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  1. No. I want accurate coordinates on where to piss... Also spit... Maybe some light shitting.
  2. https://x.com/EmissaryOfNight/status/1730061710189359399?s=20 Co-awarded. His Vietnamese counterpart, Le Duc Tho, refused the award. And apparently two members of the Nobel committee resigned in protest.
  3. I'm not sure it's been proven to a moral certainty but yeah, they totally did. The deal they got in '73 was basically what Johnson was offering them in '68. Johnson was no saint in this, but if he'd been successful in '68: about 25,000 Americans don't die. The same for probably close to a million vietnamese, Cambodia doesn't happen. Pol Pot likely never comes to power. Fuck Kissinger.
  4. https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/163462-whatcha-watching/&do=findComment&comment=9001971
  5. SISU. Insane. I fucking love this movie. That epilogue: it’s a dad joke. The whole movie was a dad joke! -chef’s kiss-
  6. The reason Iron Man was the first one to get a sequel is because that was the breakout film. We could have just an easily had a more Thor or Captain America or Hulk centric infinity saga had things gone another way. Post Infinity Saga, which one is the breakout film? Spider-Man? I don’t see him as anchoring things in that way. And hey, didn’t Thor kind of retire at the end of the last movie? It seemed like it to me.
  7. Yeah, good luck with that. ETA: You know, my guts are telling me there’s an outside chance Aquaman 2 might just pull it off. I’m actively rooting for it.
  8. What's the difference between a BMW and a Porcupine? With a Porcupine, the pricks are on the outside. - Why don't Cannibals like to eat clowns? Because they taste funny. - Bad Spellers of the World, UNTIE!!!
  9. OK, I swear to you I did not search for this. I visited this thread and this popped up in my YouTube video suggestions.
  10. I checked with the guys in the lab and we all agree. Every word of this checks out. - That Blue Eye Samurai is a pretty good show.
  11. MCU? Multiverse, blah, blah. I just now said to myself, "Self; isn't that Kraven movie coming out soon?" It was supposed to come out in October. It's been pushed back to August 2024, apparently due to the writers strike. You know, given the dearth of CBM content hitting theaters next year (No DC, only one MCU film) I'm cautiously optimistic that Aaron Taylor Johnson's abs might just deliver some box office cheddar.
  12. Absolutely. One of the most important factors in the MCU's success IMO was the casting of RDJ as Tony Stark... And that came down to luck as much as anything else. Disney didn't want him in the role. Favreau fought hard for him. He took a reduced salary to do it. The rest is history. And I don't buy for a minute that Tom Cruise was anything more than fan casting. No chance that Marvel studios would pony up the cash Cruise was demanding back in the mid-naughties.
  13. His Clone Wars stuff might be some of the best SW content ever. Some of his recent live action stuff... less so. I think you're right.
  14. The track record. Obviously inspired by FF, but without being a direct translation. The differences are important. Has anyone here seen the Josh trank film?
  15. Before Y2K, the most popular solo comic titles were Spider-Man and Hulk. The most popular ensemble titles were X-Men and Fantastic Four. Two of these titles have spawned massively successful CBM franchises. Two of them have not. I think it's entirely possible the Fantastic Four is just one of those IP's that doesn't translate very well. X-Men is a different problem. The MCU X-Men would represent the second X-Men reboot. The previous saga is a tough act to follow. If they get it wrong, they're fucked.
  16. IMO Bryan Singer's X-Men is ground zero for the modern CBM, not Donner's Superman or Burton's Batman. I've bored people with this before. I have a vivid memory of seeing the X-Men teaser trailer for the first time. I knew this thing looked familiar but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then came the final shot of Wolverine on the Statue of liberty with his claws out. I literally said, "Oh, wow! This is..." as "X-Men" appeared on screen. Another one is the first Spider-Man trailer. Blew me away.
  17. And there's the rub. A lot of the discussion I'm seeing about this is, "They need to do this or that to get back on track, blah, blah." But I don't think that's enough to regain the glory days of Phase 3. If franchise momentum can propel films to success, the lack of it can kill them, regardless of their quality. Case in point, The Marvels domestic box office after 10 days has only just eclipsed Captain Marvel's first Friday night. Captain Marvel was a meh film with a ton of anticipation. The Marvels is arguably a better film (though I haven't seen it) with no anticipation at all.
  18. … Apple corporation, on their own, was four percent of twitter’s ad revenue?!? I give it 12 months before Elon does a victory lap and ditches Twitter.
  19. And that’s the problem. The MCU didn’t become the MCU because it appealed to comic book fans. It appealed to the general audience. But that’s a double edged sword. The real genius of the MCU was they created a context where people stopped watching these movies like stand alone films and started watching them like episodes of prestige cable TV. How they fit into the broader story was just as important as the experience of the thing itself. Stronger films would drag along weaker films and franchise momentum kept the general audience engaged. More and more, I think the MCU (and CBM’s in general) are losing the general audience. I don’t think they’re coming back.
  20. Gremlins 2 is a better Christmas movie. Speaking of which, there’s a theater near me playing the inferior first film for a few days around Christmas. I might just take my nieces.
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