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  1. I see Bran as needing time to get things sorted too, but that scene really reminded me of something else... sorry, I am going off the rails here.... I was a big Dune BOOK (not movie) fan a long time ago, on a couch far, far away. Littlefinger's speech and the way Bran acted with Sansa really reminded of the Paul Muad'dib character from Dune. Paul could see all future possibilities like a spider web. With that knowledge, Paul chose a path and had to make the choices that would cause pain and death of his loved ones and himself, all for the sake of a better future. When Bran apologized to Sansa for the wedding, I immediately thought of the Paul character. If Bran COULD manipulate the past, maybe he had set a course of events to get the end result of saving Westeros. Unfortunately that course of events included Sansa having to go thru the wedding. If that was the case, Bran wasn't just trying to console or be supportive, he was actually apologizing to Sansa for making her go thru it. Most people saw creepy, I saw as guilt and dealing with what he had to do to his sister... what is the point of Bran seeing everything if he can't do anything about it? What was the point of the Blood raven just watching people? is it too be just like the Maesters, record history and nothing else? I am wrong, I know, but it's what I first thought when I watched it...
  2. Is there some hint or foreshadowing about Sansa in this episode? or a connection to Bran and Littlefinger? Tyrion - Sansa is smarter than she lets on Jon - She is starting to show it Littlefinger - fight every battle, everywhere, always, in your mind, everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend, every possible series of events is happening, all at once, live that way and nothing will surprise you, everything that happens will be something that you've seen before.. Bran - immediately after Littlefinger's everything everywhere speech, Bran states he can see everything everywhere and proves it to Sansa.
  3. gggrrrrr, it's so frustrating how it seems like Littlefinger and Varys know the answers to soo many questions, and wont share the info. I want to see them not know something, or be wrong about something that gets them in big trouble, to show they are not infallible. it would serve them right. Come on Sansa, give Littlefinger crap! I want Sansa to tell Littlefinger "You want a piece of this? I don't think so.....no,no no"
  4. It would be good, but think they will have other problems to deal with. If the WW don't show up sooner than later,, they still have Littlefinger to deal with. They still have to work with the bannermen that refused to supportive them before the battle, and they have a lot of houses that fought against them. They need to rebuild the North and all those houses back on Team Stark or deal with the houses that might refuse.
  5. And it was real, too. Watch the HBO mini-documentaries on it. That wasn't green screen. That really was a cavalry charge bearing down upon him. Don't get me wrong; I loved the dragons. But there's just something awesome about reality. I saw it as somewhat suicidal, not caring anymore about himself. After he tells Melisandre not to resurrect him again, and with how he has been acting subdued, it was almost like he didn't want to survive the battle, just going thru the motions.. I kind of hope with the scene where Jon is getting trampled by his own people and he has to fight his way up just to breathe, might be a turning point for him, that he realizes he does want to live. so hopefully we will see old Jon again.
  6. Here is my I am overthinking details list. Young Ned about young Hordor --- "Oh Nan, look at the size of him, if he ever learned to fight, he would be unstoppable-- Foreshadowing of a Bran/Hordor dynamic duo team? Could be fun! Tyrion about Varys -- his odd cock jokes seem really out of place, like Dinklage is even acting them out of place, like throwing it off weird deliberately... Unless he was having a really bad day when they shot both scenes, I can't believe the same writers that wrote the wonderful "I drink and I know things" would bomb bad cock jokes.....Very unlike Tyrion/Dinklage not being able to carry them off.. Then the comment on knowing Varys was thinking dwarf jokes, makes me think Tyrion is working on trying to figure out what Varys is thinking. What he is really up to, feel him out. Maybe the cock jokes are trying to get a reaction from him, figure out his real motives. Tyrion is very good at reading people, and Varys is a challenge. Cersei --- she has really proved how much I suck at trying to guess anything in this show. I thought for sure she would be getting super pissed off at Jamie when he came back with Myrcella dead. Instead she acted completely opposite and even told him the prophecy. While she is talking with Tommen and is acting subdued, such a sad look, no fight in her at all. I wonder if she was thinking about prophecy while looking at him, thinking he is next, that he is going to die, and there is nothing she can do about it........ ALMOST makes me feel bad for her...and if I had not read the books, I might have..... Melisandre and r'hllor Don't know much about r'hllor, I have thought of him as a fearful, scary, fire and blood god, with blood sacrifices,shadows, and black magic. But with the way Melisandre brought Jon back, it was soft, and quiet, r'hllor gave this gift when she doubted him and herself...makes me wonder what kind of god he is, is this a god with multiple faces, is there a r'hllor god at all?
  7. IMHO, when character Davos was looking at the blood, it was more of taking a moment to get a grip on how Jon's death changed the circumstances of the Watch, the people around him, and what it means for himself and watch was going to happen next. Davos didn't miss a beat through the rest of the scene, he kept his head through it all, the mutton comment showed that. But he needed that moment to take it in, and go from there. But I think D&D put it in just to mess with us knowing people would ponder on it, just like that image in the clouds at Hardhome had people thinking an ice dragon was coming....still could be..that cloud was pretty convincing... Did anyone catch when Davos called himself a "learned man", I took this as a reminder of Shireen, he would not be able to call himself a "learned man" if she had not taught him to read...or did I misunderstand what he was saying?
  8. I am hoping the changes in Dorne with Ellaria in charge could mean things will get shaken up a bit and see more exciting events happening in the Dorne story lines. If Dorne goes to war against the Iron Throne, not only would it cause trouble of Cersei, always a plus, could it mean we might see some of the Marcher Lords, Highgarden, and maybe a Dayne or two in the future? It could change Sam's plans to study in Oldtown.. Does Ellaria want Dorne to break off from the 7 kingdoms, revenge, or does she have bigger ambitions. Ellaria seems to have had a personality change with what happened to Oberyn. She is a wild card and her people seem to be behind her, we may get to see the Dornish people act more like the Dornish peoples we have heard about.
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