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  1. No, I was saying about her opinion that R+L=J is too obvious. Did she repeat that RLS is too obvious in few last years?
  2. Is it really true that Parris McBride-Martin has an alternative theory about Jon's parentage, which caused George's evil smile?
  3. Did Parris say it in the last few years?
  4. Bran and Sam learned that Jon's real name is Aegon. But will he change his name? Everybody knows him as Jon, he has been living with this name for years. And it was the name given by Ned. What will his reaction be?
  5. Why do you think so? Why will he always be Jon Snow?
  6. Why did you write about Jon Stark?
  7. There is a rumor that HBO confirmed on Emmy ceremony that the infographic with Jon's parentage is absolutely official. Is it really true?
  8. I have a question: I've read on this forums that GRRM said that ASOIAF was a story about dynasty reconstruction (presumably Targaryen's dynasty). Is it really true? Did somebody see this quote?
  9. But why did Miguel Sapochnik refused to say who is father, that is Rhaegar?
  10. But they are members of Targaryen's family.
  11. So, if Jon and Dany fall in love, will their relation be the obstacle to marry? Obviously, not for Dany. But what about Jon? If this kind of marriages wasn't unusual in Westeros, it wouldn't be the people for him, too.
  12. What interview? Did David Benioff and Dan Weiss confirmed that Rhaegar is father in interview? Can you give me a link please?
  13. I have been knowing about this fact for a few years. And it is was obvious that Lyanna is mother. My question is about the father. Did they confirm that it is Rhaegar or do we have to wait for 10 month?
  14. My theories: 1. Sansa with Littlefinger will try to depose King Jon. But they will fail the attempt. Littlefinger will die. 2. Arya will meet Melisandre. 3. Dany will fight for King's Landing against Cersei. 4. Bran will see new visions about past and maybe future. 5. Jon and Dany will meet. Maybe there will be romance or marriage.
  15. What do you think does HBO's Making Game of Thrones blog have reliable information from show-runners about Jon's father to create the infographic? Or maybe it was only based on the information from episode 6.10 "Winds of Winter"?