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  1. Or how about a better idea - Sean Pertwee as Jon Pertwee? ETA: Which already almost happened:
  2. Lame Lothar Elizabeth Mitchell
  3. M: Aegon B: Rhaenys K: Visenya Criston Cole, Harwyn Strong, Daemon Targaryen ("the Rogue Prince")
  4. 1. The Good Place 2. The Alienist 3. Jessica Jones These 3 have been my favorite by some margin. 4. The Gifted - gap - 5. Runaways 6. Star Trek: Discovery I really enjoyed season 2 of Jessica Jones. Sure, it's not quite as good as season 1, but very few TV seasons are. I loved how different it was from season 1 - it began a bit slower, it did not have the same amount of tension throughout, but instead it had more focus on exploration of all the characters. What I particularly liked was 1) that everything was in shades of grey, with flawed characters making questionable and bad decisions but everyone (except that one minor jerk from a couple of episodes later on) being understandable and sympathetic to an extent at least, and 2) that I genuinely wasn't sure what would happen and what the characters would do, right until the end - which rarely happens in a comic book show (I don't think it has happened in any other Netflix Marvel show season). This and The Punisher season 1 definitely gave me back faith in the Netflix Marvel shows, after a few weak seasons, largely due to the focus on the underwhelming and badly written villainous organization that was the Hand.
  5. It seems that Philip is having trouble running the business on his own, as well - it's not as bad on the soul as Elizabeth struggling with spy business on her own - and it's in a different way - but money trouble is something else on top of their problems. They were definitely better as a duo. That last scene of Elizabeth murdering someone else, the third murder in that many episodes, while Philip is spying on her, set to 'Dance Me to the End of Love'... Ominous...
  6. Gregor with a spear, of course. We already know he can be beaten if you're quick and skilled with a spear. Just don't get stupid and give up your advantage by needlessly getting close to him. Would you rather be a marriage negotiatir for fAegon or for Quentin?
  7. Stan has been involved in some pretty important cases - including the fake defector and investigating illegals - and brought it important intel from Oleg. I don't know what makes you think he's so low on the food chain and unimportant. And people whose job is counter-terrorism should not be that gullible - certainly not gullible enough to leak information to any random sexual partner. A long-term partner/spouse would be far more likely to have their trust and get some information - or at least be able to keep an eye on him (so he would no, say, figure out the truth about his neighbours). If anything, I'd bet more on Stan being more gullible or easier to get to than Adeholt.
  8. So, her experiment proved what, exactly? If you don't get killed in a situation where you're under risk, you're unkillable? That doesn't follow. She survived more dangerous situations in the past, where the likelihood of survival was much lower than 25% (getting dropped in the ocean in a pod, getting transported to and spending months on a desert planet avoiding Hive), and that had never made her conclude she was unkillable or invincible. Why would it prove it to her or anyone now? And if they want to change the timeline - which they have to if they want to save the Earth - then they have to believe it's possible to change it. And if it possible to change it - then any of them could die at any time. Is playing Russian Roulette really a smart way to try to break the loop? For all they know, maybe they manage to change the timeline in such a way that one of them dies - but that still doesn't save the Earth, because they haven't changed enough of other parameters (after all, they're not the ones who supposedly destroy the Earth; Daisy staying in the future or not getting her powers back would have had a much better chance of preventing the Earth's destruction).
