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  1. I largely agree with the above three points. I would add Daenerys stumbling upon the dragons to the plot contrivances. While we don't know what exactly made the eggs hatch, I don't think Dany did anything special to hatch them. She was grieving (her captor really) and in the process just happened upon nuclear weapons. One of my gripes about the series has been how sex is portrayed as a means of gaining power or control. The sex scenes in the books are devoid of almost all intimacy, like pornography. The show kept up with that theme. Which brings me to my biggest gripes about the series, the cynicism and nihilism. Almost at all stages in the books, it's the schemers that win the day. Because Ned got killed, any kind of morals and principles are viewed with contempt. Arya becomes an assasin, Sansa turns into LF, Brienne is almost killed and ends up leading her friend Jaime to be captured. Even Jaime started out idealistic, but his experience with Aerys made him extremely bitter. This is my opinion, but had Jaime not hardened with time, he probably would not have been so co-dependent on Cersei. He may have escaped her toxic influence and made better choices. Any character that tries to take some principled stance pays for it badly. In fact thats why I think the books will have an ending as unsatisfying as the show. And I'm dreading it.
  2. The fact that people are still arguing that Dany wasn't raped goes to show how toxic some of these threads are. Surely we can all agree in 2020 that it is possible to rape your spouse/romantic partner. Resigning yourself to the fact that someone is going to have sex regardless of whether you want it or not and trying to make it as bearable as possible for yourself is NOT consent. Whether Dany eventually loves Drogo or not is besides the point, and a completely different discussion.
  3. Show LF seemed like a caricature of a Batman villain. He supposedly orchestrated the events that led to the war of the five kings. But the only thing that the writers put any thought was the 'chaos is a ladder' speech. Beyond that, his actions were rather stupid.
  4. I would be interested to know what does Martin mean by 'good' targaryen. I sometimes disagree with Martin's characterization of his characters. I also find his writing about human relations and human nature a bit cynical. So for me, this quote doesn't mean much. The books, if they are finished, may reflect something else entirely.
  5. Nothing about Jon's characterization made sense to me. He had gotten together with Dany just a millisecond ago, so I was surprised he was willing to overlook all her faults. And then he stabs her exhibiting almost no regret, which was weird considering he thought she was the best person to rule. It reminded me of that episode of Dexter's laboratory where Dexter keeps repeating the same phrase. Here Jon's 'omelette du fromage' was 'she's my queen', and things just kept happening despite none of it making sense. In Dexter's case he achieved world peace and Jon let the world burn down. And we were all like Dee Dee screaming 'that's all you can say'! How is this happening?
  6. The issue with all these assumptions is that they are assumptions. The show never elaborated on Bran's powers or his warging abilities. The 'hold the door' moment was confusing for me. What exactly happened there? Did Bran alter the past ? Because the books say that the 'ink is dry' on the past. So essentially the only thing Bran can change is the future. So why didn't he at least try? As for warning a dragon, Bran was the 3ER. If anyone could warg into a dragon, it should've been him.
  7. S1: Ned. Runner up: Tyrion S2: Tyrion. Runner up: Osha, Catelyn S3: Jaime. Close 2nd: Brienne Runner up: Tywin (due to Charles Dance) S4: Jon. Runner up: Jaime S5: Arya. Runner up: Jon S6: Arya. Close 2nd: Meera, Jaime,Brienne. Runner up: Jon S7: Jaime: Runner up: Jon S8: Ghost.
  8. Omg!! Did Esme Bianco confirm complaining about the nude scene?
  9. Who's Roz?? (mumbling in the background) Oh, the whore from WF who came to KL? Did she have lines? I thought she was part of the naked women we usually use as scenery. (more mumbling in the background) Oh, the whole Joffrey thing. She did her job, be naked most of the time and lay the groundwork for torture porn. What do you mean deviation? Her name was Roz? I don't remember that, we do remember the torture porn though. Q: Wasn't Pod's magic cock wasted by having him join the KG?
  10. That would not be completely far-fetched, as the show runners pointed to her not being moved by her brother's death as a sign of her impending madness. A brother who abused her growing up, sold her to a khal and wanted to kill her and her unborn child before he died.
  11. I thought you were kidding, but then I went back and saw that poster more closely.. Ffs! Why not put the khals there too, the ones who wanted to rape her to death, before she burnt them.
  12. If this was a deliberate attack by Dany, how exactly did she snap? Snapping is by definition not deliberate. Dany, up until episode 5, was never portrayed as being cruel enough to kill civilians for the heck of it. The city had surrendered, she did not need to torch it. And if she suddenly turned mad in episode 5, it's is just sloppy writing. Wasn't cersei supposed to be the mother of madness. The show did not need a second mad queen. How were people of KL her enemies? Cersei and the Lannister army were her enemy. And the army had surrendered. Why kill civilians and an army that has surrendered? Dany was never that ruthless and cruel in 7 seasons. Ascribing it to 'madness' is just bad writing. But the city had surrendered. How did the people reject her? KL had bent the knee, but she torched it anyway.
  13. I find it weird to play armchair psychologist for a fictional character, but Dany did not seem to feel any remorse or regret for burning down innocent people. I find it hard to believe she snapped. It seemed as though she knew what she was doing, and didn't care because it got her the IT. It seemed as though she wanted to instill that fear in her enemies, do as I say or get burnt alive. And this characterization does not fit the way she was portrayed for 7.5 seasons.
  14. A: Because we wouldn't have thought of doing that and the only person smarter than us is Einstein. And let's face it, Jaime Lannister is no Einstein. We specifically ascribed him an IQ of 67 (because we hate him), which was contagious (he gave it to tyrion). Q: What was the whole point of the iron bank? And why not make better use of Mark Gatiss?
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