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  1. I think it would be hilarious if it turns out to be Tyrion in the end and Cersei was right for once in her life. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean he is not out to get you
  2. When I had first read the books, I had thought occam's razor, it has to be Jaime. I still think it's going to be Jaime. Or at least Jaime will be somehow responsible for Cersei's death even if he does not actively kill her.
  3. I'm not sure, the books have a lot of problematic material that has and will age terribly, certainly more than LOTR. If the books are finished, that might get people to read them for what they are. Their popularity would probably overshadow the controversial parts. But with them being unfinished, there is very little reward to gain from reading them outside of academic study of the fantasy genre. I personally would not start reading the books today if I hadn't started reading them earlier. The show, as terribly as it ended, has an ending, which would probably make it more popular than the books in the future if the series remains unfinished.
  4. I think Tyrion and Aegon will influence her decision more than an existential threat by the Others. As much as Dany wants to stay in Essos, she is unlikely to forget her need to 'take back what was stolen from her family'. I don't know where or in what state that leaves Essos in. But I have a feeling the books don't plan for Dany to be a messianic character. Her motive to go head back to Westeros may or not be in service of humanity. It just be things in Essos don't going according to plan and she decides to pursue her supposed claim to the IT.
  5. The Stannis and Jon plot could have been part of the second book when Dany comes to Westeros. I doubt Martin planned for her to come to Westeros and get the IT without resistance or without resentment from smallfolk.
  6. Stannis was defeated in the battle of blackwater and balon greyjoy was killed by the end of ASOS. So that was the end of the war of five kings part of the original plot. Stannis's resurgence and the other greyjoys are new plot points separate from the war of five kings.
  7. It is possible Tywin was poisoned and that it was Varys. But I think it's more likely that Varys was planning to blame the Martells for the poisoning if he did indeed poison Tywin. He didn't anticipate Jaime forcing him to free Tyrion and that was where things didn't go according to plan and he had to go into hiding.
  8. Exactly. The showruuners were too lazy to bother with nuance and character development as the seasons progressed. And when the later seasons weren't received as well as the previous seasons, instead of acknowledging their error and putting more effort towards the plot, they just assumed viewers were too stupid to keep the characters straight. And then they amped up visual spectacles and completely abandoned a coherent plot by the final season.
  9. Unless that's how GRRM had thought about them from the beginning and written them accordingly keeping in mind their transgender identity, it could potentially be bad writing for future books. If he looks back at a character and thinks they could be transgender, nothing wrong with that, but GRRM would run the risk of making that character seem out of character. Of course it could be done if he takes the time to inform himself about transgenderism, learn as much as he can and deal with the subject accordingly. And if he chooses to do it, I dont think it would seem out of place for the series, because the story is very much character driven. And one REALLY does not need to mention genitalia when talking about transgender people. Being transgender isn't about what anatomical parts one has, it's just what society fixates upon. That's partly because that's how most people define gender and partly it's unwarranted curiosity. And of course people think of transgender people as a curiosity, which does not help at all in any discussions about transgenderism. I would not mind it the subject is not trivialized. Readers definitely have very rigid ideas about characters for this series, and they get more rigid the longer readers have been readers. This is not unexpected, but I personally try to reassess with new information and books and characters are no exceptions. And reactionary mindsets have always existed, it's not a recent phenomenon. It's only recently that reactionary responses are called out and not coddled. But that's a different discussion. If done for right reasons, I wouldn't mind.
  10. I don't see Brienne handing Jaime over to LS to pursue Stannis. I have a feeling both Jaime and Brienne will escape alive from the encounter. They were fighting together in Jaime's dream, that could possibly be against the Brotherhood or eventually against the army of the dead. I would want for Brienne and Stannis to meet in the future, otherwise there was really no need for making Brienne want to avenge Renly's death. It would seem like GRRM just forgot about that connection. But I don't see her killing Stannis. Brienne in the books does not seem preoccupied with revenge. It could be similar to Jaime and Bran meeting again, where they decide to leave the past behind.
  11. If it's GRRM 'transcribing' them, no thank you. Please, no more myrish swamps and pink masts.
  12. Sansa could indeed take up a maternal role with Rickon. Her and Arya might need the good cop bad cop routine to deal with Rickon.
  13. I read the post and thought Winds is nowhere near completion and GRRM cannot seem to get himself to finish it. I was never optimistic about another book being released, now I'm even less hopeful than before.
  14. I think there are things most of us did as little kids that we realize were awful as adults Jokes apart, I don't know if Arya is old enough for dealing patiently with an unruly child, but she might just be the best person to deal with Rickon considering she may understand his mindset the best.
  15. Does this 'mental illness' have a name?
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