  9. I agree that dragging Hydra into everything is dumb, old and tired (does it even make any sense that it is all supposed to be the same organization, when it has different goals, ideology and structure every season? It just seems at this point like they're slapping the name 'Hydra' on any seasonal villain) and that Jemma's test didn't prove anything (I don't think she actually believes that she can't die, or she would have drunk that last glass; and they're supposed to change the timeline - and if they can, anyone can die at any time! She was pretty creepy in this episode - even Fitz seemed saner - but I can't say it's not in character. Even back in season 1 when she seemed all sweetness and 'pure cinnamon roll'. she would get a bit too enthusiastic with her scientific curiosity and say things like, wouldn't it be great if we could open up and dissect Professor Randolph, a real Asgardian? (He's very much alive.) But I can't agree on spinning the wheels - there has been nothing boring or uneventful about these episodes. Pretty much every single one delivered a huge shock, from Elena losing her arms, to what Fitz did and whatever the hell is going on with him, to whatever the hell Simmons and Elena are planning now. The fear dimension seemed like a fun idea, but proved to actually be a red herring for the Fitz twist. I love the fact that they have brought so many past characters back and are tying up the loose ends. Getting Mike Peterson back and resolving the Ian Quinn/Gravitonium loose end from season 1 were the things I'd been asking for for ages. (Though I'm annoyed that they never mentioned whether Mike has ever reunited with his son. He could have talked to Daisy at the wedding, they used to be friends, and told her about his son, rather than just be a soundboard for Deke.) I already liked that they were making Gravitonium so important this season, but I really wasn't expecting them to resolve the Quinn thing, and it was an excellent resolution (apparently it's footage that they shot in season 1 - so, great job on sitting on that one for 4 years before using it at the right time.) People were wondering if they could even do it in spite of the absence of the actors (apparently, David Conrad, who played Quinn, is not even acting anymore, and Ian Hart is probably way too busy with his multiple other shows). Heck, I almost kind of wish things were a bit more "boring" at the moment... The fandom has been a mess since the episodes 5.14 and 5.15, with fans getting polarized, and fan debates ranty and toxic the way they haven't been since the days of Grant Ward. It's weird because Daisy and Fitz have been my favorite characters throughout the show, but some of the overzealous Fitz fans have been driving me mad with their "Fitz did the right thing, how dare Daisy be upset, she should just suck it up" arguments and the way they're suddenly making her the bad guy for not being totally OK with him after what he did and said he didn't regret it. Not that I like the exaggerated Fitz-hate either. As for the time travel plot, it's something that really needs to be resolved first so I could make a judgment. Depending on how they end this storyline, it could be great or it could be really bad - as is always the case with time travel storylines.
  10. Criston Cole Grant Gustin
  11. Elizabeth would never kill Paige. She wouldn't even consider it. She's a total momma bear when it comes to her. I could see Philip and Elizabeth being in a situation where they are in conflict, but neither of them would ever hurt Paige.
  12. I wasn't surprised at all by her killing the naval dude. Elizabeth looked shocked and frozen during the General's speech. It must be really confusing for her - it's the first time ever KGB has asked her to go against the leadership of the USSR. What is loyalty to her country and what is treason now? What's worse is that she can't even talk to Philip about it - she was told she mustn't. And she's already worn out - since she's been working without Philip as partner and emotional support, which was foreshadowed in the season 5 finale, when she told Tuan he would break if he doesn't find a partner. The way she was constantly looking at and clutching that necklace with a suicide pill doesn't bode well. This premiere had more tension in it than most of season 5.
  13. 1. The Good Place 2. The Alienist - I really enjoyed this one. A great combination of dark atmospheric thriller, period drama and character drama. It's almost tied for the first place, but TGP has to be first for being so original. a gap 3. The Gifted an even bigger gap 4. Runaways 5. Star Trek: Discovery Now I hope I'll finally have the time to see Jessica Jones season 2 (work and other issues have prevented me, I've just managed to finish my S1 rewatch and start S2), and then catch up with the rest of the latest X-Files season, and start the last season of The Americans.
  14. Bran (super easy choice). Would you rather live in Bloodraven's cave and be mentored by him, or live in the House of Black and White and be mentored by the Kindly Man?
