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  1. The Complete Winds of Winter Resource v. 2

        This is my take:     the sixth book will come out...? It's expected for next year* In english, but in spanish when will it be? They promised to give us the manuscript prior to the release date in english, so there won't be a big difference. But surely it will be next year, no? Yes. Well, let's see, sure... a meteorite might fall.    * We have contacted Gigamesh and they told us that (this whole thing about) the release of The Winds of Winter in 2016 is more or less what we all know.  / (Note: the original sentence is in impossible spanish)   ETA:  :ninja: JCRB translation is better
  2. opinions on the sand snakes

          :idea:maybe... he was emulating Craster and giving the boys to the others....   :lmao:  
  3.   I agree. Buried in Winterfell, yes; the crypts, no ...where are the mothers of the Starks? o even, why Ned mom isn't in the crypts if she is a Stark both by birth and by marriage? why only Lyanna there? I don't have any theory about it, only the questions.
  4. The wiki says "Brandon was forced to watch as his father was cooked alive in his own armor." but you provided a quote from the books so...  the quote it's from Arya, fair enough.   I still think is highly unusual for a female Stark to be there and it's a hint of... something
  5. according to the wiki, Brandon died after Rickard. Knowing that Ned thought of himself as the replacement -telling Catelyn that Brandon was the one raised to be Lord, father of queens, etc, and he wasn't- I can see why he would give him that treatment.   I don't read the text you quoted as you do. "their" is more likely referring to Robb's and whomever is recounting, not necessarily the girls having places. If this is a recounting from Arya, then I'm wrong, but if it's Bran, I'm still playing.   As Artos having a place, I'm lost. The wiki says he killed Raymun, who killed Willam "the lord". I don't have Stark lore knowledge but maybe Edwyle (father of Rickard) was a little boy when this happened and even if he was alive and well, Artos acted as Lord until he came of age, hence the statue? >>> pure speculation.
  6. Maybe, but they aren't women.
  7.       Re: legitimacy Te very presence of Lyanna in the crypts hints that she isn't a regular Stark woman. Where are buried, the wives, (the mothers!) of the lords of Winterfell/kings of winter and/or their unmarried daughters? The right to be there, the belonging, is a theme explored with several characters (Bran, Jon, even Theon). The only explanation of Lyanna being there comes from Bran telling Osha that his father "loved her so much".  To me her presence in the crypts is a very elliptical explanation that she, somehow, had more rank than a Lord of Winterfell and that is only possible if she was a royal princess. Since Ned is the one that places her there, and considering the events (largely discussed here) that took place between Ned and the KG at the ToJ, the chances that Jon is legitimate are very high.
  8. The 'UnJon' assumption

    I expect something like when Marty McFly's hand is disintegrating at the Enchantment under the sea dance, and then his parents kiss, and "Angel, earth angel will you be mine..." comes in full. :laugh: No, seriously. I've recently read the complete "Jon Snow reread forums" there is a lot happening at the Wall and The North and I can't see how Jon out of the action is good for the story. Someone made a very interesting point :agree: So, No. I don't assume UnJon, even FrozenJon. only, maybe, HurtJon
  9. Interesting lines on the re-read? (hindsight)

    I thought of this too. From aDwD prologue: "One skinchanger can always sense another. Mance should have let me take the direwolf. There would be a second life worthy of a king." Also I've been thinking about Rickon lately and found this two parts in an essay about something else, but this two toghether... I don't know... "With Rickon by their side, the Walders plundered the kitchens for pies and honeycombs, raced round the walls, tossed bones to the pups in the kennels, and trained with wooden swords under Ser Rodrik’s sharp eye. Rickon even showed them the deep vaults under the earth where the stonemason was carving father’s tomb. “You had no right!” Bran screamed at his brother when he heard. “That was our place, a Stark place!” But Rickon never cared." and: "His baby brother had been wild as a winter storm since he learned Robb was riding off to war, weeping and angry by turns. He’d refused to eat, cried and screamed for most of a night, even punched Old Nan when she tried to sing him to sleep, and the next day he’d vanished. Robb had set half the castle searching for him, and when at last they’d found him down in the crypts, Rickon had slashed at them with a rusted iron sword he’d snatched from a dead king’s hand, and Shaggydog had come slavering out of the darkness like a green-eyed demon." I'm not so sure that Rickon will be coming back to continue the Stark legacy or that he will care.. PS: I really want Davos to find him and bring him back, Rickon to be the Lord of Winterfell, all hard and savage like the Kings of Winter, and for Shaggy to eat Ramsay alive.
  10. House Dayne words?

    How about playing with songs? "Bring on the light" me too. I'ts obvious.
  11. High Valyrian

    Maybe she coud talk to Sam who speaks High Valyrian and not it's dialects (that's why he can't make himself understood in Braavos in aFfC) To me (latin american spanish speaker) it sounded like those latin based languages from eastern europe (from Hungary, Croatia and such), less italian (but, "Italian" has so many dialects that I don't know...)
  12. I support Brandon Targaryen

  13. [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    Sorry I didn't read the whole thread and I don't know if someone said this but I was thinking (and I didn't rewatch, i saw 209 blackwater 3 times when it aired and a rewatch of the whole season in june) that with this episode Martin has given us a Cersei chapter of aCoK. Cersei wasn't a POV at that point, but she was there. Because of the show, we can see it through her eyes, as her POV. Very clever of GRRM!!
  14. I noticed a lot of people freaking out about Robb married under the seven. (I've read 5 pages, will read the rest later) I think he doesn't take after the old gods, really. Cat and Ned were married the same way. Ned come to Cat after the rebellion with his "bastard" and Cat already had a baby. I don't remember Robb religious tendencies explained in the books... is stated that Sansa prays to the seven and Bran and Arya "to the old gods and the new", but Robb is never referred (if someone has a quote or something, please share it. I don't have the books with me. Will look up when I can) The "king in the north" thing happens suddenly to Robb and wasn't his idea but of the other northern families, and nobody would think that the firstborn of the Lord of Winterfell wouldn't have the faith of the old gods... for me, as a believer of the R+L=J theory this add up and have been discussed that Jon have more pedigree to be "the king in the north" -that Ned's sons with Cat-, if his parents were married the wildling way (the abduction points to that). I think next season will be going deep in the faith of old gods.
  15. Rhaegar Targaryen

    hey, in some pictures he look a lot like Charlie Hunnam! I'd like for Rhaegar. Good catch!