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  1. I'd hope they'll go smaller scale for the spin-off. Maybe something ala 'a tale of two cities' or a conflict between 'Starks and Lannisters' except on a local scale rather than continent wide? I found the later seasons a real chore due to everyone needing teleporters to travel the extreme distances which in previous seasons took entire seasons to travel in a matter of episodes or minutes.
  2. Yeah, magic in the books was an immensely powerful force... a sword with no hilt as it were, but it had serious limitations and was so rare that it only served the plot rather than actually being it. In the show it has become a problem since D&D are using it as a crutch to sort out what they feel are 'problems' in the story.
  3. Olligarchy

    Future KG and Small council

    To be honest I'm not sure if 'Aegon' and Daenerys will ever have co-rule. Obviously it would be the smart thing to do and would solve all sorts of problems both realm and 'metawise', but the hinted bittersweet ending means at least one of them probably dies. My money is on Daenerys being the one to die during complications at childbirth, leaving Jon a bitter, broken man sitting on a throne he never wanted. His council would definitely include Tyrion, but everything else comes down to who actually survives the war. Varys is probably a goner if the foreshadowing is anything to go by, and Jorah that doesn't get to 'smack that' with Dany will probably just want to go back to Bear Island to die.
  4. Olligarchy

    Is Cersei a Bad Ruler? (Or Who Would be the Best Ruler?)

    In real life Cersei would be ousted faster than a speeding bullet for being an utter shit with no redeeming features or actual ability to rule. Most of her successes have been... questionable at best, and downright stupid at worst with no evidence she could survive in any situation where the 'plot' doesn't bend over backwards to make her scrambling succeed somehow. That said, when compared to her 'competition' so late in the show she is the next thing from Machiavelli.
  5. Olligarchy

    Did the Targaryens dislike the Celtigars?

    Claw Isle seems a rather minor Holdfast on a poorly located island. Driftmark on the other hand is an isle as large as Dragonstone that historically housed a fleet almost the size of the royal one, meaning it was critical to the defense of Blackwater Bay and the Narrow Sea. Could also be that Velaryons were during the times of the Freehold a more prominent House, and the Celtigars were something like landed knights, meaning their blood might not be so 'pure.'
  6. Olligarchy

    Create your Westerosi house

    House Barley of Six-Row Heraldry: Yellow bundle of Barley on a Green Field. Words: Fruits of Our Labour Seat: Barncowl Sworn to: House Oakheart Culture: Andal Religion: Faith of the Seven House Barley was founded fairly recently, only scant centuries ago when a Hedge Knight called 'Ser Barley' won a tournament for the hand of Lord Oakheart held at Old Oak. Entering the competition meant for great and noble landed knights as Mystery Knight, the man of common stock born in Oldtown defeated all that stood before him, gaining not only the adoration of the crowd, but also impressing the Lord Oakheart greatly. When he was declared victor and revealed his true identity, he not only wed to the Lady Oakheart, but Lord Oakheart also set aside some lands for him near the Ocean Road between Old Oak and Highgarden. Since then, House Barley has served as loyal knightly bannermen to the Oakhearts. In recent years the House has been led by the grim and serious Samwell Barley, a hardened commander of Lord Oakhearts infantry.
  7. Might be interesting. Will have to check out how the rules pan out.
  8. Olligarchy

    Blackfyre claim...

    I always felt that the Blackfyre Claim came down to Perception. I mean we can blather on and on about how LEGALLY Daeron was never removed from his position as his heir, or give precedents to why he'd still be the King even if Daemon was older, but to the bannermen that aligned with the Blackfyres it all came down to what they saw... or thought they saw with their own eyes: A King that took every opportunity to show favour to a son that was by many rights the better choice to his younger-trueborn brother. We all know that Daeron turned out to be a pretty decent king, but to the bannermen of the Targaryens before the revolts he was a weakling. A man more interested in ancient scrolls and tomes with little to no ability to actually lead REAL MANLY MEN like them in war or peace. He did not even enjoy feasts like any truly redblooded man should, and surrounded himself with foreign looking Dornish courtiers in all their sandsilks, sandsteeds and sandy poisons. On the other hand we had Daemon... a man the King clearly showed favour to. A great man to be around by all accounts! A true warrior, knight and a man of the people (namely... them) that the king clearly loved so much as to gift him the sword of Aegon the Conqueror and legitimize him. A man they all grew to like above and beyond their weak future king. Throw into that mix the rumours of Daeron not even be the Kings son, and all of this leads us down to the path of how many would've thought. The King did not like Daeron not only because he was weak and foreign looking, but also because he was not even his own son! So the seeds of rebellion are sown. Imagine if Ned Stark had in the books timeline done the same to Jon Snow, legitimizing him as a full blooded Stark and gifted him Ice. The North would now have an older legitimized Stark wielding the houses ancestral blade, much as Catelyn probably feared at times.
  9. Olligarchy

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    Hey @Iron Mother, have you considered using the Edit function to avoid multiposting?
  10. Olligarchy

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    Yeah, Rhaegar definitely went full Targtard in believing his own shit doesn't smell it seems. Can't believe everyone, but Robert seem to worship him for some bloody reason...
  11. Olligarchy

    TitanCon 2017: 8-10 Sept - Belfast

    Seeing as I live in Belfast I'll be there. If anyone needs help or wants to meet up for a pint PM me or quote me here! Can't show all the cool spots.
  12. That's a whole lot of assumptions you're making, most of them being reliant on Westeros having more than a passing resemblance to historical countries which... it really doesn't.
  13. Olligarchy


    What you fail to realise is that whilst Jon's and Daenarys' storylines are fairly similar, one of them never really suffers any blowback for it. At the end of said storyline Daenarys has a strengthened army, navy and three full blown dragons with everyone worshipping her. Jon Snow on the one hand gets stabbed in the heart and dies, with everyone blaming him for their problems, mostly because he acted like an idiot and didn't account for possible repercussions to going against the 'grain'. As @SansaJonRule noted plenty of people call out Jon for being naive and frankly quite foolish both in the story and on these forums, but nobody in the story ever calls Daenarys on her mistakes, insinuating she's always right. Daenarys as a character would be more easily liked if the story didn't bendover backwards to make her a special snowflake whose shit doesn't stink.
  14. Olligarchy

    ASOIAF GOT Spinoffs

    Aegon's Conquest spinoff would be based, but they'd probably blow an entire seasons budget on every episode due to the dragons and enormous battles.
  15. Olligarchy


    Peoples dislike of Daenerys mostly stems from the fact that she's clearly the character we're supposed to root for, and when she does something wrong in the story nobody ever calls her out on it. It makes her appear very flat, boring and annoying 'overpowered' in a series of books where everyone elses victories and defeats are counted in equal measure. I'd hesitate to use the term Mary Sue in such a well written series of books, but I find it a label hard to argue against when one starts to list out the things she has done with no real education and just magical prophecy shite as reasoning for it succeeding. That said... for the next episode I predict Jon finding out his name is a lot longer and ends with 'ryen'.