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  1. Hmm I was thinking more of a tabletop type game.
  2. in the vein of a strategy or intrigue game? I've been a participant in several over at atlas forums(currently playing as Doran Martell and supporting Viserys in an alternate history game) and they're pretty fun. We had a number on here at one point including Westeros Battle Tournament. Any interest or ideas?
  3. Im down to judge Dont know if I have time for more than that, though I did just wrap up hosting of another game over at atlas forums
  4. They may challenge, but who supports them? Harry has the Waynwoods off the bat; House Royce would have a good possiility for honor's sake and likely a 100% chance under Yohn. They have money but unless they've been laying the groundwork like Harry and the Waynwoods have there's not much point since they seem to be very distantly related.
  5. They will take some small houses as was said. You have two roughly equal kingdoms in resources without any real advantage in either command or numbers. Topics like these can get silly even though I see the original intent. This one at least had a decent chunk of thought so good on ya
  6. So the dance of the dragons riot was totally engineered then as well lol? It was a riot. Shit happens.
  7. The Riverlands has huge rivers and swaths of forest. Much of the Vale is not mountainous, and of all those regions the Reach has the most open land for two parties to fight equally without interference from land. The North is not icy and cold during the summer and like the Reach has huge chunks of flat unforested land. Your mistake is thinking all of those factors are not important when commanding; knowing the land and using it is key A man can only yell loud enough to be heard by about 150 people at max, and that's ahorse. There is not all that much commanding being done during a battle without a standard bearer to help you and other people to read your cues, once again meaning a lot of it is about the men under your command. It's just kind of a silly question is all with so little actual details.
  8. And can we all just agree there are is a lot of bravery and badassness in the story? I think a top ten would be much easier. In no order: Sansa's line to Joffrey Barristan defending Daenerys Stannis' knights at King's Landing Waymar Royce valiantly fighting to the death Jaime defending Brienne Many of the bravest are those who know the truth behind fear, yet still rush to meet it again.
  9. Says the one derailing a thread by auctioning off a Catelyn Stark quote as being hyper brave when her life was already forfeit, even if she hadn't been killed and captured instead...
  10. This topic is clearly just a set up to say "Robb wins",and how the hell are the Riverlands neutral ground when Robb's own mother was from the Riverlands? Neutral would be Stormlands or Westerlands. Purely on a military basis, Mace has basically nothing going forward UNLESS you give him his own commanders WHICH hinges on him being lord over his proper realm WHICH means he still has a navy WHICH- It just goes on and on. Robb had one of the most experienced advisors to call on in Brynden Tully; they knew the ground they fought on and had experience on their side as well. The Westerlands were basically undefended and he had a magical wolf I love Robb, but let's not romanticize things too much. Yes Robb was a capable company commander had great tactics. Mace is the opposite but it doesn't matter because the man he placed in true command when it came down to it WAS.
  11. See, my in-head Clegane is so much more imposing than any of the show's. A huge giant, square-jawed and bald, and always scowling.
  12. 1) Very often hunched, from pain. He isn't a short but not very impressive physically or with the impression that he ever was in the way that someone like Jaime is. Decently handsome but closer to Quentyn than Arianne. My opinion is from book descriptions, I have only ever seen 1 depiction of him, from the board game card. More in the next since they are related 2) Doran is pretty much completely grayed hair-wise and in general with entirely different, more square facial features. I didn't consider much casting before a character appeared on the show(though I finished all the books before season 2), though it did happen as with what I thought Oberyn for example would look like onscreen 3) I've never seen him in anything else as far as I know. I think he is perfect for the role and a great actor from what I've seen. 4) I've heard almost nothing about him in interviews aside from before he actually appeared, in regards to casting reviews before the showing.
  13. This has a decent chunk of credence considering that Bran doesn't have the power to see the future in the show.
  14. Quick question which army is the biggest in the realm on the show? Tyrells should pretty much have the largest in both I reckon
  15. Yara and Theon take a bunch of ships as is seen; Theon has good relations with Sansa now, but he helped sell out Robb. Going North will be a bit of a stretch I think what's funny is the likliest place is to Daenerys, because very few people have the potential to give them what they want, and she's one of them and have just learned of her. They're either gathering allies or power/money, and allies has to be the most important thing right now.