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  1. Recommendations for two weeks in Japan

    Tokyo national museum is interesting, I spent 2 days there. Also, if you're into Japanese history and weapons, the Japan Sword Museum is in Tokyo as well. Opportunity to see many swords from famous makers, going back many centuries.
  2. They'll be looking for a lot more than a few seasons IMO. Also, the negatives to the Rebellion is having to get all new cast just after the current series end, replacing known and adored characters with mostly new people (due to age, example, look how much NCW playing Jaime has aged since 2010 when they filmed the first episodes/reshoots). There is also little room for "magic", and no dragons, a creature/concept sort of vital to the TV end of GOT, again, just IMO. That's why I'd guess it will be either the conquest, or perhaps the Dance. I do agree though that the rebellion would provide some great potential, telling that story on screen would be something I'd love to see. Again though, I think they would reject it just based on having to change out so many known, and most importantly recently known, actors for almost all of the characters. The show got away with it with Ned and some others being recast younger in the flashbacks, due to it being closer to a decade than not since he was seen on screen in that role. It wouldn't work with others like Jaime, Cercei, Tyrion (obviously), Baelish, etc...
  3. Reported that GRRM has stated that the GoT related thing he's working on with HBO is NOT either a Dunk/Egg or 9PK series, sooooo...I wonder what it'll be? Aegon's original conquest maybe, or perhaps Bob's Bellion now? Original Dance?
  4. Just finished the first episode of season 2. I noticed that the thumbnail for Last Kingdom on US region Netflix doesn't have the new graphics, nor the "New episodes coming weekly" infographics at the bottom of the thumbnail for the show in the Netflix page like Canada has right now. Maybe it isn't coming out for a while in the USA.... Enjoyed that part as well. "Uhtred, that borders on blasphemy".
  5. Snatch: the tv show

    Just finished first ep, I'm in for the rest now. I will say not being British, understanding WTF the characters are saying without subtitles can be a challenge.
  6. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    We're truly living in the golden age of TV - so many fantastic series, who would have thought just back in 2010 that Netflix would be producing so many great products, but HBO and other networks are proving up to the task too. SyFy with The Expanse, and now this program - Legion has completely blown me away, I've been waiting a while for something like this. A friend of a friend, Youtuber (Peter Chow/David Tong) from up here in Vancouver had one of his first notable TV rolls in this new show. I never thought I'd reach a place where, even being on disability and having limitless free time - I wouldn't have time to watch all the great new programs that I wish to. I'm literally playing catchup constantly, so many series I need to watch, example, we binged "Girls" right up to this week's episode, and still have dozens left to see. Speaking of Blacksails, just finished season 1, and started 2 tonight, Master and Commander being a top 5 film for me, I have no idea why I've waited so long, loving all things nautical from the age of sail. Legion I'll be making time for, continually. Really makes me hopeful too for more future projects in these characters' universe.
  7. BOOO. The icon for the program on Netflix just changed at 1AM on the 16th, the day it's advertised to release - it's the same as other Netflix shows that run concurrently with TV released episodes weekly, the icon box now says "New Episodes Weekly", it's identical to the icon/thumbnail for "Designated Survivor". No new episode yet either, I imagine it won't be available until tonight, close to or after the time it's released live on TV. Again, BOOOOO.
  8. I'm not in the US, and Canada's Netflix region specifically has advertised it - I use VPNs to watch Netflix in all regions, they cracked down on a few, but I have 2 VPNs that have access to every Netflix region/servers, and have servers that haven't been found yet by the anti-VPN teams at Netflix. When I logged into Canada's Netflix a couple days ago it had a large top of site advertisement for Last Kingdom Season 2, just no other info than the start date. Netflix Canada also has the trailer for Season 2 as the first item under the little bell/what's new button in the top right of the Netflix control panel/website controls. It 100% is coming out tomorrow in various Netflix regions, that isn't speculation, it's fact, otherwise Netflix wouldn't be advertising it in the number 1 spot on their homepage in 4 different regions I just checked. I suppose at 1am I'll know if it's the first episode only or the entire season.
  9. That stupid president/WH show with Kiefer Sutherland is week to week on Netflix in various regions/countries where it airs, and I've seen other programs that are the same, and follow the TV scheduled release dates (booo).
  10. Anyone know if they are releasing the entire series "Netflix style" - on or if they are going to be releasing the 2nd season one episode at a time? Really looking forward to this in a couple days, very much enjoyed the first season, and have watched it several times now.
  11. Bladerunner 2

    I feel much the same, when I first heard about this sequel/reboot/whatever, I swore I wouldn't allow myself to like it. Now that I've seen a bit of the previews and read some more about the production, I'm starting to come around.
  12. Daylight savings time sucks spring 2017!!!

