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  1. Come out, Bella! Admit you are reading the forums and that's why you called her Sandra on purpose
  2. Humanity is doomed. Hot Pie did say he's a survivor. Foreshadowing that he will outlive all humankind
  3. Thanks for replies. What I meant with my question was, if you all thought there was another meaning besides the obvious one. If he is getting used to the idea of letting King of The North keep The North. She is also a political figure afterall.
  4. I guess Jon is too busy brooding, though. To coin the wise words of Calvin: "Girls! YUCK!"
  5. I have been wondering what that means. Does she mean that she is getting used to having Jon around, or is she getting used to the idea that there is a King in The North. If it is the latter or even both, it is a pretty big thing.
  6. Lord Royce is actually very competent, iirc, but it has been so long since I read them.
  7. Nice thread. I think Cersei will live, contrary to pretty much everyone else it seems. Heroes and antiheroes and dragons and Ghost etc. will save humanity and die left and right in the process. But afterwards before the Spring is here, Cersei will betray what remains of them - in the show this will in my opinion surely include Jon and Dany, damaged but not broken and madly in love; ready to move on when Cersei offs with them, to secure the Iron throne for herself, once and for all. That is what I thought, when I read bittersweet way back when. Humanity survives to suffer more. Cersei survives, everyone else dies except maybe Qyburn who is of course right there to actually make things happen for Team C in The End.
  8. You are confusing Red Keep with Kings Landing. As for your other replies such as the difficulties of smuggling 200 Dothraki in etc. - all a lot easier than the plan they are implementing as well as taking a lot less time. It is a dumb plot twist and one that is done for fan service to get our heroes together as well as an easy and cheap way to get rid of some of those characters. Narrative logic - nowhere to be seen.
  9. The trip North takes a long time, if we are to believe there is no teleporters and it is just timeline vs. the scenes thing. By the time they are back, if they are back, and if Jon lives and they get the wight to Cersei - North could be the biggest ice cube in the history of Planetos. Dany had several options, all better than this further stupidity from her Hand. Take Kings Landing as everyone agrees is easy for her (some ash is better than all ice everywhere) dracarys Cersei, take all the troops from Seven Five Kingdomns and go North with Jon. Or just simply fly to Kings landing, meet with the Dothraki strike team that would apparently be easy to get in and out of Red Keep, in the throne room and dracarys Cersei. Sent two hundred dothraki to kill Cersei using the mentioned tunnels. Etc. Cersei need not live! Of course, Lena Headey needs to stay in the show, so - to coin Jaime - here we are. If it is from GRRM or not, it is idiotic to begin with. To send the King in the North in the expedition is just comic book idiotic. "Wildlings would not follow them.." what the two of them in the expedition? Oh it would surely fail, then..
  10. I don't think I can do this in this space. However, in short, I think they should have cut more and be more careful with the pacing. Many nations like Dorne could have easily been "in" the series as topics in dialoque. The main difference I think is to be more faithful with the characters. Although, to be fair, Ser Jorah for example is far better in the show, much because Iain Glenn and not writing - but still. I think what I hate most is Jaime not having his arc. I really like where he is going with the books. Amazingly interesting character. Also Arya's misadventures were for the most part boring as f. Not that I don't like Arya, on the contrary, but watching her sweeping floors and selling oysters for what seemed like 12 seasons.. ugh.
  11. Cersei will kill the loverbirds once their (Dany's) armies and dragons are done defeating NK just barely and with many (all the rest) of our favourite characters giving their lives in the process; all but spent with a just a moment of rest Cersei betrays their truce and BÄNG. Then she will kill Drogon and we will be presented with the credits. Humanity survives the long night, but humanity also screws itself over. As we always do Book it. Ramsay, Euron, Cersei and NK would be the videogame progression and thus the least likely.
  12. This is true and for a good reason, because she is actually one of the very good actors they have left in the show. It is of course a great great shame plot wise; and Dany should have just said (sent a ravens to her and some agents on the streets on ep1 at the latest) saying: Look, b*tch, you have 48 hours to leave KL for Casterly Rock and give up the Crown. If you happen to still be there at the time, I will melt the Red Keep. GLHF, D. Game Over. But they need Lena Headey and the other good actors whose characters they have not killed.
  13. Robert's claim was that of conquest. If the former royal line continued or not is irrelevant to that. I don't think Jon will care for his claim. Besides, the loverbirds will be married anyway by then, by the looks of it. So it does not matter. It looked like the Lords of the North and Vale were quite ready to accept Sansa already as the Lady of Winterfell. As far as we have seen, King Jon First of his name will have no more objections than Queen Daenarys of too many titles will.
  14. I can't remember a worse episode, I don't there ever was one even close as bad. What a let down from ep4. Some things were right down stupid by any tv-standards. And this is The Show. Terrible.
  15. It is colossally stupid on so many levels. Did someone already mention that obviously The (damn) King in the North is absolutely needed in this seven man strike team? My god, this is a high school level writing.