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  1. I don't think that it was a "material" i.e. higborn/king blood that made a cost but knowledge of spells and magic to use it and forge valyrian steel.
  2. Not sure with kings but it is possible that Valyrian steel was created with blood sacriface/blood magic, same as dragon hatching.
  3. White26

    How destructive should the Others Invasion be?

    They will be defeated in the Riverlands I think. This region is special, not considered a kingdom, Harrenhal, battle of the Trident, God's Eye, Isle of Fces, Green Men, Old Stones, Brotherhood Without Banners, Ghost of High Heart. Many things with magical/mystic flavour to them which are all a build up to the Long Night IMHO.
  4. Are you so sure? I have a feeling Timmet will rule the Vale at the end integrating clans with the rest of society.
  5. Not sure if these are minor details or major but anyway: Story behind house Dayne and their connection to the Great Empire of the Dawn. First Long Night in Essos and its causes/what Bloodstone Emperor did. Origins of dragons. Reasons of the doom of Valyria. To see more of the Citadel. Timmet's backstory and his connection to the Arryns.
  6. White26

    Did Tywin waste his legendary wealth?

    Commerce was considered a lowborn undertaking in middle ages so I suppose it fits with Martin world as well - "counting coppers" comes to mind. Lannister power was based on land, as all other lords, what gave them adventage were gold mines.
  7. White26

    Aegon VI

    I also always though that Jon will be VII and its a reference to Henry VII, there are even clues in Henry's coat of arms: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/08/Coat_of_Arms_of_Henry_VII_of_England_(1485-1509).svg red dragon and white hound.
  8. White26

    The Line(s) of Aerys and Rhaella (and Duncan)

    If we are looking for Duncan's children, then viable possibilites are some (Tytos) or all of the children of Gerold Lannister and Rohanne Webber. She disappeared eventually after giving birth to Jason Lannister. Imagine both Jamie and Brienne being descendants of ser Duncan.
  9. fAegon for sure. Not that he himself my be important as a character, not much chance for him being POV in Winds of Winter, but with him D&D put Dorne and Varys plot lines to the grave.
  10. There is not much to discuss regarding the show tbh.
  11. Tommen will die during the sack of King's Landing by Golden Company. Myrcella is probably dead already as someone mentioned already.
  12. Varys actions are quite confusing indeed. Think we could agree that he didn't want to put on the throne neither Viserys nor Daenerys but fAegon. His identity is speculative and I wouldn't be sure if he is or isn't a Targaryen. It would be more surprising for fAegon to be real so thn Varys' motivations would be even more mysterious.
  13. He was, before Roberts rebellion though.
  14. In the show Varys has no other motive than "for the Realm". This is the only answer, his character was cut off together with fAegon's arc. As in the books, it doesn't matter if Daenerys and Viserys had better claim since, it only matters if they receive support. But this may be a clue to hidding fAegon identity. With showing him as son of Rhaegar, they would make him rightful king with better claim than Viserys and Daenerys, although it is disputable since Aerys disinherited Aegon and Rhaenys in favour of Viserys shortly before his death. Yet with fAegon as son of Rhaegar, Varys and Iliro hope that they could get support of Dorne I suppose.
  15. Viserys or Varys? Viserys wanted to regain throne we know that. Varys wants to put fAegon on the throne. Whether he is fake or not we don't know. He may be son of Rhaegar, random Lysene or Volantine boy or a Blackfyre. In last scenario he may be a son of Ilirio Mopatis and his wife who may be a Blackfyre. Varys himself may be a Blackfyre as well. I am still wondering, if fAegon is a Blackfyre, then why all this masquarade, why they didn't show him as a Blackfyre and not invade. Why they want to give him faked legitimacy. Blackfyres have claim to the Iron Throne regardless. All of this is unclear at the moment. But we know where did Martin find inspiration for this plotline. John I of France and Baglioni are historical counterpats to fAegon while Cola di Rienzo is of Ilirio Mopatis. In reality, Baglioni claimed himself to be John I and was supported by Cola di Rienzo. This story was novelized by Maurice Druon in The Accursed Kings but there this was truly John I. As an infant John was swapped with Baglioni. John survived and was rised as Baglioni while real Baglioni was poisoned so it is the same like with fArgon who was supposedly swapped with "Pisswater prince" by Varys.