    Have to say I agree with the OP. So many strange happenings on spring forward/fall back days over the years. The only positive thing I have to say about "living in the middle", states/provinces in the Central USA/Canada region, has been that the clocks don't move forward or backwards.
  13. I thought the actress who played Draper did a great job this episode, other than that, it was just a filler as others stated, at least for me. Interesting thought still. Corvinus, agree, nice job, describes how centripetal forces work on docked spacecraft on a station constructed in that manner.
  14. (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    Agree Antony, great, intensive ending. I will say however - This season is going to be great, they've got several interesting arcs from the end of last season which they're developing already, that I'm already contemplating the possible results. There is also a very new arc (their cliche Pilot/Attendant personas and that mission, while mysterious still, was well built so far).
  15. Political power and arms

    You realize that Canada has over 13 million firearms, and in most cities every 2nd home have at least one firearm according to RCMP/Firearms center statistics...Canada is nearly as well armed as the USA, just with more restrictions, but there are still hundreds of thousands of magazine fed semi auto rifles, and millions of handguns in Canadian hands. Do Canadian gun control laws and initiatives make you feel any safer? (Hint, they shouldn't). Banning certain types and having magazine restrictions has been shown to have little effect on reducing firearms violence. I give you Chicago as a perfect example, all kinds of restrictions, yet 4000 shootings per year, and nearly 1/5 of these fatalities (you're 80% likely to survive a pistol gunshot in the USA statistically due to modern medical capabilities, and how quickly EMS can get you to them). There are many other examples I can use. If there ever was a civil war in the USA, it would be extremely ugly, due to the extremely high rates of firearms ownership, and also the high rates of training and capability among the civilian population. Hundreds of thousands of veterans that have fought in the wars of the last 15 years, and hundreds of excellent shooting/fighting schools are out there who pass what they've learned on to civilians. Check out any of the large shooting schools, they are always booked years in advance, thousands of civilians learning to fight with firearms...millions in fact most likely. I fought against insurgents in 2 countries, and I can tell you that just a few hundred scattered here and there, with a fraction of the resources that millions of Americans have in terms of logistics - primarily weapons and ammunition - caused American and Allied forces a lot of grief, for a very, very long time. Guys with nothing compared to the training, experience, and capabilities that millions of Americans have, were able to make life pretty miserable for our team. As for the OP's question, I do think that the US people bearing arms has some effect on the landscape still, however I find it unlikely that the people will ever "rise up" regardless of anything our governments do. A government would have to do some pretty crazy things to push people to that edge, and I don't think either side/party will ever cross that line.
  16. Deep Space Nine Watch/Re-watch (No spoilers)

    I've read varying reports about TNG BD sales, Werthead probably has the most accurate info, he's a repository of Trek info. The last bit I read was that the TOS BD sales were disappointing, which I find...disappointing, considering how excellent they were. There are some Netflix regions(countries) that stream TNG in the "new" versions, in the Super HD bitstreams on those Netflix regions, TNG looks absolutely fantastic streamed.
  17. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    Agreed regarding the child actors, where are these kids coming from? Must be some Julliard for 6 year olds around I haven't heard of, truly incredible talents. I've seen Logan twice now, something I rarely do for films while they are in the theater. It's the best super hero/comic film yet made IMO, Patrick Stewart was incredible, he just keeps getting better, and he was great back in Excalibur and on stage 30 years ago.
  18. Another excellent episode, some of the brief models in orbit around Ganymede were absolutely fantastic to go back and look at on pause. I thought they did a great job with the Epstein drive story, and how they incorporated it into a new narrative style that hasn't shown up in the production yet (IIRC). Amos had some great moments, particularly the last scene with the confrontation over the flag, and his last reaction shot was so well done. The show continues to impress, it does so many things perfectly, and seems to bring something new almost every episode. Just slightly disappointed they didn't show the surface fight as per the first sequence of Novel #2/Caliban's, but despite that the sequence showing the results was excellent. It's killing me not being able to binge the entire season.
  19. Deep Space Nine Watch/Re-watch (No spoilers)

    Shame that the DS9 BluRays didn't happen, or at least haven't happened yet. The documentary looks interesting. I wonder what has happened with Avery Brooks, I remember some of the interviews he did regarding his direction of the "Stars" episode, and how frank, articulate, and engaging he was - my favorite actor in the series, and he seemed everything I would have hoped he would be in reality. Then "The Captains", and some other recent public speaking events - wth, is he on the drugs or something now? Seems very unbalanced, scattered, and somewhat crazy. Damn shame, whatever is going on, I hate to disparage him in any way, especially since I suppose it could be some sort of mental illness. It's great to see Shankar move on to such a great product as "The Expanse", not since DS9 has a sci fi production captured my attention so much. I find myself thinking about Expanse when my mind is drifting throughout the day, much like it did 20 years ago now with DS9. Considering DS9 wasn't shot in widescreen or HD, anyone know the associated costs with making BluRay content with shows like that from the same era? I know Stargate Atlantis was probably shot in a manner which makes it simpler and/or cheaper to produce BR, but it sure is frustrating to see it available in BR and DS9 not. I guess Stargate SG1 isn't available either in BR, another series I'd love to add to our 400 disc BR changer unit.
  20. Sopranos- so awesome

