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  1. The first thread is full, I've not done this before, but so far as I understand it anyone can begin a new thread on a continuing subject, at least I hope so. Episode 3 tonight - after pondering the first 2 episodes, after a good 3 re watches per ep, I've decided I'm going to enjoy this new Trek. I'm actually in the stages of becoming a bit smitten. Yes, I believe I could fall into deep smitt. There are some pretty solid performances going on here, it's undeniably beautiful to look at, but where a lot of fans are seeing a lack of depth - among an infinite number of other issues, many of which I can identify with too - for me the experience has been a gradual improvement every episode. Many liked the first, and hated the second, for me I felt they were relatively equal, but this third episode IMO was the best of the three so far. It had elements of some older Trek series like TNG/DS9, and we've finally been given a look at the external and internal Discovery ship in a bit more detail. I'm picking up what they're puttin down. Also, Rekha Sharma is a great actress from here in Canada, formerly of BSG, and I really loved her scenes in this third episode, and am looking forward to see how they develop her as a high ranking (Commander?!) security chief in future eps. I also love Jason Isaacs, another British actor like Sean Bean whom I'll always make time to watch anything they're involved in. Great casting decision here, could be a great "Captain" even though the vibe I'm getting (obviously, right) is that the Captain isn't going to be the primary protagonist, at least not for a while. Yes, I realize this is obvious since we're already on Captain numéro deux already.
  2. SpaceChampion, what are your thoughts on the electron rocket that launched out of New Zealand yesterday? Pretty impressive, there are many other companies, not just SpaceX in this game now, which is great IMO. Obviously SpaceX is the largest and most advanced, but the more companies we have getting into civilian space markets, the better it'll be for all.
  3. If you look at the map of Iraq, and how both wars went...they were completely separate actions, yet covered much of the same territory. Iraq had 12 years to rebuild and redeploy their forces after all prior to 2003. GW2/2003 certainly wasn't some sort of continuation of the first Gulf War, some situation where Iraq held positions that weren't taken in 91 that were objectives in 2003 - no, in GW1/91, Iraq was completely defeated, it was the Allies decision to stop the advance and call it a win, and declare that the objectives were met, which they were. 2003 turned into a drawn out affair due to it becoming an insurgency/police action - again, the military objectives were met extremely quickly, and Iraq's military that was in the field, such as it was, was rapidly defeated and mostly destroyed, again, in just a matter of days, not even months. Finding/not finding WMD has no bearing at all on the statement made, which is whether or not "quick" wars are a fallacy, which, obviously with both GW examples, they aren't. I could use the Falklands war, or the 67 war between Israel and Jordan/Egypt/Syria/Iraq as examples of pretty abrupt wars as well. All I'm saying is that it isn't uncommon for wars/actions to end far more quickly than projected either. I don't disagree that many wars take far longer than projected by those who start them - tons of examples supporting this, when Germany attacked Russia in 41/Barbarossa, a famous quote from a well known German general was "at last, a proper war", as if it would be some simple cake walk. Initially it likely seemed so, I'm sure, what with Germany destroying over 1500 Russia aircraft in the first day, and over 5000 in the first month, giving them complete air supremacy, while their mechanized forces performed nearly as well. 4 years later, a tad bit longer than projected, Russian troops pulled down the Nazi flags in downtown Berlin.
  4. I lived in Hong Kong in 1996, the year before it was handed "back" to mainland China. There were similar attitudes there, even among many of my friends, regarding HK and returning to the "wonderful" PRC. Heh, most of them there I'm still in contact with don't feel the same way anymore, and I don't blame them, after all the rights that have been stripped away in HK by the central government of the PRC.
  5. I can think of a 1/2 dozen examples off the top of my head where the reverse was true. The least of which was Desert Storm/Gulf War1 circa 1991. CNN and many other media outlets of the day predicted tens of thousands of Allied casualties, and a war that would drag on for years like Vietnam did. The actual ground war was measured in hours, not days, after a couple weeks of an air campaign which demolished Hussein's so called "battle hardened" military and infrastructure.
  6. Werthead, have you watched season 4 of Rebels yet? It's not over yet, 3 eps or so left in 2018, I'd be interested to hear/read your opinion on it once you do, as I have really enjoyed Rebels season 1-3. Not sure if it's been said, has anyone noticed that Kylo's lightsaber when Luke was about to strike him down while asleep, is obviously the saber he used to build his new red crystal "dark" saber, just with a new paintjob and some side vents added? The shaft and the base are identical when you look at both of them.
