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  1. No, his sword was not VS. Absolute 100% not. Why would he want Lightbringer if that was the case?
  2. Which makes Rhaegar a garbage person. However, I prefer to see some grey. What could she possibly say that could make things better or turn the tide anyways? If anything evidence supports she was there mostly of her own free will. Once she was surely pregnant, maybe there was a difference there. Maybe Rhaegar purposefully kept both in the dark. Is she really that close to her father and older brother? The father who was coercing or forcing her into marrying a man she didn't want to marry, who was known to be loose with his genetic coin? Ned and Benjen we have evidence for. I think love can make props act irrationally to the point of folly, and this is an extreme case of it.
  3. It seems a genuinely tried to heal Drogo at first as well, but perhaps knew that he may die anyway by stubbornly throwing off his poultice.
  4. If Aemon had vehemently opposed it, I think Daeron would probably have relented. As for him being the only one who didn't want the throne, I'd say neither Aerys or Daeron the drunkard desires it either.
  5. I always assumed yes until I listened to a chapter today, but now I'm curious as Mirri is much more of a gray character in the books.
  6. Unpopular? Lyanna Stark was a crappy person until proven otherwise
  7. We don' KNOW she wasn't allowed to leave, thats still very much guesswork. At the least, one of these two people sucked, hard, and it was probably both.
  8. How do I "like" this post Rhaegar and Lyanna were crappy people. Theyd have to be willfully ignorant and not receiving any news at all to be even slightly decent people. If word got thereabout KL's events and the following war, then they'e both selfish monsters. Lyanna especially, as unlike Rhaegar she actually was working against her own family's well being and put essentially her entire house to the torch over a fling and an unborn child.
  9. Umm Aegon the Unworthy murdered his father Viserys II to get the throne, and I don't think he was the only one. Jaeherys II?
  10. Agreed. Also house Royce had Lamentation well into the conquest, lost during the dance.
  11. House Hightower DOES have a sword, Vigilance.
  12. Not necessarily, he was a boy in the mystery knight, making him well old enough to be a decently competent Lord by the time Egg ascends the throne.
  13. They're not glossed over, but fuck those slaving bastards. I dont like Dany for other reasons, but those are points in her favor. She liberated thousands of slaves and even disrupted an entire horrible system of bullshit
  14. 1. ? XXXTentacion 2. The new Metallica record 3. Black Panther Soundtrack 4. Bobby Tarantino II Logic 5. Culture II Migos What's interesting is how some albums stay on the charts for suuuch a long time. Every Ed Sheeran record for example is still charting for example, Thriller has jumped back into the charts, Beatles 1 is charting. Much more varied list than the top 100 singles for instance. Also who the hell is buying enough Imagine Dragons records to keep them so high in the charts...
  15. I dont think you want cedar either, that's more for things not like to see a lot of moisture and obviously for planting they're going to see some.I'd go with something like cypress thats inherently moist and cheap as well:)