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  1. I'd hope they'll go smaller scale for the spin-off. Maybe something ala 'a tale of two cities' or a conflict between 'Starks and Lannisters' except on a local scale rather than continent wide? I found the later seasons a real chore due to everyone needing teleporters to travel the extreme distances which in previous seasons took entire seasons to travel in a matter of episodes or minutes.
  2. Olligarchy

    Create your Westerosi house

    House Barley of Six-Row Heraldry: Yellow bundle of Barley on a Green Field. Words: Fruits of Our Labour Seat: Barncowl Sworn to: House Oakheart Culture: Andal Religion: Faith of the Seven House Barley was founded fairly recently, only scant centuries ago when a Hedge Knight called 'Ser Barley' won a tournament for the hand of Lord Oakheart held at Old Oak. Entering the competition meant for great and noble landed knights as Mystery Knight, the man of common stock born in Oldtown defeated all that stood before him, gaining not only the adoration of the crowd, but also impressing the Lord Oakheart greatly. When he was declared victor and revealed his true identity, he not only wed to the Lady Oakheart, but Lord Oakheart also set aside some lands for him near the Ocean Road between Old Oak and Highgarden. Since then, House Barley has served as loyal knightly bannermen to the Oakhearts. In recent years the House has been led by the grim and serious Samwell Barley, a hardened commander of Lord Oakhearts infantry.
  3. Holy crap that episode was awesome. Whilst the Old Bears death was tragic, seeing Dany speak Valyrian was awesome and well done.
  4. What are my favourite Houses in A Song of Ice and Fire? The answer is... House Hoare, House Blackfyre and House Lannister.

  5. Olligarchy

    Create your Westerosi house

    House Arl of Arlshold Heraldry: Words: "Through Ice and Snow." Seat: Arlshold Sworn to: House Stark of Winterfell Bannermen; House Forrester, House Greywood, House Glover and House Woods as well as Glover Vassals House Branch and House Bole. Titles: Lord of Arlshold and Wolfswood (Formerly Kings of the Wolves) Lands: The Arlshold and the Wolfswood Ancestral weapon: Winter Culture: First Men Religion: Old Gods House Arl is the family I have been playing in my SIFRPG campaign for over a year now, and they've grown quite a bit. The family was created during the Age of Heroes by the White Wolf, a legendary general who according to myth fought against the White Walkers. They've been through a lot, they've been kings, lords of various influence, but so far they've survived Westerosi history past Targaryen Conquest and I am looking forward to seeing if they can survive until the events of the books.