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  1. Boudica

    Jon will never be king.

    And the story of the hero dying and sacrificing himself is just as much of a trope and a cliche as the the hidden Prince. Dying as a hero is something Jon has always dreamed about, that would be a happy ending for him. GRRM isn't just a trope breaker and subverter. He didn't have a problem with Aragon becoming the King, his problem was that we wouldn't know anything about his reign and the real problems he would have to face. We are just told that he was good King. GRRM has gone to great lengths to show what type of rulers Dany and Jon might be, he has devoted books to the subject so one of them will rule at the end. We follow them through their training. There are no perfect rulers in this story, that is one thing that people should remember. Jon doesn't want to be the King, but he has always had a great sense of duty, so even if he doesn't want to become the King he would always try to do his best. But becoming the King wouldn't be a happy ending for Jon, it would be bittersweet. The consequences of all these wars and death will affect Westeros for generations to come, just like Bubonic plague affected the European continent for years. This will not be some happy or easy task. The realm will need someone who is interested in rebuilding. The difference between Jon and the other leaders is that they mostly make decisions in order to stay in power, whereas Jon's main drive is to fight against the White Walkers. This leads Jon into often making hard and unpopular choices. Just like Maester Aemon told him "kill the boy." People don't like the idea of Jon becoming the King because of the hidden Prince trope, but GRRM has actually created a story where the Prince could realistically be qualified to become the King through experience and not because of some divine destiny. GRRM has created a story were becoming a King is not necessarily a happy position to be in.
  2. Boudica

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    Rhaegar might have believed that those children wasn't his children, that would be a very good reason for an annulment.
  3. Ned is also the last person Ashara danced with. It could mean that they only had one dance or it could mean that they perhaps liked each other and spend the rest of the evening dancing together. It would seem very obvious that someone like Brandon, with his history, would hook-up with Ashara, but it would also make some sense if Ashara actually hooked-up with Ned. Both Ned and Ashara where not promised to anyone else, they are more liberal in Dorne then in the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Ned could very well have gotten together with Ashara with the intention of getting married in the future. But sometimes other things happen and even plans with the best of intentions does not always come to fruition. In the meantime Brandon was killed and Ned had to take up the duty as the Lord Winterfell. Ned had to marry Catelyn for the support of the Riverlands, in order to win the Rebellion. If Ned was in the situation where he had to choose between the duty of the Lord of Winterfell and Ashara, it would draw some great parallels between Ned, Robb and Jon. Robb had to choose between his duty as the King in the North by marrying a Frey or honouring Jeyne Westerling, and Jon had to choose between his duty towards the Nights Watch and staying with Ygritte. Ned might not have known that Ashara was pregnant when he got married to Catelyn, or baby might already have been stillborn. Throughout AGOT Ned is constantly haunted by his mistakes in plural, he also tells Cercei that he has made many mistakes in his life. It is interesting to wonder what mistakes he could be referring to. We automatically assume that he is thinking of Jon, but would he really see his protection of Jon as a mistake? Or mistakes in plural? Perhaps his real mistake is that he and Ashara got together before they were married, and that she killed herself because of his actions. It would tie up a lot of loose ends if Ned and Ashara where actually the ones who hooked-up at the tourney of Harrenhal. It would explain why she told him where he could find Lyanna. It would also make Ashara a very tragic figure, she didn't just lose her brother and her baby, she also lost her lover and her lover was the one who killed her brother.