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  1. Why do I say Gendry is Henry Tudor? Well first I have to say I am not convinced that he is but he may be. First reason, Like Henry if Gendry was to gain the throne, he would be an unlikely candidate with a tenuous claim who emerged at the end of the Wars after all the better claimants were eliminated. Second reason, GRRM isn't past pulling in a minor character to win the throne, especially when you realize the story never was about who would finally sit on the throne. He has done it before. Read his novella, The Princess and the Queen, and see how that ended.
  2. Gendry is Henry Tudor.
  3. Speaking of videos I just watch a good one from the Order of the Green Hand on this topic. It gave me pause to think. We have never had a POV from Littlefinger. He is one of the most important figures in the books and after hundreds of POV chapters we still do not have one from Littlefinger! I think GRRM is not providing us with Littlefinger's POV because LF has many of the answers to the mysteries that plague us all. One of which is who hired the assassin. My vote is for Joffrey, but as the GH suggests, under the influence of LF. We have seen in the Books how characters are influenced by dreams. We don't have a POV from Joffrey to know if he was influenced by dreams but if he was and if LF has a glass candle or other means of influencing dreams it would explain the logistical problem of him still being at KL. So while I believe it needs to be more fully developed I am beginning to believe that LF is influencing our story not only by screaming, but by magic as well, and was responsible for some of Joffrey's more questionable decisions including hiring an assassin to kill Bran.
  4. GRRM has expressed a desire to write another book series on all of the Targaryen Kings. We are talking about 300 years of history before Robert. That is quite an ambitious project for someone who has spent 20 years writing about events that have taken place over the course of some 3 years. But the source material contained in the book the World of Ice and Fire can fuel 100 episodes or more. It also has all the blood, sex and dragons that anyone could ever want. If they want to do an epic spin off, I believe that is the direction in which they should go. At the same time GRRM will be able to see his vision of the Targaryens come to life in a TV series rather than another epic book series, which he most likely will not have time to write unless he is immortal.
  5. Following the theme that the Starks are magical; that they all have some long hidden relationship with death through the crypts at Winterfell, Arya Stark is a death goddess. She brings death not life. There will be no fairy tale ending for her unless its the Grimm kind. She will most likely be part of the ending of the story that GRRM has called "bittersweet".
  6. I didn't see it that way. I saw it as Sansa collecting pieces she could use when she needed them. She did not want to use LF unless she had too. When she did not get the support of the other Northern Lords like she originally thought she would she had a plan B and used it. Just like LF himself at first wanted Ned to join him and when he did not he turned to the Lannisters. Give the girl credit for thinking ahead. If she had told Jon about LF earlier, it would have been LF doing the manipulating and Sansa would have been ignored. No she sent for LF at the most opportune time for her to control the situation and I think she is going to continue to play these games.
  7. I did not read through all the comments so forgive me if I am repeating what others have said. I think Sansa has become very good at playing the game. She showed herself to be a master manipulator in the Battle of the Bastards and episodes leading up to it. She played everyone to get exactly what she wanted and she did it so deftly that they did not even know they were played. I don't think she is going to stop there. I think she will keep playing LF and Jon and everyone else to her advantage.
  8. This may be. Remember the official synopsis for this episode says, "Arya makes a plan." What we see on its face is no plan so maybe next week we will find out what really happened.
  9. This latest episode has suggested a new theory to me as well involving Bran and Arya. At least it is new to me. I do not know if anyone else has had this idea. Bran eventually develops his abilities and takes the wright army away from the NIght's King. However by then Bran has become an evil twisted creature bent on revenge against all mankind for how they screwed up the world. Arya will most likely leave the FM before she would be actually given an assignment to kill Bran but will come to understand that is what must be done to give the "gift" to the wrights and Bran. Like Meera did to Jogen, Danny did to Drogo, Aray will kill Bran out of love, not hate. Its the heart of the Nissa Nissa story, only the facts are different. In that very first episode who were the first three main characters we were introduced to 1) the wrights/whitewalker in the opening 2) Bran on the roof and 3) Arya on the wagon. And that is how it will end.
  10. Lady dies. Bran wakes from his coma. Grey Wind dies. LS awakes from dead. (Book only) but in show both Arya and Sansa grow stronger, Bran's abilities grow, so maybe there is something there. Shaggydog dies. Jon awakes from the dead. Summer dies. ? Only death can pay for life. So there seem to be some tie between the death of the direwolves and the evolution of the Stark children
  11. That would be a great twist.
  12. Oh sweet summer children discussing Jon's right to the succession of Winterfell and his naivete before his death. Jon is not just Julius Caesar. He is Alice about to step through the Looking Glass. The man that awakens will not be the same boy that was stabbed. Everything will be changed. Magic will have brought him back and Magic will hit everyone, even the deniers south of the wall smack in the face. When he awakes Jon will know whatever Bran has learned from Bloodraven. With that knowledge he will begin to do whatever needs to be done to make things right with the world. What that may be I do not think GRRM has let us know yet but the clues are that it will be like no other song ever sung.
  13. Has anyone seen this trailer? What do you think? I think the first voice is Bloodraven and the second voice is Bran.
  14. Just started binge watching Humans on demand and spotted Paul Kaye (Thoros of Myr) as the leader of a synth chop shop.
  15. Speaking of Dr. Who and Maisie Williams did you all see the new trailer for Dr. Who Season 9 with Maisie appearing at the end.  According to Dr. Who's show runner she is playing a new character that will appear in two episodes this season. https://youtu.be/fi3nJBlJs48   I don't know if this has been mentioned but Maisie's new movie, her first in a leading role, is going to be released in the States in August.  An idie film called The Falling, about a mysterious fainting epidemic in an all girls boarding school in 1969.