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  1. Catastrophic scene early on in the season of Night King killing Jon/Tyrion/overwhelming Westeros to then reveal itself as a Brain vision. Which he then needs to use his powers more than ever before to prevent that scene from happening.
  2. Reaching a little bit, but I appreciate this. Nice reference w the Tyrion quote too.
  3. My anticipation for this show has totally dwindled and just about burnt out. I used to frequent these boards the last few years as much as I did my favorite sports teams. I wanted to hold out hope and trust the process as to where this show was going. But I really strongly dislike where it is. And the grand reaction it receives from Unsullied. Anyone else just totally underwhelmed and not really engaged anymore?
  4. she needs to lose her alliance with Tyrion then. He is the common ground between the two, the grey area between the black and white. He respects Jon and if Jon tells him that the NK is real and coming soon then he will relay that info to Dany to supply Jon with a dragon to ride shotgun next to Dany and himself on the other two to take out the threat. It's painfully obvious that's where the show is heading, IMO. Hopefully the actual story doesn't do the painfully obvious thing like the show.
  5. they 100% forgot about him, then when they remembered realized that they didn't know what to do with him, so just leave him off.
  6. there was no explicit reveal. They actually showed Lyanna whispering something to Ned but cut the audio, totally shitting all over the entire point of Brans flashbacks. All we heard was "promise me Ned" which we already knew, then the camera cut to Jon Snow present time. That was the big R+L=J reveal everyone has been waiting x amount of years for.
  7. This is probably why we haven't gotten the appropriate Jaime character through 6 seasons. Because he's grey.
  8. i cant even discuss this. what a freaking abomination of a great character.
  9. Sorry to just hop in as im catching up here but if they would have just had Jon respect and try to protect Rickon's body that would have gone a long way in making this a better, more thoughtful battle scene. Jon on ground level with the incoming Bolton men on horses provided a great shot, but Rickon in Jons arms with those horses coming forward would have been great as well. Jon going the wrong way, on horseback with Rickons body as his own northern men/wildings were racing toward the Boltons would have been great as well. A plea from Jon to Mel to save Rickon, with her denying, then Jon going full badass mode and getting back into the battle would have worked also. But just running forward over top of Rickons body allowing him to get trampled and peppered with more arrows was incredibly disrespectful to the right heir to the North. The "bones" are sacred. Get him out of there and ensure preserving them.
  10. How are there 161 continuations of this thread? That is remarkable.
  11. and then since the prior 8 episodes were all boring set up bullshit, episode 10 (longest episode ever!! OMG!!) will be 14 different storylines all getting wrapped up all at once. Which again, the commonfolk will take as great, action packed product.
  12. Amen. Early on, seasons 1-3, when B&W didn't have to do TOO much, this show was great. But as it drags on and the actual source material wears thing it has become exposed.
  13. The worst part is going to be show only people's reactions to Episode 9's action packed Bastard Bowl. "See? Told you this was the best show of all time!!1 How can anyone not like this show?!"
  14. this is actually solid, but again, too next level for B&W, kings of the off screen character deaths.
  15. Is it? How much time has passed in the books from TRW to her pending showdown with Brienne/Jaime? Just because time has passed doesnt necessarily have to mean that her corpse-y body continues to decompose does it? Why wouldnt she just stay in the state that she was in when we met her? She was barely able to speak then, so why wouldn't she barely be able to speak now? Point is - just because time has passed and we havent seen her shouldnt mean that she doesn't exist. Maybe BWB are just holding that card close to their chest, and she's shelled up in a cave with Robbs crown and will, plotting. But if that were the case I would expect a more sinister BWB, not one that hangs renegade members for killing innocents.