and crew.
  11. Apoplexy

    Theory: Book Jorah kills Jon

    My impression based on the final season was the only people the show runners wanted to serve were themselves. They wanted to add shock elements ignoring plot and logic and they did so. As for book jorah, he comes across as a little creepy to me. He doesn't seem emotionally attached or devoted to Dany like show jorah. So I'm not sure he would care enough to kill Jon over killing dany at a peril to his own safety.
  12. Apoplexy

    The death of the Dothraki and racism

    Some cities might be away from their reach to raze. Eg. Westeros. They could sell their weapons to the free cities in Essos. I ask because I really don't see how the dothraki lifestyle is sustainable for more than a 100 yrs or so.
  13. Apoplexy

    The death of the Dothraki and racism

    Another question: What happens when the more technologically advanced cities develop advanced weapons (eg. explosives, more efficient, smaller scorpions, better siege weaponry etc) and started attacking them instead of trading with them? They will have to change their ways or perish.
  14. Apoplexy

    The Ending Was very conventional

    I can see Grey Worm trusting Jon to complete his sentence. And as for Bran and the NK, that plot has left me more confused than ever. Did Bran plan everything all along? Did the NK know in advance about the dragon coming north of the wall? I'm sure nobody gave too much thought to any of this. I dunno, I had always thought Arya's journey was about getting over her demons, not being governed by the need to kill, getting through her kill list at some point and not adding more names. I had hoped she would eventually settle down in society alongside her family.
  15. Apoplexy

    Anyone else annoyed that Tyrion is hand again?

    It was Criston Cole I believe. And I wouldn't be surprised if the showrunners gave something from Jaime's plot to tyrion. Full disclosure, Jaime is my favorite POV character to read. So this might just be wishful thinking on my part. But based on the way the final episode ended, my hope is that Jaime does something that makes him kingmaker (or kingslayer) again, because of which he is either removed from the KG or is demoted and thus Brienne becomes LC. And it is kinda an open secret that they are involved, which makes their ending somewhere in the middle of perfect and terrible.