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  1. VenezuelanLord

    Final Season Premiere Date Video

    The fact that he is being buried in the WF crypts makes me think that either he will not take well being a targaryen, or perhaps he will decide along bran and sam to keep it a secret, after all he is already allied with Daenerys (by this i mean banging), and this will likely end in a marriage in order to cement alliances, assuming they both live to take the IT then his parentage doesn't need to be exposed
  2. VenezuelanLord

    Did Bran Warg Into Summer to Kill The Assassin?

    Its hard to prove your point when the only POV that could doesnt have any recollection, i mean, he remembers his dreams about the golden man and the fall and he feels the clutching in his stomach and such.. I think like you said, the man smelled familiar, so summer still a pup didnt picked up a suspicious smell, he sensed or heard the commotion and darted to the scene.. Thats just taking the "Natural" part of these creatures (smell, hearing and such), when you throw in the magical bond each wolf shares with the human then you have the answer..Summer didnt need bran inside his head to know there was something weird going on. And IIRC the fact that they kept summer away from Bran was dampening (?) his connection to magic, as soon as they let summer in Bran started gaining strenght, the crow dreams (correct me if I'm wrong amd he had them before too) and soon after he woke up
  3. VenezuelanLord

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    I do think R+L=J its true, i dont think Jon is legitimate, and even if he is i think that WE will be the ones to piece everything together from all the POVs, but that Jon's true parentage will forever remain a mistery for the good people of westeros. As to whom might be the heir, i dont think it mstters either, Robert took the throne not because he had a drop of Targ blood, but because he claimed it as right of conquest, yeah, his targ ancestry helped cement his claim, but even if he wasnt, there wasn't anyone to oppose him, the same goes to Daenerys or Aegon, Aegon has the advantage because he already landed at westeros, he has more time to make alliances and to rebuild old ones, he has and army and capable commanders and the kingdom its ripe for the taking after TWOT5K. So he will be the first to make a move for the IT, i dont know if he will take KL or he will focus on isolating the capital, but i do think that Cersei will blow the hell out of KL before handing it to a targaryen, either one.. But i dont think that Daenerys will surrender the throne so fast, perhaps she will marry Aegon, the argument against this is that Daenerys is supposedly barren,therefore Aegon wouldnt marry her since she cant produce an heir. Yet i dont see why Aegon would want to look further than the three dragons she can bring into the fold, a political marriage seems to be the most effective way to consolidate the Targaryens as a faction on the realm, and avoid shedding valyrian blood.. Then again it could be the dance 2.0. As many in this thread i agree that Daenerys or anyone for that matter has no reason to doubt the legitimacy of Aegon, since he is supported by JonCon former hand under Aerys and friend of Rhaegar After the two "obvious " targaryen settle their score, then whoever remains will surely name an heir, or produce it, but i dont see why it should be Jon, since he is a little dead at the moment (i do think he will be back), and he will likely remain that way good part of WOW, even if he is back, he is at the wall, the other two will likely focus south, especially since its winter already, and even if and when they meet , i still think Jon will never know his parentage for sure, and even if he does learns it, coming by proof is a hell of a lot harder than the show make it seems., so the only way I think Jon will put his cheeks on the throne, its the same way Bobby B did, after a bloody war and not wanting it..
  4. VenezuelanLord

    GRRM swears fealty to Tolkien in this ASOIAF Easter Egg

    I cant see the connection, yeah, its a jarring coincidence but if there were any proof that GRRM had anything to do with it, it would be public, one of the biggest book franchises and TV shows ever created.. And im not big on tabloids and such, but isnt Alyssa Milano far away from GRRM circle? I mean personal and professional.. I do too! Im more into character analysis than tinfoil but everybody enjoys an entertaining read, and i guess this thread would've been, but i found it disappointing after the previous thread..
  5. VenezuelanLord

    GRRM swears fealty to Tolkien in this ASOIAF Easter Egg

    Im reall out of the loop with the new features so i dont know how to properly @ Now if i came as offensive i apologize, but i wont apologize for telling you off in your theories, yeah let me answer your question, I DONT KNOW, so i dont go around saying that i cracked the code, that GRRM hid something so dark in between the lines that everybody and their mothers vision of his work would change, something so polemic that his own life would be at risk... Thats why im calling you out, your theory cant hold its water, that much has been proved in this thread alone, but thats not why i took my time to comment... Its because you've created 2 threads (that i know of) building around this theory, both threads resulted in some debate,( wich its good i wouldnt want the tinfoil to stop, at worse, its more entertaining to see people poking holes in them, at best it could result on really good constructive debate ) some destructive and constructive criticism, but and overall overflown of spam... And let us be honest, you didnt need the whole "build the council" crap.. Tl;DR: i dont dislike the fact that you build theories that are overly convuluted, i disliked the fact that you spammed the forum with a soap opera and then delivered ... This.. But in any case, keep on with your theories, just humble yourself when youre selling it
  6. VenezuelanLord

    GRRM swears fealty to Tolkien in this ASOIAF Easter Egg

    Im still waiting for the theory that would break my ASOIAF heart, that would put GRRM on witness protection.. All that i keep reading of this guy are uber convuluted texts that only himself can make sense of.. At wich point does this post are considered spam..? A daily thread with nothing but bull...
  7. VenezuelanLord

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    Euron only came back because the 7K were in the middle of the wot5k .. I dont think he wouldve came back to an estable westeros, so as long as the crown and the north remained strong theon had a pretty good chance.. We know that wasnt the case.. But anyways, even if the IB didnt embraced theon the crown and the north could negotiate with Asha, she is willing to give up the old ways and it would only cost the realm some lands..
  8. here to give my 2cents, first, really doubt your theories will break the internet or tarnish GRRM legacy, or change the way most people visiting the forum see or will se the books.. I tried to read throught all the pages, got tired at page 3, it was (and still is) a read full of cringy-ness, so after it was made clear you wouldnt choose anyone who was offering and those you would wasnt tripping over to be part of this council i decided to read one of those theories you linked on the OP... The one about meera and jon and George lucas and starwars (yes people i shit you not), now its not the first time ive read the theory about twins separated at birth, R+L=J/D and R+L=J/M has been around some time, but to say that GRRM changed ASOIAF bc George Lucas did the "twins separated at birth" back in 2005 was a first.. (Specially since luke and leia were stablished as separated twins back when the original trilogy came out)... Anywho why did i mentioned all that? Because if your new theory its anything like the one i mentioned then im sure that it wont break the internet, in fact i dont think it would survive the dissection of THIS community (wich i think its the real reason of why you didnt just podted it)..let alone the whole internet.. Yeah im sure it would be a entertaining read, and it may even have some valid points , but im pretty sure youre taking it way too seriously.. Forgive my english, its been a while since ive written something this long, and OP i hope you do post your theory, im sure it will make an interesting read
  9. VenezuelanLord

    Jon Stark or Snow?

    to answer your question more specifically, i do think he himself sees and refers to himself as Snow, i dont think he will do otherwise, at least until he knows of his true parentage (and assuming R&L did marry).. he wouldnt legitimize himself as a Stark, perhaps he would take the last name if Sansa,Arya or Bran (or the three of them together) asked him to, but making that call by himself, i dont think so..