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  1. Apoplexy

    Jaime, Joanna, and Cersei

    Jaime and Cersei lived in a universe where monarchs married their siblings. So it's not completely unthinkable that they thought there was nothing wrong with that relationship. But Joanna's death likely made them more dependent on each other, which sort of explains Jaime's blind loyalty to Cersei.
  2. House Targ being restored as rulers through Jon and Dany. That would be the most boring outcome for me. ALso, Jaime please don't die..
  3. Apoplexy

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    Dany is nowhere close to being as crazy as Cersei. But that doesn't necessarily make her good at ruling/governing. Personally I think Sansa would be a better choice. She seems to be learning pretty quickly at WF. If she has the right advisors, she could be a great contender.
  4. Apoplexy

    Outlandish Theories

    Mine are Syrio is still alive and Lemore is malora hightower.
  5. Apoplexy

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    I believe R+L=J, but even if this happens to be not true somehow, I don't think Robert is close to being in contention.
  6. They probably thought they could use Drogon like WMDs. And if nothing else, drogon was one of three living dragons. He would be a valuable novelty.
  7. Sam has heartsbane, so it's likely he will control the reach. As for Dorne, it could be some distant martell next in line.
  8. Apoplexy

    Tarth's Bannermen?

    I don't believe tarth has been discussed much on the show. Also, the tarth bannermen might chose to stay in the island as it was mentioned that the dead cannot swim.
  9. Things I see happening in the books: Jon and Dany getting together, Cersei being queen. Arya's abilities are likely exaggerated in the show, but I see a similar plot line for her in the books. Dorne will probably be completely different in the books, but I wouldn't be surprised if Doran dies and Dorne is left with inexperienced/no leadership. Sansa might marry Harry the heir and come to command the vale armies. And I'm getting a feeling cersei might get pregnant and Jaime will know it's not his child as cersei was on her period the last time they had sex.
  10. Apoplexy

    Unpopular Opinions?

    I'm a big fan of the Brienne chapters too. They give us an insight into the aftermath of war. Also, I loved reading feast and dance and I want Syrio Forel to be alive.
  11. Apoplexy

    Arya the Good

    Everyone that Arya has killed, she has had a reason for it. And while some may not agree with her rationale, she hasn't killed just to be cruel or vindictive. I don't see that she has done anything that most other main characters haven't. If she needs redemption, then so does everyone else.
  12. Apoplexy

    Which kingdom would you let secede if you were king?

    The iron islands. They would probably be the easiest to quash in case of a rebellion and they do not have any indispensable resources that the rest of the kingdoms will miss.
  13. Apoplexy

    Your Top 3 "to murder" list

    Littlefinger Cersei Varys That would give a few more years of peace, and Robert would likely have to disinherit Joffrey and pardon Jaime.
  14. Apoplexy

    Jamie's second chance.

    although I don't fault Jaime for killing Aerys, he probably couldve captured Aerys alive. Although I don't think tywin/robert would've let him live for long after that.
  15. Apoplexy

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    I don't think it's either you like one or the other. I personally enjoy reading both their chapters. I'm indifferent to Dany and root for the Starks, but enjoy both their POVs. They have garnered power and agency for themselves in their own ways. Yes, they both have flaws, but I look at them in context to the world they live in. But I don't why we have to pit them against one another.