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  1. Mandzipop

    Sansa's first impressions of Daenerys?

    This is in response to Emergency Awesome stating Sansa is copying Dany's hair because she admires Dany. I reckon that's a load of rubbish as Sansa was wearing almost the same hairstyle in S7 and she hadn't even met Dany at that point, so how could she have been copying Dany? Dany has advisors from Westeros who can explain the various Westeros fashions. So my comment is a dig at Emergency Awesome. Trying to find a story where there is none.
  2. Mandzipop

    Sansa's first impressions of Daenerys?

    Sansa's S8 hair is similar to her season 7 style, but slightly more elaborate. It is a typical northern style, which has at times been worn by Lyanna Stark and Cat. The only difference is Sansa has an additional braid. If anything, Dany is copying the northern style to try and fit in.
  3. Mandzipop

    [Spoilers] EP605

    A bit like Inception.
  4. Mandzipop

    Board Issues 4

    I can't post anything from my laptop. I'm on Firefox. The option to post is greyed out. I can't even send a pm. Everything is blocked. I'm fine on my phone to a degree. It's acting strange. Scrap that, it's working now after posting with my phone.
  5. Mandzipop

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    That had occurred to me about whether Kit has already filmed his parts for season 6. I know they don't normally film this early, but that would be a valid reason to do it out of the normal filming schedule.
  6. Mandzipop

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    I look at it like this, they know the end game. I don't. They know what the important storylines are and what are the fillers. Due to the amount of characters and plotlines in the books and the requirements for TV, I accept that certain changes have to be made. At the end of the day there is going to be one plotline. There is 25-30 hours of TV to get us to that one plotline. The last episode should end roughly the same as the books will. I'm starting to question what the important storylines of the books actually are. I'm waiting until after the season has finished and if I have the time I'm going to re-read the books. Don't want to do it mid season. I won't say a plot makes no sense. The reason is that it might not make any sense right now, a few episodes down the line it might make total sense. Regarding this episode in particular. It's a building episode. Preparing the ground for future things. It was very dark. I loved the Bolton dinner scene. Also the fatherly chat between Roose and Ramsey. The discussion into getting Walda pregnant made me chuckle. I also liked Stannis "fewer" quip. My biggest disappointment was Mereen. I started enjoying Dany's parts this season more, but other than the dragons, I felt a little let down with this episode.