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  1. Lord Asher Forrester

    Unpopular Opinions?

    If one believes the Braavos conspiracy, in wich Sealord, IB and HOBAW are alligned in their objectives towards Westros; that would open a great span of possibilites wich may or not involve almost all matters in the series, slavery, magic, territorial politics, and gods know what else intrests. But my net would be in a mix of all of it, they do care about who rules Westros and about getting the money the Crown ALREADY owned him, that's why to lend money to Stannis and NW, even if the paying is really uncertain, they are making allies to fight for them (or maybe with them) to take out those who did not paid the debt, thus retrievieng some values in the process (Lannister gold must be very known in Braavos) and if possible putting someone more relyable on the IT at the end of the war.
  2. Lord Asher Forrester

    A clue from GRRM. Could Littlefinger know about fAegon?

    It was a thread about the Blackfyre conspiracy, the sword Blackfyre would be smuggled within the tapestries to prove that f(Aegon) was the Blackfyre heir or something like that...It was a weak thesis anyways.
  3. Lord Asher Forrester

    Who do you want to get to know better in the next book?

    Wow a lot of people like the Sphinx and the Mastiff and the Citadel Arc in general, they are among my favorites too. Also a lot of Darkstar and Euron fans and of course Quaithe. I think the darkest characters and the ones linked to magic/mistery are the ones people are more curious about then...By the way i would like to know more about the Dusky woman too
  4. Lord Asher Forrester

    Sorcerers and Swords

    In another thread with spoilers about Sons of the Dragon i suggested that:
  5. Lord Asher Forrester

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    I don't think these two have are at least a little likely to be the same character, sice Huzor Amai had three wifes: "Huzhor Amai (the Amazing), born of the last of the Fisher Queens, who took to wife the daughters of the greatest lords and kings of the Gipps, the Cymmeri, and the Zoqora, binding all three peoples to his rule. His Zoqora wife drove his chariot, it is said, his Cymer wife made his armor (for her people were the first to work iron), and he wore about his shoulders a great cloak made from the pelt of a king of the Hairy Men." So where is the mention to his Gipps Wife???? And what she brings as gift of marriage if one made his armor and the other drove his chariot? Pearhaps a shield since: "The Gipps were long-legged and wore lime-stiffened hair; in war they carried wicker shields." But i don't think so... I think the gift was her own life, to temper the High King sword, Lightbringer, obviously i am proposing the Gipps Wife would be Nissa Nissa. Now this is much more likely and logical, IF Huzor Amai is indeed the same as Azor Ahai as we think.
  6. Lord Asher Forrester

    Will Bran walk again???

    I thinked about a very weird but rather cool suposition, i think he might have the chance to choose to walk again but he will not take this road because it would need some terrible thing to be done, as i mentioned in another post i think Bran is partly based on the Irish deity Brân the blessed, but i too think he is partly based on the Danish folklore creature Valravn: "In Danish folklore, a valravn (Danish "raven of the slain") is a supernatural raven. The ravens appear in traditional Danish folksongs, where they are described as originating from ravens who eat the bodies of the dead on the battlefield, as capable of turning into the form of a knight after eating the entire heart of a child, and, alternately, as half-wolf and half-raven creatures." So i think he might actually got a real new body and become a knight as he ever wanted but he will refuse to pay the price, the blood sacrfice of a a baby child, possibly an royal infant, since: "According to Danish folklore recorded in the late 1800s, when a king or chieftain was killed in battle and not found and buried, ravens came and ate him. The ravens became valravne. The valravne that ate the king's heart gained human knowledge and could perform great malicious acts, could lead people astray, had superhuman powers, and were "terrible animals"" Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valravn
  7. Lord Asher Forrester

    Empire of the Dawn family V2. (Figured it out)

    Whaaa??!!!? Your other thread about myths from real world is so much better than tis nosense, man you should go easy on the herbal healing...
  8. Lord Asher Forrester