  7. Agreed completely. It was such a different time, as you said, the interest rates were sky high, and that left a lot of room to drop them, where as now, not so much. Also, the whole capital forming effects of the rapid build up of the military to counter/end the Soviets, particularly the Navy, which had 600 fighting ships or near enough, literally 2x what the USN has now, and in effect nearly 3x if you go by the number of ships and naval aircraft that are actually capable of fighting right now. Notice how Trump has latched on to that, frequently boasting of rebuilding the US Navy to a "500 ship navy". Probably one of the most outrageous things (fiscally at least) he's flapped his gums about IMO. While I feel his wife would have been an even greater disaster than Trump, if that's even possible, I think that Bill Clinton was the best President the USA's had since the second world war ended. Certainly the best in my lifetime, hands down. It's a shame he was politically limited over getting a blow job or two (or a thousand, who cares), and couldn't have done even more in the latter part of his administration. About the only saving grace IMO of having had Hilary win would be that Bill would be back in the WH too, that's how I feel about it anyway.
  8. For me my #1 is Clash of Kings, the Davos chapters in particular - his and Tyrion's chapter during the battle for Blackwater Bay are probably the best battle scenes written in fantasy, ever, IMO. The rest, it's 5/6 and pick em, very close, and it changes every time I re read them. I'm in the middle of AFFC, and having a new appreciation for it, particularly the Cersei chapters, which are hilarious this time around for some reason.
  9. Pretty volatile day. I did very well in BC, sold out when it hit about $8500 USD or around $12k CDN. I had purchased a lot back years ago, used some, kept some, bought some more...did very well in fact. Even though I took a haircut selling part of my investment for liquidity/cash with a local place in Toronto that offers such, and is one of the larger online brokers. I wish we had stuck it out a bit longer, I could have made another 80% had I been a bit more patient, however, after today, I really feel a bit better about our decision to bail when we did, heh. As per above posts, several exchanges shut down due to the volatility/etc, I'm glad I'm not eating that stress today.
  10. I like Rosie, but she screwed up big time here IMO. Unless she can prove her Twitter account was hacked or it was someone else using it, she's plainly broken the bribery laws of the USA. Considering how much Trump and her have clashed in the past, I'm sure she'll get special attention regarding this. Why didn't she just offer to fund these senators future campaigns, or donate the $ legally in some way, which is done ALL the time, instead of outright offering to bribe them both. Rosie probably didin't realize she was breaking the law, however ignorance of the law rarely is a defense that succeeds. I understand her motivations, but wow. Plus, she must have some serious $$$ to be able to throw 4 million around so casually, which in itself says something which the right will use to attack her.
  11. Regarding Yoda and the ever changing and confusing Jedi "rules". In one film, Yoda goes on about not having attachments, and when a Jedi loses someone close "miss them do not". Yet the second line he says to look is that "miss you I have, young Skywalker". Ok, so do you miss people, or don't you? This is just one example where the writing and the "rules" are extremely contradictory, even hypocritical. The film is doing some big $, I think we can expect all the new SW films to do pretty well, which at the very least means we'll all continue to see more content, the bad with the good. I hope once Rebels is over they come out with either a new animated show, of a more adult nature, OR that the new planned live action TV show ends up being something great. I've really enjoyed Rebels, far more than the Clone Wars, although I did like that as well. Well said, even the preview for the Ozymandias, with Walter reciting the poem by Shelley, made the hair on my neck stand up. Rian Johnson famously said that this episode, in fact all of BB, was a catharsis. I wonder if he feels at all similarly regarding SW. It's pretty important IMO, as he has the reigns for 3 of the next trilogy SW films... Regarding Ezra Bridger's age, I stand corrected, further investigation in a Reddit thread on the subject proves that he is 1 day older than Luke, and would have been 19 at the Battle of Yavin, same as Luke, not 14 as another source I read claimed. Still, I'd have preferred they put HIM in the film instead of "DJ", or perhaps even Rose, although the actress did a good job I felt with what she had to work with. Doesn't bode well for Ezra surviving Rebels, although it being a kids show first and foremost, killing the teenage child hero off will be something surprising from Disney, at least for me, in a good way, should they choose to do it.
  12. He's 5 years younger, I checked again, you can Google it too if you like. Season 4 Ezra is stated as being 14 years old, and Season 4 is 1 year before the Battle of Yavin. Luke Skywalker is stated in current canon to be 19. So, very close, in later years, but again, TFA is stated as being 30 years after Yavin, which would make Luke 49. Del Toro being 50, all I'm saying, is that his age wouldn't have been out there at all for playing a 44 year old Ezra, actors to +/- double digits all the time, much less just 5 years. I agree, I wish he hadn't existed in the film in many ways, and feel that it would have been better FOR them to go the Ezra route, than just some code breaker/thief character that didn't do much of anything.
