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  1. Well you are probably right there. Dany is is all on everyone bending the knee. I do see, if we ever see Edmure, that he would bend the knee. He will know it beats being a prisoner of the Lannisters.
  2. I was speaking of grey worm when freeing Edmure if he is still there. If you know the unsullied they would free the enemies prisoners and asked them if they would want join their cause. And intergate them of course. But Dany is breaker of chains. That is what the unsullied understand. Every city Dany took she freed the slaves/prisoners, and gave them an option to stay or go free. If Dany set things up differently for westeros, then it was off screen.
  3. She is going to stab mel with the dagger too. With killing Mel, it will put magic into her dagger. From what Mel says the fire is within her. Just an idea of how to make her Valriyan dagger more special. If that was to happen, it would be next season with Mel going to volantis this season. Also, with Mel and Arya's interaction before. Mel says to Arya we will meet agian.
  4. I am excited to see the interaction as well. Jon has seen many strange creatures beyond the wall. So Jon is probably intrigued with the dragon. After all Jon does have some blood of the dragon in him. With Dany bonding with Jon, so may her dragon. As Tyrion did with the dragons. He was more intrigued then scared at first when he released them.
  5. I would say he freed them if Edmure is still there. As Dany does not harm those not involved. Well prisoners for sure. She is known as breaker of chains. It is possible Jaime left the prisoners there when it is known Casterly Rock has never been taken. So Jaime left enough men there to hold it.
  6. I agree. I loved it. I really like both characters. She wants to practice with someone who beat the hound. I think it will benefit them both. As they learn to fight someone of different size and capabilities. Brienne has not had to fight in a while, so this is good for her to stay sharp on her fighting skills.
  7. He tells this to Sansa because he knows she no longer trusts him, and does not want her to trust her family. It is a last attempt to put awful thoughts in Sansa's head to keep the games going. Creating Chaos in the north. Trying to make Sansa question everyone around her in her mind and their motives. Sansa is a mentally strong character. Has learned to play the game to survive. Has allowed littlefinger to manipulate her and has joined being a part of his manipulations unknowingly, and sometimes knowingly. Like getting married to the Bolton. If she falls for this, it will be hard for her to really bond with her family. Maybe when littlefinger is killed she will be made the protector of the Vale. This will give her a powerful position, and they can keep the Vale fighting for the north. But the chosen one of the protector of the Vale will go to Yohn Royce. Who will still fight for the north.
  8. Well said. Some people don't understand body language. When watching a show. Body language means a lot. It is a way of letting us viewers know things without being said. If you watch littlefingers facial expressions same with Sansa. It says a lot. The disappointment look on her face when Jon was named KITN, and then when Jon left her in control of winterfell. You could see the joy on her face. The looks Sansa and littlefinger shared with both scenes are telling that littlefinger is trying to prove a point to Sansa. Then Sansa gives him that look to prove a point. Sansa always thrived for power and then just wanted to be back home and have her simple life back. But now she is home, her thrist for power has kicked back in. I hope she uses her manipulation power to help her family and the North. Now that Bran has passed up being Lord of Winterfell. She is next in line for Winterfell. Well with Arya there at Winterfell now, she will be the one to check Sansa when she gets out of line.
  9. I like this thoery. I agree the hero to kill the night king will be somebody unexpected like Arya. She just proved she is a major fighter and possibly the best.
  10. It could be just the night's king army. The others all seem to have beards but the night king. I think you have to stab the night king in the heart with dragon steel with a dragonglass pommel that draws the magic from the night king back into the dragonglass. As the childern did with the dragonglass.
  11. Thanks. It has been bothering me about where this blade could have come from. So I got to thinking about all the valryian steel and which if any it could be. We know the orginal " Ice" was lost over time and no explanation about where it went. Thing is Aegon and Visenya their blades did not have dragonglass on it. I believe they were rubies.
  12. This link will explain a possibility that Bran can have visions of the future. As Jojen had visions of future events including his own death. Bran can see the future. It is something that his is still learning. Three eyed Raven knew Bran would be the next to take his place, because he also could see the future and manipulate Brans mind in his dreams, as he did with Jojen. Who was used as a tool to get Bran to the Three eyed raven.
  13. Well she is good at keeping secrets. Maybe this last time she learned when she did not tell Jon about her and liitlefinger bringing the Vale army to help. Jon knowing could have helped out a lot. Gave them time to plan how and when to attack. He almost died while Sansa sat back with her own plan like We are saving Winterfell. Instead the two armies together at once would have been better odds for survival. Jon almost died. I know you always have that chance when at war. I am very shocked he didn't die. But super happy he is alive. So Jon not really thanking littlefinger I can understand why. Littlefinger was really hoping he would die.
  14. Thanks! Great to know. So there were dragons once and dragonglass that they childern had access to before they made the pact with men.
  15. I got to thinking and could this be the original blade(dagger)(They did not keep written history 8,0000 years ago) called "Ice"the first one before the newer one called Ice. And is actually lightbringer. Valriyan steel with frozen fire for hilt or pommel. Could it have been used to kill the Night king? Considering I think it takes lightbringer to kill him. In Brans fash back with the weirwood. When the childern(leaf killed a man with dragonglass) and turned him into an other.(Night king) So maybe it takes a dagger of Valryian steel with the hilt or pommnel to kill the Night king. And that is how it got the name "Ice" after that. Considering they shatter like ice. In an interview Gorege rr Martin says the actual term is Night kings. As they(someone?)can make new Night kings.