    Real world myths and possible inspirations of Asoiaf

    Wow, that would be a great coincidence since that is an importatn number in the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life of the Hebrews, trough its numerology one can even state that 33 can be associated with Jesus Reborn in Light. In this religious numerology the number 33 is a very special one, associated with the knowledge or enlightment of men, or so to be, the Kabbalah and the Zohar itself. or to put in a very crude statement: it can mean the coming of divine light to the human world. And by the other side of the coing is the age of Jesus ascending to the light, leaving the world. Also by numerology 33 can be turned to 6 by ways of 3+3, obviously, the number 6, so now to a lot o Kabbalah needed introduction: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tree_of_life_(Kabbalah) Sephiroths are the spheres that represent all existance in both the macro and micro visons of it. And they are 10 disposed in the tree of life. the 6 Sephiroth, Thipheret is higly related to Yeshua (Jesus) in th Kabbalah he is the lion of the tribe of Judah, the number 666 is also related to him, in oposition to the beast number wich is 999. This shpere ocuppies an the central point in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and can be seen as the Sun, emanating all his golden beuty to the other sephirots arround it, even if it is not the source of light itself, this sphere is clearly associated to light, gold, beauty day and good, sometimes to fire. "Here is more about the number 33 ant number 137 wich related to light in kabblah, if somewone is intrested http://kabbalahstudent.com/the-magic-of-137/ In ASOIAF the Lions are also clearly associated to gold and beauty in the Lannisters imaginary, but in the East the Lion was of the Night, wich is weird but may indicate oscilation between the poles of symbolism. This in fact was the only reason i did noth laughed at theory of Jaime being Azor Ahai because of his dream with a Fiery Sword. In this line of thought we would have in the other side of the coin, Cersei as the proud and beutiful golden lion that will burn itself and all arround to ashes for not being able to ballance her good and bad actions, so she would be the evil twin, the reflection to the 6 sephiroth, the qiphlot is the inverse of the sephiroth, she is more like the coin of Bravoos, rich, and spelndid as a golden lion, but hiding death in her other side. Altough i don't see any of this Jaime saving the world myself its not that useless as some pointed it could be a very smart red herring. The Fiery Sword ias another symbolism that may be associated with the Hebrew Kabbalah, scince that is the name of the Way that can be followed trought the Sephiroths, or spheres, of the Tree of Life, in fact is the one way they are disposed numerically, from 1 to 10, because it would be the the order of the creation that stops at the 10th sphere, Malkuth,(The Kingdom) the material world Here is more of Flaming sword in semithism, with images to make it easier: https://hermetic.com/achad/qbl/qbl-chapter-1 I'll be back later, hopefully with more.
  9. Lord Asher Forrester

