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  1. Show LF seemed like a caricature of a Batman villain. He supposedly orchestrated the events that led to the war of the five kings. But the only thing that the writers put any thought was the 'chaos is a ladder' speech. Beyond that, his actions were rather stupid.
  2. I would be interested to know what does Martin mean by 'good' targaryen. I sometimes disagree with Martin's characterization of his characters. I also find his writing about human relations and human nature a bit cynical. So for me, this quote doesn't mean much. The books, if they are finished, may reflect something else entirely.
  3. Apoplexy


    I don't know if this is unpopular or not, but I would've forgiven most of the stupidity and craziness of seasons 7 and 8 for a satisfying ending.
  4. I would recommend you read this abstract. It talks about major depression and the present understanding of it. I realize it is extremely technical and extremely specific, but it shows how far we have come in understanding the underlying mechanisms of mental illness. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/315475130_An_astroglial_basis_of_major_depressive_disorder_An_overview_WANG_et_al ALso, I have no connection whatsoever to the authors.
  5. Again, you're plain wrong. Eta: sorry about the multiple posts. Tablet acting out.
  6. You're wrong here. It is not arbitrary at all.
  7. Then you would be using the words 'personality issues' extremely fippantly. And you have the right to do it, it's just insensitive in my opinion. As for what I specifically took issue to, it was the use of the term 'personality disorder', which you had used in your previous response. A personality disorder is a specific condition, that is not abstract. You would be wrong if you claim a fictional character written by grrm has a personality disorder.
  8. I couldn't agree more. Mental illness isn't a joke, and if there is any place where people should use their words carefully, it is when talking about mental illness.
  9. Which is exactly my point, based on anything Grrm writes, it is impossible to say whether a character has a personality disorder.
  10. I realize you are ignoring me, but I'll add this. We can determine whether a particular behavior in a particular situation is usual or unusual. But whether a behavior in a particular situation is normal or not is something even current research would find hard to determine (depending on the situation and behavior of course). I bring this up since you say Jaime, a fictional character, has a personality disorder.
  11. The difference matters because the English language makes a difference. Otherwise entitlement and narcissism wouldve been synonyms. Because he is not, and I've explained in detail in our conversation. I thought you were done talking to me.. Anways, thanks for proving my point.
  12. What personality disorder are we talking about here?
  13. The sense of entitlement comes from his wealth and station, not self adoration. That makes him a bit of an asshole, not a narcissist. If you do not see the difference, I have nothing further to say as well. I'm not going to get into owing something to God. In my view, religiosity or spirituality has nothing to do with morality. But that's beyond the scope of this discussion. Jaime full well realizes what he owes other people. He realizes he is duty bound to protect the queen as well as the queen. He realizes rapes are wrong and he owes the women in his camps protection from them. He knows he did wrong deeds while trying to hide his relationship with cersei and is ashamed of them. what makes you say he thinks he is above the law? Of all characters, it is Jaime that struggles with what is right and wrong, good and evil, without being a fundamentalist for what is considered honorable. Jaime was admired by Cersei? How do you mean. Cersei thought of Jaime as an extension of herself, true. But she never admired jaime. He doesn't want to be with Cersei because she broke his trust. how is wanting to be better the same as craving admiration? If someone compliments you, how is feeling good craving admiration? We disagree completely.
  14. The way I see it, people vilified Jaime since he killed the king inspite of specifically being charged to protect him. They wouldn't have despised him half as much had he not been KG. And a lot of the commom folk didn't know that depths of aerys' maniacal nature, since that was something only people in the Red Keep would know. Jaime disliked the fact that people consider him an oathbreaker, when he was indeed breaking one, but upholding the 'protect the innocent' oath when killing aerys.
  15. I would say he his bothered by the fact that people think he killed the king for sport. If people called him kingslayer in a derogatory way inspite of knowing his reason for doing it, I doubt he would care. He is bothered about being vilified for what he describes as his 'finest act'. ETA: I don't think he is immune from caring what other people think. He is arrogant, but not to the point of never caring about his reputation. If he thinks he was wrong, he cares then, and even tries to correct his behavior.
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