  15. I didn't know we were still doing this - that we could revise our lists of 2017 shows even though we're finishing them/watching them in 2018. Is there any cut-off date - I intend to watch some other shows released in 2017 that I didn't get to see then (like Dark or Godless, probably 13 Reasons Why as well), how long can we keep revising the list? My new list - adding Twin Peaks, which I finally finished a few days ago (I had to rewatch before I finished to remember and pick up all the hundreds of characters and plot threads), plus I've reshuffled the list a bit. BoJack Horseman The Leftovers Black Sails The Handmaid’s Tale Big Little Lies Agents of SHIELD The Good Place American Gods The Americans The Punisher The Expanse The Last Kingdom Legion Twin Peaks: The Return - I'm not sure how I feel about it, so it ends up in the middle of the list. It certainly took chances, kudos for that, instead of playing it safe like some other 1990s show revivals. Some things have paid off, some arc closed, but others were pretty unsatisfactory, and although it resolved some arcs, it introduced major new ones and big new questions. The open ending is especially a problem if they really don't intend another season. Broadchurch The Gifted Outlander South Park Runaways Absentia Star Trek: Discovery Gunpowder The Defenders Taboo Iron Fist The Walking Dead Inhumans
  16. Laszlo's daddy issues have been pretty obvious for a long time. And it's not hard to guess how his arm got injured. As I've said, Connor is as much a villain of this show as Beecham. A couple of weeks ago someone in this thread said that the killer seems to be everything that 2010s hate - I'd say that refers to Connor most of all.
  17. Margaery Tyrell David Tennant
  18. I may have misunderstood what you meant to say. You said 'he remembered it because he picked it up', which sounded like he remembered picking it up (in another timeline). But you're saying you just meant that he remembered it because it was his grandma's ring, and the reason it was his grandma's ring is because he picked it up? In that case, I agree - and it's pretty obvious.
  19. Did everyone forget that Sarella Sand is half-black? Her mother is from the Summer Isles, and "Alleras" is supposed to have curly black hair, dark eyes and skin the color of teal. So, a huge big "NO" to those casting choices. Casting Game of Thrones with actors from Black Sails: Jon Connington - Toby Stephens Arianne Martell - Jessica Parker Kennedy Victarion Greyjoy - Ray Stevenson Daario Naharis (don't tell me he's in the show - show Daario is nothing like book Daario) - Zack McGowan (I think he's one of the very few people who could really pull off Book Daario, even blue hair and everything) Hannah New (when she's a few years older) - Cersei Lannister also: Duncan the Tall - Tom Hopper
  20. Isn't that obvious? Deke can't remember anything that happened in another timeline. No one does. He only remembers things that happened in the future, and during the short time since he has been un 2018.
  21. Except that's a terrible idea, since Sansa, unlike Ned, has never used a sword and has zero experience and training with it. So that would be a good idea only if you want to see her hacking 10 times at Littlefinger's neck while he is bleeding and screaming, until she manages to cut his head off. You need some skill to hack someone's head in one single swoop. Theon had training at swords, but he still did a terrible job of trying to cut the head of Rodrik Cassel in the show/Farlen the kennelmaster in the books. (Even Robb in the books didn't manage to execute Rickard Karstark with one blow. Only Jon managed to do it aa efficiently as Ned, when he executed Janos Slynt.)
  22. "You don't have to be so rude to people who believe the Earth is flat! Viewpoints other than yours may be valid!"
  23. Or Howland Reed is the one to blame - if he hadn't been at the Tourney at Harrenhal, Lyanna would have never been the Knight of the Laughing Tree, and wouldn't have met Rhaegar and gotten close to him. Or Rickard and mama Stark started it all by conceiving Brandon. If they hadn't, Ned would have been the eldest brother and, not being a hothead, would have never gone to King's Landing to challenge Rhaegar. Or it's all the fault of Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys - if they hadn't conquered Westeros and established the Targaryen royal dynasty, none of it would have happened. Yes, that's how freaking dumb all those rationalizations are. Aerys was the one to blame for the rebellion, and Jon Arryn started it. That's the fact. I can't believe the amount of nonsense people are posting here just to try to justify an idiotic line from the show. Oh and BTW, there's no reason to think Brandon wouldn't have reacted the same way if he thought Lyanna had gone willingly. We don't even know what he thought. Patriarchal dudes from a feudal society aren't known to appreciate the sexual agency of the womenfolk from their family and to be OK with them going against their father's decisions who they would marry.
  24. That doesn't make sense. If he had picked it up in a different timeline, he wouldn't remember it. He only remembers the things that have happened to him in this lifetime - i.e. the future, and the few hours he'a spent in 2018. It is familiar to him because it was his grandma's ring.
  25. Connor and his men (and Byrnes also, I guess) at this point seem to be the villains of the show just as much as the serial killer.