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  1. Felt no urge to watch whatsoever. Show's previous sins means they won't be getting views from me this season.
  2. Nice quote. I think I will get some fine use out this! and Only if a door suddenly teleports its way into the cave.
  3. I misread you. My apologies. I thought the people referred to in the second sentence were the same as those the first sentence was about. As for the second sentence, I must disagree. Most Successful doesn't mean Best. It doesn't even necessarily mean Good. It certainly doesn't mean it is, or should be, immune from criticism. However, I do draw the line at personally attacking someone for having a different opinion, as one particular person has done here. Fortunately I blocked them some time back.
  4. Nah. I guess a week or two. Other plots will advance first.
  5. This ep should create a bit of a stir.
  6. I was thinking the war against the Iron Isles about 9-10 years previous. Stannis lead the 7K fleet. "Maybe" Roose was in Ned's army?
  7. All hail Balon The Great. The true survivor and winner of the War of the Five Kings.
  8. She always had one. Remember half the Lannister army couldn't find the BWB for 3 years but she teleported there from Dragonstone in two weeks.
  9. :cheers: I am far from a Stannis fan either, but this show character is so far from the actual character, they should have just changed his name like Talisa.
  10. I'll still be here. I'll watch it on Youtube a couple of hours after release same as I have this season.
  11. Book canon: no they are not. Targs have had greyscale Show canon: who knows, they will just make it up.
  12. Nice of you to notice this point. Very clever. If only GRRM hadn't established this as the very reason the Shadow Tower and Eastwatch were still manned - and why the women of Bear Island spent the centuries since the Starks settled them there *fighting off the attacks fro the sea from the Iron Born and the Wildlings*. Nice try though.
  13. I really don't understand your point. If a person really didn't like it, 1 is a perfectly valid and honest score for them to give.
  14. The show has established that 1) Eastwatch-by-the-Sea is one of the 3 fortresses manned by the Night's Watch 2) Stannis's Fleet was harboured at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. So, no, its isn't all book knowledge whatsoever.
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