    Real world myths and possible inspirations of Asoiaf

    I've been studying mythologies from Europe, Asia, America and Africa for 15 years now, along with ocultism and mysticism, the three great Abrahamic religions and many other religions in comparation, etc; And so can assure these royal and/or heroic lineages descending from gods exits in many world traditions. I included in these studies Jesus genealogy of course, and recently even some demonology as i got intrested for thsi very aspect of the fallen angles bringing sacred forbidden knowledge (as astronomy, meteorology and weapon crafting) to the human race, and paying the price with expulsion and war. And i am as well an avid reader of the AWOIAF book which provides us most of this parallels to non european myths in GRRM works, so your iniciative is very pleasant and welcome in this forum, specially to me, my friend. There are many matters that you brought up i like to study, and that i have tons of related stuff from wiki and onther encyclopedias saved do my hd, so i will be glad to contribute going deeper into any of this associations and bring up a few more if i can. So to start... The sacred groves you mentioned as well as the Trees of life are a very special study that goes deep in faith and culture of many world cultures, and aswe can see in the link you posted about trees in mithology: "Sacred Groves Many of the world's ancient belief systems also include the belief of sacred groves, where trees are revered and respected and there are priests and priestesses attending to them who also serve as guardians, preventing those who wish to tear down the trees by means of ancient magic and elaborate protection rituals.[1]" Clearly the children of the forest will be the ones most deeply associated to this, and the first men by consequence. "From ancient Norse, Baltic and Celtic mythologies, to the Nigerian, Indian and Mongolian cosmological thought, extending far east in the ancient Shinto faith of Japan and the special habits of the 19 tribes of the forest peoples of Malaysia,[15] sacred groves provide relief and shelter from the mundane aspects of life and are considered living temples. A place of meeting where ancient rituals are performed, it is also a place of refuge for many in times of danger. " This maskes it kinda undoubtful, GRRM has indeed inspiration from archetyipes of world cultures/myths to construct his own world, just as many more did. And there are tons more of related info, a real web of it. The Trees of Life arround the world are often related to knowledge, but also to imortallity and at sometimes to the Axis Mundi, like Yggdrasil. And if i am not remembering wrong, also to sacrfices, like in the Old Gods culture where the blood sacrfices happened. I remind also of the fruits of imortallity taken by the norse and greek gods from their golden groves preotected by a woman, Freya in norse and the Hesperides in greek: "The Garden of the Hesperides The Garden of the Hesperides by Frederick, Lord Leighton, 1892. The Garden of the Hesperides is Hera's orchard in the west, where either a single apple tree or a grove grows, producing golden apples that grant immortality when eaten[citation needed]. The trees were planted from the fruited branches that Gaia gave to Hera as a wedding gift when Hera accepted Zeus. The Hesperides were given the task of tending to the grove, but occasionally picked apples from it themselves. Not trusting them, Hera also placed in the garden a never-sleeping, hundred-headed dragon named Ladon as an additional safeguard. In the myth of the Judgement of Paris, it was from the Garden that Eris, Goddess of Discord, obtained the Apple of Discord, which led to the Trojan War." So these fruits might also be considered the fruits of discord,as we can see in chinese mithology too, in wich the immortals had to eat the peaches immortality of a sacred tree (in order to achieve imortallity obviously), and those fruits were presumbly forbidden to ape folks like Sun Wukong too, even tough he were given the task to be the guardian of the fruits: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peaches_of_Immortality "Journey to the West It is a major item featured within the popular fantasy novel Journey to the West. The first time in which these immortal peaches were seen had been within heaven when Sun Wukong had been stationed as the Protector of the Peaches. As the Protector, Sun quickly realized the legendary effects of the immortal peaches if they were to be consumed – over 3,000 years of life after the consumption of a single peach – and acted quickly as to consume one. However, he ended up running into many fragments of trouble such as a certain queen that was planning on holding a peach banquet for many members of Heaven. " And so, again a banquet is the origin of the troubles among the holy nobles. Now linking it to the black stone to the Bloodstone Emperor: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Bloodstone_Emperor He is from the culture associated to China in real world, the Great Empire of Dawn. And if i am correct he used his dark dark arts and blood magic to try achieving imortality by eating people brains (their souls), and there is no suprise that this odd figure you pointed before has even a relation to the kaaaba as we can state by the words found in the wiki of ice and fire, an in the WOIAF: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Bloodstone_Emperor "The Bloodstone Emperor's reign was a reign of terror. His usurpation became known as the Blood Betrayal in the annals of the Further East, which claim that the act of usurping his sister's throne ushered in the Long Night. " "He practiced torture, dark arts, and necromancy. He enslaved his own people, took a tiger-woman for wife, feasted on human flesh and cast down the true gods of Yi Ti to worship a black stone that fell from the sky.[1]" This all seems to point to a maniqueist view of world with the dicotomies black/white, bad/good, night/day, ice/fire, death/life, or even an more equilibristic one whre all these opposite/complementing elements oscilating between ballance and unballance but never stop being tied, like in chinese taoism. I'm going for a pause now, but i will be back with some insights about the tree of life of the Hebrew culture, and some other intresting archetypes wich i think GRRM got inspiration from.
  10. Lord Asher Forrester