    Hah, Paulie has some hilarious scenes. When Chris tosses little Paulie out of the window, and Paulie flips out and takes his Cadillac to Chris' front yard - yet the best has to be when Tony stops by and sees his painting of PieohMy retouched with the General's uniform up on Paulie's mantel. Still gets laughs, every time.
  21. Beautiful is a great way to describe this week`s episode. This season has surpassed even the excellent first season so far IMO. I currently am flying with a lot of 45 to 60 year old guys, and every single one of them is hooked on this superb show. Hugos, Saturns...deserved for sure this year, but if The Expanse doesn't get a lot of Emmy nods, I'm throwing a rock through my TV at the award nominations. SyFy and all involved in the production so far have hit this so far out of the park, it's as though the ball isn't being affected by Earth gravity, fitting for this show and its themes. That actress playing Drummer/composite, Cara Gee, has been outstanding too, she's a fellow Canuck, and her spin on the Belter language and accent has been fantastic. Apparently the authors of the books are big fans of her in season 2 as well. I've always liked Jane's work, the Punisher is a cult favorite of mine, and his work on HBO was great, but this was truly something special, especially his short arc on season 2. I'll be thinking about him and this episode for a long time. The previews for the rest of the season look fantastic too, the throttle is getting pushed right to the floor for the remaining episodes this year from the looks of things. That's an interesting point, considering how great the CGI has been, and how much of it we've been shown so far (especially the 1st and most recent episode), it's easy to be concerned about the budget. The previews of ep 6 though look like they have a fair bit of effects, I guess we'll have to see. Great effects so far though, their modelling in space of everything from ships to smaller weapons, and even the point defense guns, has been the best I've seen. So many superlatives in this series, every single person I've spoken to that is watching it can't get enough, I've yet to hear one person poo-poo it so far. As an aside, I've got a 1:500 scale 3d printed model of the Rocinante coming, and will airbrush it to the correct MCRN colors I think. It's the first model out I've found so far -
  22. Sopranos- so awesome

    Wow, so many things coming back reading this thread - Sopranos Home Movies is one of those great episodes that doesn't get all that much attention, and I agree about the ending - such a beautiful scene and perfectly scored. Poor Bobby. My father had a Chris Craft boat as well, a 1957 19" Capri that had a 180HP motor in it, very similar but older than the one Bobby has, so that episode is always special for me because of that, hearing the familiar sound of that motor as Tony and Bobby head out fishing. Hah, the point about Jr spoiling Carmela's father's 75th, the best part of that whole sequence is Carmela's reaction, Falco hit it right out of the park and into the parking lot with that one, I still burst out laughing every time. The writer(s) go far out of their way to make the case that textbook sociopaths are able to feel love and empathy only really for animals and children. At least a couple dozen times through the series Tony makes references to "poor little babies", and of course it's shown how disappointed he is that his daughter gives up on being a pediatrician, helping those little babies, to become a lawyer. The episode where Meadow tells Tony that it was how she saw the FBI treat him all those years which convinced her to become a lawyer instead - his face says it all there, great acting by Gandolfini. Regarding the ending, I initially hated it as well, but over the years it has grown a bit on me. The guy with the "members only" lame jacket, that brand that so many made guys wore, and the various times it was pointed out or ridiculed in the show, I think it was inserted into that final scene to give Tony's character a coin flip between going out with a bang, or facing life in prison due to the coming indictments, and to let the viewer simmer over it forever. Cheap shot by the creators in a way, but again, over the years, I've made peace with that. I too felt AJ played a very feckless character well in his later years, and although he seemed like a bit of a place holder at times, there were flashes of pure brilliance, after the bumbling attempt he made on Jr, and his scene with Tony in the police station parking lot, plus a few others in the final seasons.
  23. Fave moment in AFFC?

    My favorite part of AFFC was when it ended.
  24. Sopranos- so awesome

    Fortunate Son and Full Leather Jacket are favorites of mine, my list is otherwise similar to Nictarions. As for great lines - "How about Gloria Trillo...she still...hangin around?". That always gets a laugh due to Gandolfini's delivery and face.
  25. SpaceX--Spacecraft, rockets, and Mars

    SpaceChampion, I was thinking much the same thing watching them stick the landing, again, with the 1st stage. It's incredible what mankind has been able to do, and the future is going to be a fascinating thing so far as space exploration goes. I wonder what those who first created rocket science, circa mostly German scientists in the 40s and then into the US/Russian programs of the 50s and 60s, Apollo etc, would think watching a rocket return to earth so accurately and then on top of that, land vertically into much the same position it was in when it launched. Until we create materials strong enough to sustain a cable which we can build a space elevator with, IMO reusable rockets is going to be the future, that and perhaps smaller lifting rockets lofted by airborne aircraft for smaller payloads and sats. Truly great what EM has done, considering all that he has had a hand in creating for this world, be it car tech, space tech, IT/online, and so on. SpaceX and others like it are doing a fantastic job.