  13. The time frame of Rebels is just shortly before the battle of Yavin IIRC, season 4 being a single year before that. That'd make Ezra 14 or so, and Luke in his early 20s, say 5 or 6 years older than Ezra. Del Toro is 50, Mark Hamill what, 65 or so? I don't think it's that big of a stretch, remove the 5/6 year difference between Ezra and Luke's character, Del Toro only needs to pass for late 50s to be believable as Ezra Bridger. In fact TFA was stated in canon as being 30 years after the battle of Yavin, that'd make Luke a fair bit younger than Mark Hamill is IRL, at least 10 years. That makes Del Toro almost exactly the right age to have been Bridger.
  14. I thought they could have done so much more with him too. I'll wager his character will be in the next film, some sort of redemption/save the day arc. I'd thought there was a good chance he would be from the Rebels animated series, an older version of Ezra Bridger. That not being the case, I do wonder now if Ezra will survive the end of his series, only 3 or 4 episodes left due to air in the next couple/few months sometime.
  15. I did as well, but he's already confirmed that it's not KOTOR based. Sucks. Ep 4 was the first film i remember seeing with my father, just glimpses of memory, but I vividly remember going to see Ep5/TESB with 2 uncles, and I also remember that it wasn't all that well received at first as well. Time will tell on this one I guess.
  16. You had to be watching closely, the kid outside with the broom summoned it about 2 feet to his hand using the force.
  17. Great thread, well done all. My degree is History, and I continue to enjoy reading and studying all forms of it today. When Marco Polo came out on Netflix a couple years ago, I became fascinated with the Mongols, Kublai and the other Khans, and listened to a lot of Carlin and read a lot. I've been on a Roman Empire kick lately, from the late Roman Republic times of Julius Caesar until the fall of the empire some 4 centuries + later. Adrian Goldsworthy has written some fantastic stuff in this regard, highly, highly recommend any of his books on Rome and the Roman army. As stated, Carlin's info regarding the Galic wars under Caesar - fantastic, I could listen for days and never grow tired or disinterested. Still, IMO Caesar and his legions showed their true steel backbones during the civil war, particularly at Pharsalus where they were so outnumbered and starving, yet still prevailed due to their experience, espirit de corps, and some timely decisions made by the Centurions. Antony and the third line being deployed using their typically thrown javelin/Pilum weapons as hand held spears vs enemy cavalry as well. Such an interesting battle, a shame we only have Caeser's account of it. Secret History is on my to do list during Xmas, I'll post back after finishing it. Just a quick tidbit, found this diorama of a complete Roman Legion, every century, cohort, and attached units present. Great look at what a single legion looked like, any fan of Roman history could spend hours looking at these pi tures IMO. I try to imagine what battles of the period must have looked like, particularly Phillipi, where there could have been as many as a quarter million men and dozens of legions on the field those days. I've seen our RCMP musical ride do charges here, the thundering of just a few dozen horses is impressive, what it must have been like with tens of thousands of cavalry charging in such a small area...
  18. Agreed, my father and his brother own 10 sections of land and one of the largest farming/seed farming operations in Western Canada. I've not heard anything about this, and neither has he, and more grain is grown per acre here than pretty much anywhere else on the planet. Regarding drought starting the civil war in Syria - that's a tough pill to swallow. More like Obama having tasked various intel agencies with pulling the same regime change stunt a la "Arab Spring" that was pulled in oh, Libya, Egypt, etc. The trouble is Assad was far too strong for that to work as it did in other Arab nations. You can argue this if you like, I worked with several x-intel agency employees at 2 different private military companies who had been directly tasked for operations in Syria to this effect. Drought = .0005 %, Obama's administration, 99.9995 % responsible for what happened in Syria. I do agree that there are calamities likely coming, those wishing to impose a one world government and new order will ensure it. Climate change could play a part, but IMO it'll be far more likely that politics and useless leaders such as Trump et al will ensure enough mistakes happen to push us all over the brink.
  19. 4 Episodes in, I'm really enjoying this. After being disappointed by Longmire, and somewhat by the Punisher as well (extremely unrealistic, even with belief highly suspended, it still was just...ridiculous in many ways, and I had been hoping for SO much more), this new "Godless" has renewed my faith in the Netflix Gods. I hope it continues to improve, every episode has sucked me deeper in. I'm a sucker for Westerns, having been an extra in "Legends of the Fall", as well as having been around many Western productions in and around Calgary, as I was friendly with another shooting/firearms business locally that handles all the movie/TV armament/training needs for local productions. Not since Hell on Wheels have I been this into a Western though. 9.0/10 so far IMO, don't miss it.