    Real world myths and possible inspirations of Asoiaf

    I always tought Bran was named after the Irish mitholgy giant king Brân the blessed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brân_the_Blessed "The name "Brân" in Welsh is usually translated as crow or raven." Role in the Mabionogion The Irish king Matholwch sails to Harlech to speak with Bran the Blessed high king of the Island of the Mighty and to ask for the hand of his sister Branwen in marriage, thus forging an alliance between the two islands. Bendigeidfran agrees to Matholwch's request, but the celebrations are cut short when Efnisien, a half-brother to the children of Llŷr, brutally mutilates Matholwch's horses, angry that his permission was not sought in regard to the marriage.[1] Matholwch is deeply offended until Bran offers him compensation in the form of a magic cauldron that can restore the dead to life. Pleased with the gift, Matholwch and Branwen sail back to Ireland to reign." "murders Gwern by burning him alive, and, as a result, a vicious battle breaks out. Seeing that the Irish are using the cauldron to revive their dead, he hides among the Irish corpses and is thrown into the cauldron by the unwitting enemy. He destroys the cauldron from within, sacrificing himself in the process." Might it indicate a foreshadowing of Bran sacrficing himself to end with the others and/or whights? "Only seven men survive the conflict, among them Manawydan, Taliesin and Pryderi fab Pwyll, prince of Dyfed, Branwen having herself died of a broken heart." Reminds me of Ashara Dayne The survivors are told by a mortally wounded Bran to cut off his head and to return it to Britain.[3] For seven years the seven survivors stay in Harlech, where they are entertained by Bran's head, which continues to speak. They later move on to Gwales (often identified with Grassholm Island off Dyfed) where they live for eighty years without perceiving the passing of time. Eventually, Heilyn fab Gwyn opens the door of the hall facing Cornwall and the sorrow of what had befallen them returns. As instructed they take the now silent head to the Gwynfryn, the "White Hill" (thought to be the location where the Tower of London now stands), where they bury it facing France so as to ward off invasion. The imagery of the talking head is widely considered to derive from the ancient Celtic "cult of the head"; the head was considered the home of the soul" Dick Crab aproves these story "According to the Welsh Triads, Brân's head was buried in London where the White Tower now stands. As long as it remained there, Britain would be safe from invasion. However, King Arthur dug up the head, declaring the country would be protected only by his great strength." "Several scholars have noted similarities between Brân the Blessed and the Arthurian character the Fisher King, the keeper of the Holy Grail" Don't the Fisher King reminds of the fisher queens from who descented Huzor Amai and the Tall Men? And if i remid well King Arthur had two swords: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caladbolg Caladbolg was the one Merlin arranged to Arthur pull from the stone and clearly have Irish realations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Excalibur While Excalibur (wich is often associated with Dawn and or Lightbringer in this forum) was in fact given by the Lady of the Lake in Avalon, and not taken from any stone to kill any dragon, sorry folks.
  11. Lord Asher Forrester

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    They may not be individual deities then, but if all the "spirits" of ALL LIVING AND DEAD are there, connected, then they surely are the closest thing to transcedental gods that westros has. In my own humble perspective Planetos thus is IN FACT an animistic, or rather pantheistic, world, and the OLD GODS are not JUST a bunch of creepy treeguys living with their minds trough weirnet. The reality of the Old Gods is shown in Varamyr chapter as an extension of all nature, including all, living and dead (body) things, including MINERALS. In my opinion it is made very clear that this is not just the northen men beliefs, this is the TRUE reality of Planetos, if all the living things have the same fate and are intrinsecly connected i would risk to say that is fucking DIVINE and TRANSCEDENTAL, this world soul, in real world is sometimes called anima mundi, and it that shares all the souls of the world, i read it in another fictional book, but the same ontological idea is still spreaded amongst some groups even in nowadays. In resume, if one man soul can be mixed with all the nature in the world, why couldnt it be concealed in an object? T least in part. Not that I believe this personally, but i think the idea cant be just risked out yet. To be true in my original post i did not even mentioned that his soul was somehow invlolved in the process or even that Aegon had one to start with, in fact i don't beleive in it at all. I just brought up the idea that his blood an/or ashes MAY have been absorved by the steel wich is completely different, and may be much more easily to prove. Like we both said, there is no further textual proof or hint of it, but there is not textual capital proof against it either, at least not any you presented so far. Again, this is just a seed of a theory that may or not be fed and grow further, an idea that passed by when readin that part. But as long as we don't have any precise answer we can just theorize using logic and the knowledge we already have about the matters. Maybe it would be a good opportunity to formulate a question about valyrians and blood magic on metalwork to be asked on So Spake Martin... And about the Valyrians being religious or not, does not matter to my theory at all, what matter is their beliefs in blood magic and specially in the power of valyrian blood, wich i assume you can't even try to argue against. Sorry if i seem to be harsh or rude at some point, but surely one can't figure out all by himself that's why i shared the idea here, specially to have counter arguments like yours Lord Varys. So have a good time figuring out uncle George mind everyone!
  12. Lord Asher Forrester

