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  1. Rhaenyra was the one of those two raised to rule; Cersei had no idea what it truly meant and is an incipient wasp. I dont think she merits a good example, and even then on average unfit kings still outnumber unfit queens imo... You're seeing ghosts than aren't there when you forgo Dany's innate ability to actually be a competent and good ruler. She actually listens to others I agree with your Jaeherys assessment though. Anyone with a flicker of knowledge would have seen that, with most of the council being noble men, they would be voting against their own gender's interests.
  2. Better than most of the lords of westeros based on him keeping pace with Tyrion, who holds a lofty place in the likely top 3 to 5 along with Rodrik the Reader for most educated nobles. He'd be giving people like Tywin a run for their money, and probably some maesters if he kept it up
  3. I doubt they sent every ship they had. They would buy and build more at speed, likely contracting out to Braavos for ear galleys and hiring fleets. The ironborn had no good in the long term
  4. Also we know there we're at least 14 with Sam killing one so the number can't be all there was, plus there's the one just turned in that same scene.
  5. People keep claiming about characterization when its essentially a heavily edited short story without a lot of direct dialogue due to being a historical account supposedly from multiple people unlike the series... I think it has plenty of potential. It wont garner GOT level notoriety at all, but it doesnt need to.
  6. Wrong Byfort, I was hooked after the very first scene of the show(as well as most people Ive watched it with), had nothing to do with characters and everything to do with plot. Scary ice zombie demons? Count me in
  7. Exactly. Basically everyone dies.
  8. You guys are kidding yourselves if you don't think DOTD will be the most appealing for those producing AND for investors AND for show only watchers. I doubt they expect it to be as successful as GOT, but it's so popular even a fraction could be enough to expand the brand.
  9. Dance of the dragons is ten times as interesting as RR....
  10. Most will never become actual shows. They are effectively competing at this point and I doubt they will run two shows from the same brand simultaneously. Some of these may not even be shows, but one off mini series or even a two part HBO film.
  11. I think it has then exact same issue that RR, has but it has them dragons. Also has what I think is the big selling point of dance as well as the former, which RR doesn't: great female roles and flexibility. Those are the only two settings I really see as viable towards a mass market aside from preconquest, which I'm certain is another setting. not enough people are going to care about Braavos and such lol, fall of Valyria would be cool though
  12. Two of the settings are super obvious imo, Dance and Conquest.
  13. Hmm I was thinking more of a tabletop type game.
  14. in the vein of a strategy or intrigue game? I've been a participant in several over at atlas forums(currently playing as Doran Martell and supporting Viserys in an alternate history game) and they're pretty fun. We had a number on here at one point including Westeros Battle Tournament. Any interest or ideas?
  15. They may challenge, but who supports them? Harry has the Waynwoods off the bat; House Royce would have a good possiility for honor's sake and likely a 100% chance under Yohn. They have money but unless they've been laying the groundwork like Harry and the Waynwoods have there's not much point since they seem to be very distantly related.