  20. Brad Dourif is one of my favorite actors, he saved the one episode IMO, I only wish he'd been given a larger role in the B5 world. His character and arc in ST Voyager was fantastic, particularly his final episode, it was one of the few redeeming things about ST V from my perspective. Interesting read as usual, I particularly enjoy the "behind the scenes" information. The convent and nuns bit, this is a specific example of one of the many reasons I enjoy reading Werthead's work and analysis.
  21. I've been disappointed by season 4 - I hope the final 3 episodes make up for a lackluster fist 5/6 of this final season... I loved the first 3 seasons, and felt that the final episode of the 2nd and the first episode of the 3rd were some of the best animated TV - or TV period - I've seen this year. I had such high hopes for S04. What a disappointment. If I see Dave F at a convention I'm going to take that stupid hat he wears and stomp on it right before I throw it frisbee style as far as I can, in disgust. I'll wager Ahsoka will show up in the "part 2" of season 4 in 2018. At least she better. If she doesn't, I won't stop with the stupid hat... And WTF is with Star Wars falling prey to the whole "wolves and dragons" BS BS BS that SO many films and tv programs have fallen victim to, riding the GoT coattails with such nonsense. If I had a dollar for every time I've seen some show/film incorporate either wolves, dragons, knights, or swords into their content where it makes little to no sense, right out of the blue, since GoT aired, I'd buy the world. This subject deserves it's own thread too IMO, programming/films that have exploited the popularity of GoT by adding some stupid crap regarding wolves/dragons/knights/swords/etc. I can think of over a dozen right off the top of my head.
  22. You would be remembering incorrectly. As per GRRM's description many times throughout his books, the Mountain is 8' tall, or extremely close to it, and over 30 stone, which is 420+lbs. As I said, the actor they have playing him is much smaller, and shorter, as finding such an actor, that has the combination of height, and weight - and that weight being "mostly all muscle" again as per the author's description, doesn't really exist. He wields a 6 foot two handed great sword with one hand easily in the books. Go find a 6" great sword and try that yourself, it gives a great idea of the height, size, and power of the character alone.
  23. I never said he was critical of free press, only that from all I've read and the interviews and cons I've heard JMS speak, he respected the press, and the freedom of the press. Yet, in the story, regardless of who was controlling or giving the marching orders, still wasn't afraid to make ISN look both very bad, and then, very heroic after Clarke's fall. There were episodes pre Clarke and very early in Clarke's rule prior to him consolidating his power where ISN was shown to have its own agenda IMO. That's how I look at it, I certainly didn't say he was criticizing free press, or ISN as free press, that wasn't my intention at all, sorry for not being clear. The prescient part, I was referring to the advent of technology, and the effect it would have on the press. None of the communist regimes, as I recall at least, had anything resembling what we have now, or ISN represented in that future - that was my point specifically, that abusing authority and turning that on the press - something that is happening right now with the current regime and certain news orgs - very similar to the Clarke/ISN theme, made possible by us all being interconnected instantly thanks to technology. Busy couple weeks, I'll read your new stuff tomorrow Werthead, thank you again for all your work with this.
  24. Hah, I'm surprised I've not thought of that before, but you're absolutely right, so much of B5's portrayal of the media through ISN was very prescient. Everyone always gives ST TNG and DS9 cred for things like Ipads and such, but B5 and how they handled the press is even better IMO. Surprising to me in a way too, as JMS is and always has been a big supporter of the freedom of the press - impressive that he wasn't afraid to criticize them, particularly since back then the only "big" cable news service was the mighty CNN.
  25. Again - you can't use a negative to prove a positive future outcome regarding this issue. I'm telling you and everyone else, again, that I can set up a simulation with cardboard targets on a 360 range in the desert or on safe crown land some place, with one of the LEAST "offensive" types of firearms allowed in Australia, and PROVE that any barely or untrained nut can create a mass casualty event. I'm talking 50+ fatalities. Easily. Australian, Canadian, British, etc, firearms legislation and regulations are NOT enough. I'll grant that at least they are a start, but that's all they are, and the illusion that they protect the population is exactly that - an illusion. More drastic action is going to be required. The next event that happens in Canada, Australia, what have you, anyplace held up as a "safe" example nation due to their laws, I"ll bump/link this. I wish I'd never have to, but it's inevitable. Regarding Canada, the very semi auto rifle that started our firearms act legislation back in 1989, bill C17 that came into force after the Ecole Polytechnique mass shooting by Gamil Gharbil/Mark Lepine, is still a NON restricted firearm. See what I mean?