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    Oathkeeper is dyed red, could it be King's Blood? maybe removed from Gendry? Just crackpotting a little here but we do know that Valyrians and Qohorik used blood magic and Maester Pol in AWOIAF mentions that the qohorik used it on reworking VS. So not too much away from logical, just a little unbeliveble.
  13. Lord Asher Forrester

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    I don't recall knowing that Blackfyre was darkened before reading this, but I may just have forgotten that. Was that on TWOIAF? Anyways, from now on i think this could be very imortant to the main plot, since i believe Blackfyre could be or become Lightbringer itself (as easily as it could not). Or at least this funeral could indicate a very intresting fact about blood magic. I will explain why i think so... The fact that Blackfyre blade was darker after the funeral pyre may indicate an magical process of Blackfyre absorving Aegon's ashes and/or blood. (Even if such a process was unknown one by those who did the funeral) Of course this could all be nonsense and there are big and confusing holes in this theory since... And right after its said that: So how this thing may have worked???? If it's blade was darker, but the sword was not "damaged by the flames" so... As is seems to me, the dragonflame does not really burned the sword darker, since it was unharmed elsewise but for the blade, then Vaghar fires made the blade absorb Aegon's blood. Everything smells a lot like blood magic to me, and there is power in King's blood right? But, we do know that valyrian glyphs and metalwork with blood magic is nothing that comes without a price and without a lot of knowledge. So, was it just a coincidence or was Visenya really a "witch" and made this for some particular reason we don't know yet? This theory is just logical, but kind of weak in factual thinking, and it just points to lots more of unanswered questions, i know. Surely this could easily be a stillbirth theory. But i quite just liked this idea i had when reading this part and needed to share, so more people can add or destroy the theory.
  14. Lord Asher Forrester

    Let's discuss dragon shit

    We all learn new shit everyday. It's a very good story though, i recommend to read it when you can. The pile of droppings moment is one of the best. If i am not wrong it is said somewhere else that the Dragon pit smelled to dragon shit, it could be only in my imagination tough. The dragon shit matter is settled then, at least we can rest easy now.
  15. Lord Asher Forrester

    So remind me...

    Not saying you are wrong, you may as well be right, but is there any example that proofs for sure that a legitimised bastard comes after a woman, or even younger brothers in the sucession line? And even if we had some cases of it, these bastard legitimizations and women inhereting cases are always out of place, like, some king just decided to do it because he wanted or needed. So they shitted to any the traditional rules of bastardly and great conseul decisions, and often these actions started sucession wars, like the dance of dragons and the Blackfyre rebellion as major examples. And shit, in westros they even consider Maegor a true King for fuck's sake! He had the same right as his father on the lands, yeah, the right of conquest, he was stronger than Aenys, as Valyrians with dragons was stronger than Andals and First Men, and we don't even know the inheritance rules of old Valyria, but shit he just took the crown while his nephew was still alive, how come that he was a true king then? So here is what i think, it can be wrong though: Cat feared that Jon would be a traitor (because most bastards are deemed as traitors in westros culture) and try to start a new inheritance line by eliminating everyone before him in line even without being legitimised.