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  1. I live for this thread, and I don't even watch the show any more. Keep it coming!
  2. Felt no urge to watch whatsoever. Show's previous sins means they won't be getting views from me this season.
  3. In the writer's room "Guys I've run out of dick jokes" "What, but we need a joke this episode" "How about we just show a dick?" "EXCELLENT!!! Our best writing yet!"
  4. Welcome to the boards After so long banging on about 'the show is show' they seem desperate to try to attach themselves to the books at every opportunity. Sam isn't a PoV according to DnD. Dany 'forgot' she was immune to fire according to DnD. I just don't pay any heed to anything they say.
  5. Nice quote. I think I will get some fine use out this! and Only if a door suddenly teleports its way into the cave.
  6. Yep. The owner of three arson machines is now arson proof. Such dramatic tension.
  7. From the Article (EW?) where Clarke confirms no body double was used. Paraphrased "She has always been able to do it, but she had forgotten. Its really cool. She can just set fire to everything then just stand there. It solves a lot of problems".
  8. A mis-spelling of Khaleesi, because to many Unsullied she is "Khaleesi", no matter how many times she screeches "My name is Daenerys Stormborn"
  9. Kelly C's fire immunity is new. It has only just been confirmed. In fact, they themselves said "She 'forgot' she could do it". This is new information. The evisceration of Jon's character has been discussed at length over the years. No Unsullied ever actually believed for one single moment that he had any internal conflict at all for the 2+ years he wandered around in the snow. None of them believed for a single moment that he wasn't going to leave the Wildlings and go back to the Night's Watch. His resurrection should have been the most incredible opportunity for a complete character renewal ever presented to a show writer. Just as no Unsullied thought he was conflicted about staying with the Wildlings, I don't know any sullied watcher who expected them to fluff the opportunity here. Expectations have been met. As it currently stands, he is but a foil for Sansa's new and decisive character shift as she orders him around.
  10. Welcome to the board! There are two answers to your last question: Hubris and $$$.
  11. It demonstrates that they missed the point of what made that S1 scene great. It was a fitting end to a season because it closed out a phase of her development. From a little girl to a character who now has the potential to be something truly great. A real player. It was a great scene because of where she came from not because a hot naked chick walked out of a fire. In this scene, it was missing that whole background. The development for her is that she is now immune to fire - as well as having 3 arson machines. That development just feels a bit cheap when compared to the development made the first go round. I refuse to even call it by that name. Apart from the significance to the story of the original, was this one even pink?
  12. "creatively it makes sense because we wanted it to happen."
  13. Fair point. They wouldn't even need 20 good men. One bad poosey would do the job.
  14. Yeah the Dornish army is only capable of defensive/guerrilla tactics on its own. They excel at that. Its the reason Doran was was so focussed on maintaining power through political machinations. The Vale are the most 'effective' and practiced due to their constant military efforts against the Hill Tribes. The Reach have numbers, wealth for good equipment and at least one highly effective military commander.
  15. So, if the content of this thread aggravates so much, why read it? People can watch what they want to watch, and take from it whatever they will. This thread serves a purpose. I don't agree with much of what gets posted, but it isn't a debate thread and it certainly isn't a thread for bashing the motivations of other users.