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  1. leonardof

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    Yes, and I was expressing agreement Yes, it happened once and then, but in pure genetics it should not be enough to keep the Starks so distinguished through the course of millennia.
  2. leonardof

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    I'm more inclined to think that the Starks got so important to the North because their genetics made them more likely to be skinchangers and greenseers. But they don't marry among themselves, so that the genetics should have been long diluted. Something about Winterfell would actually be a much more rational explanation for the persistent importance of the Starks.
  3. leonardof

    References and Homages

    The sigil of House Myatt is "a spotted treecat, yellow and black on a mud-brown field." According to Wikipedia (among other references), the treecat is the native sentient species of planet Sphinx, in a series of military science fiction stories written by David Weber.   By the way, can unconfirmed homages like that go to a "Behind the scenes" section in the wiki pages?