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  1. jbent87

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Is it? How much time has passed in the books from TRW to her pending showdown with Brienne/Jaime? Just because time has passed doesnt necessarily have to mean that her corpse-y body continues to decompose does it? Why wouldnt she just stay in the state that she was in when we met her? She was barely able to speak then, so why wouldn't she barely be able to speak now? Point is - just because time has passed and we havent seen her shouldnt mean that she doesn't exist. Maybe BWB are just holding that card close to their chest, and she's shelled up in a cave with Robbs crown and will, plotting. But if that were the case I would expect a more sinister BWB, not one that hangs renegade members for killing innocents.
  2. jbent87

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    edit: wrong thread, sorry
  3. jbent87

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    NONE MORE BLACK LYRICS "Budapest Gambit" The last few lines at the end of the song:
  4. jbent87

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    she's a major character. she's a major character because the life/death of another major character Jaime Lannister, lies in her hands in TWOW as Brienne is leading him to a shitshow. Whether or not Brienne saves him and offs LSH at that point remains to be seen, but she is an issue that needs to be dealth with in the books and is bound to have an everlasting effect, regardless of what comes out of that pending ménage à trois.
  5. jbent87

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    This is all well and good. But in this argument when one side goes out of their way to insult the other by referencing the character being discussed as a "hissing zombie" it sets the standards for the conversation off on the wrong foot.
  6. jbent87

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    great post that really exposes the differences and weird state the show finds itself in now.
  7. jbent87

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Also the Brotherhood doesn't just follow LSH bc shes a "zombie." There have been pieces placed for this story arc as far back as Clash with Arya developing relationships with them and Beric. They follow LSH out of respect for Arya in a weird sense. If the show is omitting LSH why even spend time on these guys on the show? What was the point exactly? This is why people are overly critical of the show. Bc when they had all of the source material they were infallible. Now as they branch off and decide to go their own way, some of the things they've already done and established don't make as much sense.
  8. jbent87

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Episode 6.10? Maybe LF replaces Merret Frey?
  9. jbent87

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    here, here. The SOS Epilogue and LF revealing his plans for Sansa Stark to marry Harry the Heir and restore the Stark name were probably two of the biggest fist pump moments for me throughout. Both because they were moments that lead us to believe the Starks were going to get what was theirs, after getting **** on through the majority of the story. While none of that has been confirmed in reality, it was still nice as a reader to see a glimmer of hope/fight for the House that can't seem to get a break.
  10. jbent87

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    it just seems like there isn't going to be any plausible vengeance for the North/Starks in the show. Brienne, essentially Jaime's champion to find the Stark girls in the books, offs Stannis who also has reason to form allegiances with the North and Stark supporters. So now in the show Brienne is going to what, find Sansa/Theon then take them in tow to get vengeance on Walder Frey while also getting Theon Iron Islands-bound to take the Seastone Chair back from Euron after believing, for whatever reason, that he had a change of heart and will use his influence to aid the North in whichever fight they're fighting? It's just a cluster F at this point, whereas if they were to include LSH, once you get past the initial shock value, would tie things together in a nice bow of vengeance (assuming her group are the ones to bring seven hells upon the Freys). That paragraph^^ is a mess. But so is the show at this point.
  11. jbent87

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Love LSH but think the moment has passed . It's too much to be introduced in one season and will certainly be a "jump the shark" moment for Unsullied. Also with the way some of these blogs have covered the "offseason"/filming you would have thought we'd hear something about Michelle Fairley by now.
  12. jbent87

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    agreed. Not sure how you can be a fan of these books and the writing and then just associate LSH to be a "bloodthirsty zombie" and be happy that the character is omitted from the tv show. Given where Dance ends, she could play a pivotal role. 
  13. I apologize as I didn't have time to start from the beginning and read everyone's replies but I think the reason for building up Ramsay into such an almost cartoonishly hateful character is so GRRM will be able to get the majority of the audience on board for when Reek/Theon comes full circle in his character development and kills Ramsay in almost a heroic way. I'm a huge fan of Theon's character throughout the series and would like to see him get some confidence/sense of humility and even humanity back. The true start to that "road to redemption(/Seastone Chair?)" could be killing Ramsay, not helping Jeyne Pool(fArya) escape.
  14. Last time Cat Stark allowed a trial by combat it didn't work out so well for her. If there's any sort of memory left I have a hard time believing she would okay this method for judging Jaime.
  15. jbent87

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Jaime especially at this point of the story isn't going to allow Brienne/Pod to die for him. I anticipate that he will succumb to his fate/LSHs ruling until Brienne saves him and kills LSH. The dialogue leading up to that between Jaime vs LSH/BwB will be fantastic though. Also, where do things go from there, in this assumed scenario? Back to the Twins to slay Freys as LSH would have wanted? Or off on a voyage to find Sansa Stark? Would they have men alongside them? BwB wouldn't just up and join their cause after Brienne killed their leader would they?